5 Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

Many homeowners are considering a home improvement project because they are planning to sell in the near future, but are concerned with the cost.  A project such as a full bathroom or kitchen remodel can set you back $20,000 and up and will not pay back when it comes time to sell the house. There are a few smaller home improvement projects and updates that will freshen up your home and really make an impression on a potential buyer without breaking the bank.

Below are Inexpensive 5 Home Improvement Projects

Bathroom Updates

no touch toilet home improvement
Kohler Touchless Toilet

Instead of doing a complete bathroom remodel make some easy changes that will liven up the room. Install a new sink and toilet, a new sink can range from $250-$2500 and a new toilet from $250-$700, but they are upgrades that will definitely be noticed. Another quick fix for your bathroom is installing new shelves and changing fixtures such as faucets and showerheads.

Entry Door Replacement

home improvement project, fiberglass entry door
Fiberglass Entry Door: Therma-Tru AccuGrain

Is your home lacking the curb appeal needed to hook those potential buyers as soon as they pull up to your home? A new entry door is one home improvement project that not only provides that curb appeal but also pays you back. Whether you choose a wood, steel or fiberglass entry door your home will look great and be more energy efficient.


Nothing freshens up a home quicker than a new coat of paint. It is the perfect inexpensive DIY project for people with a little extra time on their hands. You can paint an entire room in a few hours and it will only cost about $100-$200 per room.


Not many things will turn off a potential more than filthy rugs or outdated flooring. New carpeting will cost about $200-$400 a room and will make a huge impact on a buyer. For a considerably higher cost ($1300-$2500 per room) you can really “wow” a potential buyer by having hardwood floors installed.

Change Fixtures

Updating fixtures is an easy and inexpensive home improvement project that can transform any room. Changing faucets or cabinet hardware may not seem like much but will immediately give the room a whole new look.