Deck Construction : Improper Bulding Can Lead to Problems

Deck Construction

Deck construction often has quite high cost implications, there is dire need to construct your deck in the appropriate way. Improper deck construction is risky and has many associated perils and risks. This implies that a lot of caution and care should be taken when you want to construct your deck. There are many problems which are associated with improper deck construction. You are therefore advised to avoid the following common problems associated with improper deck construction if you want a long lasting and durable deck.

Pulling Away of the Ledger from the House:

This is a common problem that occurs when your deck is not correctly constructed. This makes your deck unsafe and quite dangerous at the same time. The closer the ledge stays closer to the house, the stronger and safer your deck will be. Improper construction of the deck may ignore this important inclusion. Eventually your deck will always be a risky part of your house hence making you uncomfortable.

Wrong Size of the Footingsimproper deck construction

Every deck needs proper support from the footings. Deck construction which ignores this fact may end up having a deck that is unstable. This may be the case in the event of using the wrong size of footings which may not fit well hence failing to support the deck. Wrong size of the footings are not effective in distributing the weight of the load evenly hence high chances of risks being involved.

Loosening of the nails

When nails are used in constructing the deck, there is a great risk since the nails eventually get loose through regular deck use. This has serious implications as it may make your deck to eventually fail to perform. It is highly advisable to avoid using nails at all cost. Deck construction should make good use of screws instead of nails. Screws are much safer as they do not get loose quickly. They will make your deck stronger and safer for your use.

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It is always advisable to consider proper deck construction. Anything contrary to that may result in an unstable and insecure deck which may hamper the proper function of your deck. Consider the right channels of constructing a proper deck to the proper functioning of your deck. Make your deck part of your house’s beauty.

Western MA Deck Builders: 5 Reasons to Use Composite Deck

Western MA Deck Builders know having a deck added on to your home can be a great addition for both the aesthetic appeal, functionality and also the overall value of your home. There are many different materials that a deck can be built out of. At one time the most common material was wood but now there are other options available that will last longer and will look nicer. One of these materials is composite and many contractors are using this product to create long lasting, beautiful decks.

Let’s take a look at five reasons why a Western MA deck builders might prefer composite:

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1. Durability

Designed to withstand all types of weather and conditions, composite will last for many years. Composite avoids weathering, bugs, warping, etc.

2. Low Maintenance

There is no real maintenance needed whereas with a product like wood, you have to constantly stain and reseal the product. Composite retains its look and quality for the duration of the deck’s life.

3. Safety

Wood decks can develop sharp, jagged pieces of wood that when stepped on or touched can result in a splinter or cut. If you have children on your deck or you like to walk around barefoot, composite is a much safer material to utilize.

4. Increased Value

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If you decide to sell your home, a wood deck can be a downside when people are considering your property. People understand the kind of maintenance that goes into a wooden deck and if your deck is already a few years old at the time of sale, you can decrease the value of your home. With composite, you not only increase the value but you make up the costs of investing in the deck builder in the first place

5. Selection

Composite materials come in a variety of colors and styles. You can really customize the look of your deck without having to settle on one specific style.

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When you first meet with your Western MA deck builder, you will get an idea of just how many options you have with composite materials. More and more contractors are turning to this option and recommend it to their clients. Paradis Remodeling and Building (413-535-7006) is currently using composite decking and has had many pleased clients who loved the end result of their deck building project.

5 Important Questions to ask Roofers in Western MA

Hiring your roofers in Western MA is not something to be done without thought. Your roofing contractor is very important to the health of your home. There are certain questions that should be asked before you hire just any company of roofers in Western MA. Contractors should be obligated by the contracts they are hired under to complete the job in the manner you agree upon.

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Roofing companies can be ruthless and even leave repairs undone if the contract is not clear. Here are five important questions that should be asked of your roofing company will help you in the decision of hiring the right roofers in Western MA.

1. What kinds of materials do you use?

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The materials that roofing companies use are very important because you want your roofing to be done with excellent materials. Research the materials you want for your roof before you ask your roofers in western MA. Have the list of materials you wish to know about and ask in detailed manner their experience with the materials for your roof.

2. Are you a licensed Roofers in Western Ma?

Licensed contractors will adhere to the guidelines of the state so that you get a good job done every time. Make sure to ask your roofers in Western MA if they are licensed home contractors.

3. Will my New Roof be approved by my Home Owners Insurance Guidelines?

Be sure to have your home owner’s insurance policy guidelines ready when you are discussing your new roof with your roofing company. Make sure that there are no corners cut and no small print in your contract that you are not

4. What kind of warranties are on the materials?

There are great new roofing materials that your roofing company should be using on a regular basis. Shingles and roofing materials that have excellent warranties so make sure to ask about warranties with your roofers in Western MA.

5. Are there examples of your roofing we can see before we sign a contract?

Experienced remodeling companies should have finished homes for you to view so you can see their work personally. If your roofers in Western MA do not have examples to show you, then their experience should be in question. You need experienced licensed roofers to remodel your roof so be sure of remodeling company by asking important questions for the best roofing for your home.

Holyoke Roofers Answer- What are the best Roof Shingles?

Holyoke roofers know whether you want to remodel or building new roof, you must put various factors into consideration that include cost, color, texture, weight and durability of the shingles. When making this decision, talk to the experts who have years of experience in building and roofing. Here is a list of the best roof shingles complied by professional Holyoke roofers.

