Spring Home Remodeling Projects to Start Planning Now

It’s never too early to start thinking about, dreaming of, and planning home remodeling projects. And since spring is just around the corner, you’ll want to start planning those spring projects now. Here are a few spring home remodeling projects to put into the planning stages.

Project 1: Deck Expansion or Creationhome remodeling projects, Northampton deck builders, western ma

Decks allow you to enjoy the outdoor living space you have around your home. Decks come in all shapes and sizes and there are a number of materials to consider as well. You’ll want to look over the pros and cons of the materials and think about size and style as well.

Project 2: Roof Repairs

Winter can be rough on a roof and you might notice curling or peeling shingles. You can repair those things in the spring with some planning. This may not be one of the most fun home remodeling projects, but it is often necessary.

Project 3: Landscape Design

A house isn’t often complete without landscaping in certain areas. It’s a great idea to plan out these home remodeling projects in advance so you can put the plants in at the optimal time for their type. The design will hold up longer with less maintenance when you plan ahead of time.

Project 4: Add Skylights

Putting skylights into your home can open up any room of the house and create a sunny feeling in the spring and summer. You won’t have to use as much artificial lighting and you can enjoy the sun without losing your privacy. Many homeowners especially like skylights in the kitchen or bathroom.

Project 5: Enclose a Porch

Home remodeling projects allow you to use your home to its fullest. When you enclose a porch, you are able to use that space more often despite the season. You can keep bugs out and keep things cool with a fan. The enclosed porch is a highly valuable asset on any home.

No matter what you want to do with your home remodeling projects this spring, it is smart to dream big and plan ahead. Put a budget into place and save so you are ready for the project when the time comes around. Contact Paradis Remodeling and Building as well and we’ll help you with the planning process. When the time is right, together we’ll work on home remodeling projects in order to give you the house of your dreams.

Westfield Home Remodeling Pros Discuss New Kitchen Trends

When you are working on Westfield home remodeling projects, such as a kitchen renovation, you want to make sure you are increasing the functionality of the space while enhancing the appearance and keeping with current trends so the job will work towards a positive value increase on the home. Take a look at these kitchen trends that Westfield home remodeling professionals recommend as you decide what to do in your kitchen.

Trend 1: Gray is the New White

Kitchen cabinets have often been painted white in recent years, but lately, gray has taken over that popular area in the market. Gray is still neutral and allows you to work in a lot of other colors while adding a sense of elegance to the space.

Trend 2: Using Technology in Functionality

Westfield home remodeling professionals encourage home renovators to consider technology when they try to incorporate functionality into the space. A busy family, for example, might want faucets with sensors on them so even young children can wash their hands even if they can’t reach the nozzle. There are also things like meat thermometers that send an alert to an app on your phone when dinner is done.

Trend 3: Upgrade Storage Spacewestfield home remodeling

There’s no such thing as too much storage space in a kitchen and Westfield home remodeling contractors urge clients to get creative with that idea. You can take the cabinets all the way to the ceiling or get drawers that are partitioned for certain storage elements. Any storage upgrades you can make to improve functionality is a big step in the right direction.

Trend 4: Color the Sink

Not every homeowner is brave enough to go with a bold color in the kitchen, but a little pop of a bright color can enhance the space quite a bit. Consider adding a colorful sink to bring the neutral colors together and brighten the room with an accent piece that stands out.

If you are ready to take some steps toward kitchen remodeling, contact the Westfield home remodeling professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building. We’re here to help with any Westfield home remodeling project and we can let you in on current trends that are sticking around for the long haul so you don’t end up with something that’s going out of style next year. Let’s work on the details together and get you the kitchen of your dreams!

Local Kitchen Contractor vs National Chain: For Western MA Customers

Choosing a contractor for any task can feel daunting. Before you dive into the details, it is wise to decide if you want to go with a local kitchen contractor or a larger, national chain firm. Here are some reasons why it’s best to choose a local kitchen contractor.

Reason 1: They know the area

Local kitchen contractors are going to know the area and what works well in the region. They’ll know what raises the values of homes in the area the most and what kitchen trends are big in your region.

Reason 2: Their reputation gets around

You can easily ask around town and find out how a local kitchen contractor rates in customer service, workmanship, and plenty of other areas. You can potentially see some of their work in person and figure out if they meet your needs with ease.

Reason 3: Get help later

When you go with a local kitchen contractor, you know they will be around if you have questions about anything they did later. They won’t just remodel your kitchen and disappear. They are individuals who live and work in your community and they aren’t going anywhere.

Reason 4: Expect reliability and honesty

local kitchen contractor
Rick and Steve Paradis
Western MA Premiere Design-Build Contractor

When you work with people in your community, you can expect honest and integrity more than you can from chain stores. The fact of the matter is, the local kitchen contractor is your neighbor, in some ways. The people who work there are people you might run into at the store. They want to give you the best because they are part of your community.

Reason 5: Shopping local helps the area

It’s always nice to support local businesses in order to generate income for your community. If you can buy coffee at a local shop over a large chain store, you might try and do so. The same is true for your remodeling needs. Getting a local kitchen contractor keeps the funding in your community.

When you are ready to do something to your kitchen, large or small, contact Paradis Remodeling & Building for help. We want your home to be a place where you and your loved ones can enjoy and experience life together. As a local kitchen contractor, we’ll keep the process within your budget, but still get you the kitchen of your dreams when the project is complete!