Bathroom Remodel Design/Build Process- Longmeadow MA

Paradis Remodeling and Building just completed a bathroom remodel in Longmeadow, MA. The home was over 100 years old and the bathroom had been renovated a couple of times over the years. Working with the homeowner we implemented our design/build process, picked out all of the products, and completed a full bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodel Longmeadow, MA
Before/After Bathroom Remodel Longmeadow, MA. Paradis Remodeling and Building Southampton, MA 413-535-7006

Bathroom Remodel Construction

• Frame new wall to receive new tub
• Frame pocket for recessed medicine cabinet
• Install new Panasonic Fan (to be exhausted outside)
• Attach new fiberglass insulation to exterior walls and ceiling
• Install sound proofing on all adjoining walls
• Install new tub. Kohler “Archer” 30”x60” (white) with right hand drain, model number K-1946LA
• Attach Durarock cement board to tub surround
• Set American Olean gloss white 3”x6” subway tile to tub surround and apply grout
• Install new mold resistant sheet rock and three coats of compound on walls and ceiling
• Install new concrete board over existing sub floor framing.
• Install new ceramic floor tile and grout
• Attach new window, door casings and baseboard matching existing throughout house, prime and paint
• Install new toilet. Kohler “Bancroft” comfort height (white) model #K-3827 with Kohler slow close seat (white) model #K-4636
• Install new Shower valve and Trim set; Kohler Rite-Temp valve, model #K-304-K and Kohler “Bancroft” chrome, all metal trim set, model K-T10581
• Install pedestal sink: Kohler “Bancroft” 24” (white) model #K-2338
• Install recessed medicine cabinet: Kohler “Bancroft” 20”x31” model #K-CB-CLC2031BAN
• Install sink faucet: Kohler “Bancroft” widespread, chrome all metal faucet, model #K-10577-4
• Attach Delta curved shower rod, model# 42205-ST

Bathroom Heating, Electric, Plumbing

• Replace and upgrade wiring in bathroom using existing services
• Reuse existing heating services
• Install new hot and cold water feeds using existing risers
• Install new drains for tub and sink. Reuse toilet drain and main stack vent pipe.
• Install new toilet.
• Install new tub.
• Install new shower valve and tub set.
• Install new pedestal sink and faucet.

Bath Remodeling “Must Haves” for 2015

Bath remodeling has become one of the most sought after home improvement projects today. Homeowners are choosing to stay in their home and update instead of buying new. Bath remodeling can be very basic and inexpensive to extravagant and expensive. Most fall somewhere in between, but there are some items that we at Paradis Remodeling and Building feel are “must haves”. If you are considering a full bathroom remodel and are unsure of what exactly to splurge on, take a look at these popular items below.

Quality Fixtures

Splurge on quality fixtures for your bathroom remodel. The low end fixture may look nice but have internal parts made of plastic instead of chrome. If a fixture breaks shortly after your bath remodel you will need to break open a wall to replace. High quality fixture will obviously cost you more initially but definitely pay you back in the long run.

Raincan Showerhead by Delta for bath remodeling
Delta Arzo Raincan Showerhead

The Luxury of Raincan Showerheads

The recent trend of installing rain showers when bath remodeling looks like it is here to stay. They come in many different styles and sizes with many different shower heads. Any bathroom regardless of size or style looks great with an overhead rain shower. One of our favorites here at Paradis Remodeling and Building is the Delta Arzo.

Heated Flooring

Installing a heated floor can really set your bathroom remodel apart from the rest and is not as expensive as you might think. It is basically just an electric mat installed under the flooring tile which heats the floor. It only costs about $5 extra a month to keep the floor heated at all times. Just imagine stepping out of the shower onto a warm and comfortable surface every day.

Heavy Duty Exhaust Fan for Bath Remodeling

When we at Paradis Remodeling and Building complete a bath remodel we always install Panasonic high exhaust fans. With the amount of moisture that can accumulate in a bathroom these fans are a must to keep mold from appearing. They run efficiently and so quietly you hardly know they are on.

Bath Remodeling Walk-In Shower
Walk-In Shower by Paradis Remodeling and Building

Walk-In Showers

Walk-In showers are becoming the number one new trend for bath remodeling. Many homeowners are pulling out their old Jacuzzi tubs and installing unique walk-in showers in instead. A walk-in shower with multiple shower heads can provide a unique and relaxing experience.

When bath remodeling is in your immediate future don’t forget these great items. And don’t forget to contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling and Building (413-535-7006) to set up your free consultation.