Newest Technology For a Luxury Bath Remodel In Western MA

Remodeling a bathroom is a big job and when you take your home through the process, you not only want to raise the value of your home and make the space aesthetically pleasing, but you also want to upgrade the functions in the room. With technology on the rise, a luxury bath remodel can incorporate all sorts of new items, such as some of the following.

-Programmable Showers

Who wants to mess with temperatures and settings every time they shower? With a luxury bath remodel that includes a programmable shower, you can customize your water temperature, volume, and shower-massage settings. High-end models also have wi-fi for music, remote starts, and other elements to give you the luxury you’ve always wanted in the room.

-Hands-Free Faucets

Most public restrooms are equipped with hands-free faucets, which help you to avoid touching viruses on the handles. It’s a perfect fit for a luxury bath remodel. These faucets add convenience and hygenics to the space and they can save water as well since the automatically turn off when hands are not in the sensor range.

-Acoustic Tubsluxury bath remodel

If you want nothing more than to relax in your tub, you can do so with your iPod, which can stream music wireless through the shell of the tub. The sound waves are broadcast through the water without disturbing the surface of the water. You can enjoy your warm bath and your favorite tunes without hassle.

-Programmable Water Pebbles

Any luxury bath remodel should also include “green” elements such as the water pebble. This inexpensive device helps you save water by keeping track of how much water runs down the drain when you take a shower. It will then flash lights ten seconds sooner every shower to help you cut yourself off faster and save water.

Take your luxury bath remodel to the limits by incorporating as many of the luxury items as you’d like and can afford. Your bathroom can become an oasis, similar to a spa, to help you get the relaxation you need along with the necessary functions. If you aren’t sure which luxury bath remodel items you want to incorporate or how, talk to the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building where we want to help homeowners turn their homes into their castle so you can experience life the way you want.

New Deck: Natural Wood or Composite?

The biggest question from homeowners when building a new deck is, “do I choose natural wood or composite”. Natural wood is still the number one choice but over the past few years composite has definitely risen in popularity, with popular choices such as Azek or Trex.  There are pros and cons of both, and all information must be considered carefully when planning a new deck. This article will outline the differences, but a talk with your local professional remodeler is recommended before making a final decision.

New Deck Maintenance

Natural Wood:  Pressure treated wood decks require a substantial amount of maintenance. Pressure washing should be done regularly to remove mold and mildew. New applications of wood stain are required at least every 3 or 4 years depending on sun and weather exposure.

Composite Wood: Composite decking is virtually maintenance free and was made to resist the effects of the elements. It does not need to be painted, sealed, sanded or stained and will maintain its beauty for many years. Mold and mildew can be easily removed by power washing or scrubbing with diluted bleach.

New Deck Cost

Natural Wood: The initial cost of pressure treated wood is substantially less than composite when building a new deck. In most cases a natural wood deck is 50% less than the alternative. The initial cost of a pressure treated wood may be less, but in the long run when you factor in all maintenance costs the difference in the overall cost is not much.

New Deck
Composite Deck by Paradis Remodeling and Building

Composite Wood: Composite tends to be twice the price of pressure treated wood for a couple of reasons. The first being the material cost, engineered composite simple costs more than wood. Second reason is the extra structural framing a composite deck needs to avoid sagging. This not only adds more material cost but more contractor labor cost as well.

Heat Resistance

Natural Wood: If a new deck is built in an area of excessive heat pressure treated wood may the right choice. If stained a light color it will not become as hot as a deck made from composite.

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Composite Wood:  Because of the plastic layer around the composite wood heat gets trapped, which will make a composite deck so hot that you can’t walk barefoot on it. Choosing a lighter color will help slightly because it will retain less heat.

Return on Investment

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost vs. Value Report adding a new deck in the New England area is a good choice. The ROI for composite is 78% and it is even better for wood at 101% back on your investment.

Westfield Kitchen Remodeling Trends For 2018 – Western MA

In past decades, the kitchen was hidden in the back of the home. It was where meals were prepared and dishes were washed. But today, the kitchen has become the center of the house. It’s often the place that brings families together. With open floor plans, the kitchen is more a part of the home than ever before. And that’s why Westfield kitchen remodeling projects are so important. Take a look at these trends when you are remodeling in 2018.

Trend 1: Smart Kitchens

It seems like just about everything has smart options these days and the same is true for the kitchen. Westfield kitchen remodeling can integrate technology into faucets, fridges, and lighting, among other things. Motion sensitive equipment is easier to use and often more efficient as well.

Trend 2: Cabinet Colors Shifthome remodeling company gold

White is still very popular when it comes to kitchen cabinets, but gray has come onto the scene in a huge way as well. Homeowners want a clean look and gray is a nice way to give the space a natural look that is slightly different.

Trend 3: Innovative Storage Solutions

Westfield kitchen remodeling projects need to take a big look at storage issues that many kitchens have. The 2018 trend is bringing new storage solutions to light within cabinetry. There should be no such thing as wasted space any longer. You can have appliance garages, drawer dividers, pull-outs for spices, tray divisions and many other options, all of which help organize the space.

Trend 4: Hardwood Floors and Ceramic Tiles

Hardwood flooring is a popular material no matter what decade you are in. It’s classic and timeless. But ceramic tile flooring is getting more attention in Westfield kitchen remodeling projects this year. You can get ceramic tiles in any shade and style so it can look like hardwood or many other natural stones. Since it is easy to maintain, many homeowners appreciate it in the kitchen.

You want your Westfield kitchen remodeling process to go as smoothly as possible. The kitchen needs to be a functional place, but you also need it to maintain its value in the years to come. Going with the right trends in Westfield kitchen remodeling can help you get everything you want from the space for now and well into the future. Contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building with help on your kitchen remodeling project.

Westfield Bath Remodeling Storage Tips to Utilize Your Limited Space

The bathroom is meant to be a peaceful, relaxing room in the house. It gets used frequently and it often gets overloaded with all of the things you need to store in it. When you are working on Westfield bath remodeling, it is a good time to take a look at the storage you have available in conjunction with what you actually need. Here are some ideas to help you streamline the space.

westfield bath remodeling
Small Bathroom Remodel by Paradis Remodeling and Building 413-535-7006

Storage Tip 1: Use the Walls

Even if you have a small bathroom, there might be a little wall space you can play around with during Westfield bath remodeling. You can install a wall cabinet, for example, over the toilet to store toilet tissue, towels, and other items. You can also put some shelving high up on the walls in an out of the way area that can help you with storage.

Storage Tip 2: Storage Ladders

If you have a little extra floor space in the room, Westfield bath remodeling can create a storage ladder for you. The freestanding ladder adds visual interest if you paint it a unique color. And you can place colorful towels and other items on it to bring style to the room as well.

Storage Tip 3: Use the Mirror

Every bathroom has a mirror and many of them are flat, but if you take advantage of Westfield bath remodeling, you can incorporate storage behind the mirror. Get a medicine cabinet mirror so you can place small items behind the mirror and hide them away. Several smaller mirrored cabinets can add up to one big mirror to fill the space.

Storage Tip 4: Peg Rails

There are also simple things you can do during Westfield bath remodeling like add a peg rail to the space. A peg rail can have pegs for hanging robes and towels and the top portion can be storage for lotions and other items.

Storage Tip 5: Wicker Storage

Get some classy wicker baskets and use them to store items you need to have nearby while adding a natural feel to the space. You can place them under the sink, beside the toilet, on shelves, and in many other locations.

When considering Westfield bath remodeling, you have the opportunity to revolutionize the storage in your bathroom. Work with Paradis Remodeling & Building to come up with unique options that will work well for your space.