How Do Northampton Roofers Prevent Ice Dams?

Northampton roofers know winter weather in Western Massachusetts can be brutal, not just to the people, but also to people’s homes. This area of the country receives sleet, snow, and ice during the cold weather months. Ice Dams are a major issue that must be taken care of or you’ll feel the effects of it in your wallet and your home. Ice Dams can be a headache to buildings or houses with sloped roofs. Accumulating snow fall dams-up on the roof and when it finally melts, it leaks down and through the roofing. Damages included to the ceiling, roof structure, walls, and insulation.

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If you live in the Northampton Area and have received damage from Ice Dams; you need a professional service that specializes in the removal of Ice Dams or provide you with preventative measures that keeps your home safe and ice free.

Northampton Roofers Agree That Prevention is the Best

When dealing with Mother Nature, you should do all you can to prevent damage than fix the damage. Here are some techniques that can help you if you find yourself with this dilemma.

  • Roofing Material is important in this situation and if you have regular roofing shingles, you might be setting yourself up for a fall later on. Metal roofing sheds snow better than standard shingles. Shingles are rigid and has grooves, which snow or ice can build up in.
  • Roof Rakes are special tools for removing snow but you must clear the entire roof. Don’t clear to a certain point and stop because the dam will form where ever you left off.
  • Ice Belts help prevent ice dams from forming by implementing a low friction surface where the dams usually start. (IBs) reduces penetration of standing water.
  • Building Design, Insulation and Ventilation prevents ice dams from forming by providing mechanical and natural ventilation, which keeps the roof cold or at temperatures below (Thirty-Degrees Fahrenheit).
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Western MA Roof Company

Northampton roofers such as (Paradis Remodeling & Building) provide a wide range of exterior services such as roof replacement, siding, gutters, and ice damming. Being the premier contractor in Western Massachusetts, you’ll get high quality service with fine craftsmanship. Call for a free consultation at (413) 535.7006 or check out the company website for photos, advice, and information here:

Bath Design Western MA Trends For 2016

Bath design Western MA these days is far different from different than bath design in the past. Living rooms and kitchens used to get the most attention out of any room in the house, but presently the bath room seems to be catching up. Bath designs Western MA are very popular these days even though it’s probably the room we spend the least amount of time in. No longer is it just the room for cleaning and washing up; bath rooms are now full of luxurious and innovative features.

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Radiant heating, high-end showers, and art are the new-norm of most bath designs and some people has even incorporated electronics such as flat screen televisions and stereo systems for personal enjoyment. Let’s take a look at some of today’s extraordinary bath features.

3 Top Features for Bath Design Western MA

• Jacuzzi Style Tubs are replacing the regular tubs in many homes as they add a since of luxury and relaxation. Going to professional spas isn’t on most people’s to do list so why not have your own. You should first research and determine if your home can handle this feature.
• Radiant Heating seems to be a necessity as most bath room floors are ice cold. Radiant heating brings warmth to not only the floor, but the air temperature also. Even some of the heaters have a modern feel to them and adds flavor to the room.
• High-End Showers are the icing on the cake. These showers include multiple heads and other features like wall toilets, and grab bars. Convenient and efficient with some relaxation in the middle.
Of course having these features means you need a high quality contractor that has the skill and know how. Paradis Remodeling & Building is Western Massachusetts premier home builder and remodeling service. The company is a full service General Contractor and specializes in residential design. Their process of bringing your dream to reality is:

1. Free Consultation
2. Meeting for Beginning the Design Phase
3. Detailed and Intricate Planning
4. Construction

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Bathroom Contractors in the Northampton Area

If you’re looking for top notch service that can bring your bath design into fruition or any other renovation procedure; we has you covered while working directly with you. For more information click here
Give us a call at (413) 535-7006

How to Choose Roofing Contractors Northampton, MA

If you’re house in need of some work, especially on the roof; you should seek out professional service from qualified Roofing Contractors Northampton, MA. A great way of doing this is by seeking out multiple contractors and see which one’s best fit your needs. The contractor should be well experienced and have a great reputation in the area that also has the proper licensing for the job at hand.

3 Important Factors When Choosing Roofing Contractors Northampton.

• Verification is extremely important and it lets you know that the roofing contractor has the required business licensing for your state or location. If you are unsure of the company, try contacting the (Licensing Board) of Professional Regulations in your state.
• Choose a Legitimate Contractor is definitely important as well. Fake contractors do bad low quality work. Try asking for their tax identification number, contact phone number, business address or website for further information needed.
• Obtaining a contract and Proposal in writing which will cover how long the project should last, roofing materials, safety materials, and amount of payment as well as payment schedule.

