Siding Options for homes in Western Mass.

Which siding option is right for you?

There are 3 key siding options for homeowners looking to replace their old or damaged siding in Western MA. As you may know damaged siding is not just a cosmetic issue it can cause problems for homeowners including water, air, dirt, and pests getting inside of your house. New siding will not only add to the curb appeal of your home but will also increase the energy efficiency. Today with all of the different siding options out there you want to make sure you choose the option that is right for you. Vinyl siding, cedar shakes, and fiber cement siding all have their pros and cons and should be studied before you make your decision.

Vinyl Siding Options

Vinyl siding options
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Low cost; vinyl siding is less expensive option than the other siding alternatives. Vinyl is a cheaper material and easier to work with, which keeps labor costs down. It is also easy to maintain, the only real maintenance is regular power washing to get rid of dirt and mildew. Many vinyl siding options now are insulated which helps to increase energy efficiency.


Look and feel of vinyl. For many historic houses in New England vinyl siding is not a great option. No matter how closely vinyl resembles wood, it is still plastic and will diminish the historical authenticity of your home. The strength and durability of vinyl is also a concern. While it is not vulnerable to insects or weather, vinyl is very thin and can be cracked very easily when struck.  

Cedar Shakes Siding Options

cedar shake siding options
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Wood siding is unmatched for its looks and authenticity when dealing with the historical homes in New England. It is easy to install and repair, comes in a wide variety of finishes, it will last a long time, and can even be available with fire-retardant treatments.


Maintenance and cost.  Wood siding must be painted or stained very 4-5 years. Costs to install is similar to other types of siding but labor cost will be increased due to the fact it must be painted or stained.

Fiber Cement Siding Options

fiber cement siding options
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The biggest advantage for fiber cement siding is the fact that it is fire resistant, it has a zero flame-spread index. It is also very durable, it won’t warp, crack or rot. It is Eco-friendly and provides a great return on investment. It will be the last siding you will ever need.


Price; fiber cement will be more expensive than all the other siding options but it will never need to be replaced.

Whether you are deciding which siding is right for a new home or you need to replace your old siding it is important to go over all of the options carefully.  Your local builder or remodeler works with these siding options a great deal and can answer many of the questions you may have.  

5 Signs you need replacement windows

Replacement windows can dramatically change the look and feel of your home, as well as significantly increase the efficiency and the R-value.  With the cold New England winter right around the corner it is important to know the right time to replace your windows. Here are 5 key signs to look for when making your decision.

replacement windows
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Window insulation is inadequate

If your window feels unusually warm in the summer and cold in the winter, or there is a draft coming through it may be a sign that the windows are not functioning correctly. Your windows insulation properties have diminished, therefore they are not properly insulating the house. This can put extra pressure on your HVAC system, which ultimately increases your heating/cooling costs.  

Deterioration of the window frame

Replacement windows are needed when the frame is worn, decaying, or cracked. This can cause a gap between the glass pane and the frame. That gap can then create extra airflow which can make the glass pane become fragile and unsteady. If the frame is soft or rotted it could be a sign of water damage which can lead to unhealthy mold growth.

replacement windows 2Windows become difficult to open or close

When windows become difficult to open or close, or they cannot stay open without support, they may need to be replaced. There are a few factors that cause this problem, leaks from water or air that cause swelling, the pressure of the window has changed, or your house is settling.  Regardless of the cause the result is your windows have become less efficient and are no longer suited for your house.

Window panes become foggy/cloudy

Windows are usually double or triple pane, and intended to keep the moisture out. When there is cloudiness, condensation or even ice or frost between the panes it is a sign of poor insulation and replacement is needed.

A great deal of outside noise

Your windows should be softening noise from outside. If you hear many outside noises if may be because of old single pane windows or because the sound diminishing features or thermal efficiency of your windows is failing. Either way your windows efficiency is very low and it is time for replacement.

It is important to weigh all of your options when considering a major home project, and new windows can increase efficiency, add function, style and value to your home.   So if the 5 reasons listed above indicate that you need replacement windows, you should contact your local remodeler.  They can help you through the process of choosing which replacement window options are right for you.

Cost vs. value. Top 10 remodeling projects in Springfield, MA.

Most people that own a home consider it their most important investment, so here are the top 10 remodeling projects in Springfield and the value they add to your home. We are always contemplating ways, not only to improve the look of our home, but also to add value. Now is a great time for homeowners in Northampton and Springfield Mass. to think about a remodel, since the cost-value ratio has increased for the first time in the past six years.  There are many popular remodeling projects that can help aesthetically and financially, such as updating a kitchen, bathroom remodel, or replacing your entry door. In New England, when the cool crisp fall days are here, many people might want to add a deck to sit outside and enjoy the weather.  Family room additions add a great amount of living space and help clear clutter and improve your home’s overall function.  The question still remains, which of these projects adds the most value and will pay off most when it comes time to sell?

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Remodeling is a major decision and costs both time and money to do a major project. Here are a few factors to help you decide if it is the correct decision for you and your family.

  • Market assessment of your home

In your area, are home values maintaining or dropping? If the prices are increasing or holding steady, a remodeling project may add value to your current home. However, if the home values in your area are declining, a remodeling project may not add real value to your home. You should look at comparable sales and market trends in your area.

  • You love your neighborhood.

You can walk to the park, you love your neighbors, and your kids have lots of friends nearby. There are features of a neighborhood, whether it’s tree-lined streets or community events, that you just can’t re-create somewhere else. If you love where you live, that is a great reason to stay put and remodel.

  • Your home has character

In New England there are many older homes that have great character and a history that you want to preserve. Many of these older homes also have features that would cost a fortune to reproduce today such as massive fireplaces, elaborate fixtures, wine cellars, etc. Remodeling these homes is a great way to gain the modern luxuries while maintaining the old world feel.

  • Length of time you will be in your home

If you only plan on staying in your home for 5 years or less, it makes sense to consider remodeling projects that update the inside of your home and outside projects that help to promote the curb appeal.

If you plan on staying in your home for a while you should consider remodeling projects that enhance your lifestyle and help you enjoy your home more.  If you love to entertain and cook, update to a state of the art kitchen with all the amenities.

If you do decide a home remodeling project is right for you, which have the best resale value?  According to to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 cost vs. value report for the New England, certain remodeling projects have a higher payback than others. The table below shows the cost vs. value for the top ten remodeling projects in the Springfield area.


Job Cost

Resale Value

Cost Recouped

Attic Bedroom




Backup Power Generator




Basement Remodel




Bathroom Addition




Bathroom Remodel




Deck Addition (Wood)




Deck Addition (Composite)




Entry Door Replacement (steel)




Entry Door Replacement (Fiberglass)




Family Room Addition





The costs recovered from a remodeling project can vary depending on a few different factors. Which include the overall condition of the rest of the house, the value of comparable homes in your neighborhood, and the degree at which home values in the nearby area are changing.  If the resale value is a significant factor in your decision to remodel, check with a local remodeler about the specific construction costs and examine the comparable homes and the market conditions in your area.