4 Types of Shingles Used by Holyoke Roofers


 Asphalt Shingleholyoke roofers use asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are an excellent choice if you’re working on a tight budget but still want a quality roofing material. This type is made of fiberglass and asphalt and the given a surface of ceramic-like granules. Asphalt shingles come in two types, the three-tab shingles, and the laminated shingles. The former is flatter, thinner and is made in a single layer while the latter is layered and thicker and has an appealing textured appearance. Laminated singles are a better choice if you want your roof to last long. With this type, you can count 25 years down the line and still have your roof in a great condition.

Wood shingles

No other roofing material can beat wood shingles when we talk about looks and styles. This type features historical architectural styles such as Cape Cod, colonial, Victorian and Craftsman. Wood shingles are more durable than asphalt shingles but are pricier. Properly installed and maintained ones can last from30 to 50 years. When they age, they take up a gray or soft silver color that blends beautifully with the landscape.

Tile shingles

Tiles are a great choice owing to the fact that they can’t burn, rust or rot. This type is very durable and requires little maintenance. The biggest drawback with tile shingles is that they tend to be very heavy and fragile meaning you can’t walk on them which makes maintenance like painting or cleaning rather difficult.

Slate shinglesholyoke roofers use slate shingles

Slate, although an expensive choice has a very long lifespan. This type is among the most durable choice of roofing material. Its low maintenance, offer good fire protection and does not rot. This one provides a natural look and comes in various patterns

The life of any roof is highly dependent on installation and maintenance. Therefore, you can’t compromise on your choice a contractor. You will find the best Holyoke roofers by choosing Paradis Remodeling and Building, we years of experience in Holyoke and surrounding areas.

Northampton Roofing Contractors Can Help Avoid a Roof Collapse

Northampton roofing contractors know a roof collapse is an unforeseen headache that can transpire at any time. Even though a roof failure can take place anytime, it is more likely to emerge during heavy snow fall or heavy rains. To avoid such a catastrophe and to ensure your roof is sturdy enough to endure the weather factors, you can obtain the help of reliable roofing services. The build-up of snow on the roof, together with sleet and rain, can ultimately cause collapse. Level roofs are more at danger of collapsing than slanting roofs as they are inclined to gather more rain or snow.

It is important to hire Northampton roofing contractors.

However, such unanticipated disasters can be prevented by pursuing some simple roofing tips. Northampton roofing contractors are proficient at coping with damaged or leaking roofs and can fix them to their ex – glory before they fall. Don’t wait until it is too late.

northampton roofing contractorsHere are telling signs that suggest the threat of roof failure:

• Sagging segments of the ceiling or roof
• Cracks in your roof
• Chronic leaks
• Disfigured pipes in your ceiling
• Difficulties in closing or opening or windows and doors

A number of steps should be employed to lengthen the life of your roofs:

• Keep your roof clean by getting rid of algae, debris, and snow
• Keep drains very clear by eliminating dirt, leaves, and other built up material to guarantee free water flow
• Fix damages soon enough to avoid bigger problems

In the event of any roof problems, get in touch with your Northampton roofing contractors for assessment and remedies to all roofing concern. Call the professionals at Paradis Remodeling and Building at 413-535-7006 to set up your free consultation today. Be proactive, don’t wait until a catastrophe happens.

How do Western MA Roofers deal with Ice Dams?

Western MA roofers know ice dams become a problem this time of the year. Ice dams are a persistent, insidious and destructive winter roofing problem that caused by poor roof ventilation and a warm garret space. If ice dam not treated, causes severe damages to your gutters, insulation, drywall, and roofs. Usually, ice dams form when melting snow on a roof runs off and refreezes at the periphery of a roof. Consequently, ice dams form when snow from the warm roof, and hence, creates water to run amid the snow and the hot surface. Therefore, it freezes and turns to ice as it gets past the outer wall and smacks a cold unheated gutter or roof. Further, the ice dams cause inner damage to floors, walls, and ceilings; however Western MA Roofers will get rid of this concern and worry.

Fear the Ice DamWestern MA roofers and ice dams

The only thing homeowner’s fear and fright through the snowy weather are the configuration and formation of ice dams along the perimeter of the roof. As you can’t avoid and avert snow from gathering and accumulating on your roof, several things are there done to prevent and thwart ice dams from amassing to your house. Consequently, various homeowners prefer and choose to center on reducing the amount of heat that run offs and escapes into the garret, warming the roof top deck and thus causing snow to melt away. Therefore, Western MA Roofers offer several services of ice dam prevention, usually engages the sealing of air leaks in the garret floor and other solutions.

Western MA Roofers Can Protect Your Home

Additionally, the company encourages homeowner’s to protect their home from ice dams through installing ice shield along their roof space, the place where the ice dams forms. Further, countless building regulations, which may differ from town and state specify and stipulate that the ice dam casing and covering protection must lengthen at least 24 inches within the heated wall space of a house, conversely, ancient and older houses may not have such shield.


Consequently, it is imperative that whenever you have a new roof replaced or installed, it’s indispensable and necessary to have ice shield and protection installed always. At Western MA Roofers, we always guarantee that your home is in the recipient of all the services and products it needs to get rid of the ice dam and keep you dry and safe. Drop a line to us to discover, which roofing services are most suitable for your house