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Professional Roofing Contractors Northampton

Paradis Remodeling and Building offers the best service in Western Massachusetts or in the Southampton Area. The company provides high-quality service in roofing, home additions, finished basements, bathroom and kitchen remodel. Home remodeling and renovation service with all of the proper verification needed for professional work. The company also specializes in:
• Deep Energy Audits
• Historical Renovations
• Master and In-Law Suites

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If you’re experiencing curling shingles, cracked shingles, damaged flashing, water stains, or sagging deck between rafters, (Paradis Remodeling and Building) gets the job done right, first time…every time. For more information of services look here
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Northampton Roofing Company Qualities to Look For

As a Northampton roofing company we know having remodeling or building work done at your home can be very difficult. Living in Western Massachusetts or the Northampton Area there is one Northampton roofing company that has all of the credentials needed to get the job done right. Whether you’re looking for just a Roofing Company or a Certified Company that does complete home remodel service; Paradis Remodeling and Building has you covered and will handle all of your needs.

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Northampton Area Home Remodeling Professionals


Paradis Remodeling and Building is not only a Northampton Roofing Company they also specialize in…
• Whole Home Renovations
• Kitchen Remodel
• Bathroom Remodel
• Finished Basements
• Second Story Additions
• Siding
• And much more…

Find a certified Northampton Roofing Company

There are many contractors in the area, but you don’t want any fly-by-night company that does half the work and with poor results. As a certified professional Northampton roofing company  they provide high-quality craftsmanship and good customer service. Co-Owners Rick and Steve Paradis turned their passion into a full time profession back in 2003. The company is well known and does great work in the Southampton, Northampton, Westfield, Amherst, Long Meadow, and Belchertown Region of Western Massachusetts. Take a look at the work from the company photo gallery here at
Having any kind of work done on your home can be a bit stressful and if you’re sure you don’t know exactly what you want, Paradis Remodeling and Building has knowledge and skill in that area and will gladly work with you by introducing ideas and examples. You’ll never go at it alone for top notch service.

As you can see, the company lives and works by certain principles and promises of doing a great job with all projects is a guarantee. If you need service for porches, decks, and windows as well; you know who to call and where to come to for the best must trusted, reliable service in the area. For more information on all services and projects click here

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Northampton Home Remodeling Projects for Spring

Northampton home remodeling is in full swing when winter comes to an end and it’s getting time for warmer weather for most of the country. Spring is a great time for making some changes to your home. If your home is in need of a make-over; this is the perfect time as it sets the tone for the rest of the year.
There are many projects that can be done to give your dwelling more appeal, while adding resale value. Here are some Northampton home remodeling projects you can take on to give your house that much needed spruce up.

5 Northampton Home Remodeling Spring Projects

Update Siding/Painting:

northampton home remodeling companies, paint

Winter weather can be harsh on a structure and while you’re relaxing inside; the outside of your home is taking a beating. Cold temperatures and intense weather conditions like snow, ice, and sleet is slowly but surely wreaking havoc on the exterior of your dwelling. You should do an inspection to see how much damage has been caused or let a professional do it for you. A new coat of paint could do wonders or some energy efficient vinyl siding will give your home a new appearance.

Roof Repair

Roofs are very practical and shield you from the elements. Peeling, flaking, and cracks are warning signs of what’s to come. Any holes will fill with water and water causes things to rot. Water seeping into the home can be costly and adds further damage. Take care of all roof issues before you get an unwanted skylight.

Home Remodeling and Cabinets

Cleaning out the kitchen cabinets is a great idea, but installing new cabinets will give you a different look and feel. If you’re not into a complete makeover, replace old handles with newer knobs. Less is more.

 Porch Addition

Having a porch is a luxury as it gives you more total space. Enclosing it makes it better. Now you can enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze without the aggravation of bugs.

AC Inspection

Smart move to have your ac system inspected before summer. Air conditioning keeps you cool, but keeps mold from growing in the house because of its humidifying action. You kill 2 birds with one stone.

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Northampton Home Remodeling Professionals

Paradise Remodeling & Building is a one stop shop to get all of your remodeling ideas done. The company deals with home renovations such as:
• Decks/Porches
• Siding
• Kitchen/Bath Remodel
• Roofing
• Windows
Check out:
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