Sustainable Building- Eco-Friendly Materials in Western MA

Sustainable building materials are part of a green movement that can include everything from recycling to finding new reusable energy sources. Many home improvement contractors, such as Paradis Remodeling and Building, and homeowners are choosing sustainable building options for energy efficiency. Some of these products may cost more initially but will pay off in the long run, by saving money on heating/cooling costs and helping the environment. Here are 5 eco-friendly sustainable building materials you may want to consider for your next project.

Reclaimed Sustainable Building Materials

Reclaimed hardwood, sustainable building

  • Wood: The most widely used reclaimed building material, it can be gathered from old barns, homes, and factories. It can be used in many ways including flooring and countertops.
  • Glass: Finding a matching set of stained glass windows is a treat for many homeowners looking to use reclaimed materials.
  • Doors: Old barn doors are a great and unique option for the homeowner that is looking for something a little different in their home.


Concrete is widely used and surprisingly responsible for a great percentage of the CO2 emissions around the world. There are however options for builders and homeowners who are concerned about the environment. Sustainable concrete add materials such as slag (from manufacturing steel) or wood chips to the mix. This doesn’t affect the sturdiness of the concrete but it does incorporate products that would have otherwise been wasted.

Cellulous Insulation

This sustainable building material is also called paper insulation because it is made up of newspapers, paperboard and other waste paper. Astonishingly it is comprised of 80% to 100% recycled material. It is a breeze to install and can will make a poorly insulated attic increasingly more energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Windows

Triple glazed windows were first introduced in Sweden and are mostly used in regions with a very cold climate. They are rigid and strong, resistant to condensation, decrease heat loss, and help reduce outside noise.

Seaweed and Wool Brick

These bricks combine wool fibers and extract from seaweed to create a stronger and unfired sustainable building product. The bricks are also non-toxic and are more resistant to cold and wet climates.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas for Western MA Homes

There’s no such thing as too much storage in a kitchen. When you have a small kitchen, you might feel even more limited. What can you do? Use these small kitchen storage ideas for your home in Western MA.

Idea 1: High Cabinets

When you need more space, consider getting new cabinets that are taller than the ones you have now. Space on top of short cabinets are wasted storage. Why not get cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling? They can give the room a classy look and give you more storage at the same time.

Idea 2: Peg Board Wallsmall kitchen storage

Find an empty wall and hang a peg board on it so you can place pots, pans, tools and other things you can hang on the wall. They’ll be accessible, but up and out of the way. The extra storage can give you just what you need in a small kitchen.

Idea 3: Utilize Interior Doors

The inside of cabinet doors can be valuable space if you use it right. Consider mounting some file holders inside certain doors and you can place tin foil and other boxes there to get them out of the way of precious drawer space and other areas in the small kitchen.

Idea 4: Hang Where you Can

If there’s open space on the side of any cabinets in your small kitchen, consider adding a few hooks to hang things to keep them out of the way. You can put cutting boards and other flat items on the hooks to save shelf and counter space elsewhere.

Idea 5: Magnetic Strip

If you never have enough drawer space in your small kitchen, add a magnetic strip under a cabinet along the wall. You can hang knives and other metallic items that will clean up the drawers and allow you easy access.

There are plenty of ways to make the most of your small kitchen with the right ideas and a little creativity. You need a kitchen that functions well, even if it is a small kitchen. If you are ready to get rid of clutter and make some changes, but you aren’t sure where to start, consult with the professionals at Paradis Remodeling and Building for help. We’re full of ideas and we’ll help you find just the right options to get your small kitchen on track with the perfect storage.

Home Remodeling Companies Tips For an Amazing New Kitchen

Putting together a new kitchen is a lot of fun–and a lot of work. In order to get the most amazing new kitchen possible, keep these tips in mind from home remodeling companies.

Tip#1: Keep Functionality At The Top

You want your kitchen to be beautiful, of course, but home remodeling companies recommend that you keep functionality at the top of your list at all times. Your kitchen needs to function well because it is a space that gets used so often. That might mean adding extra storage, putting in an island for more workspace, or other elements. Whatever you can do to make the kitchen function better, now’s the time.

Tip#2: Find Long-Lasting TrendsHome Remodeling Companies

We all know that trends come and go, but there are certain things that stick around and are timeless classics. Home remodeling companies can help you find a balance between things that are in style and things that will last. You don’t want to go with a style trend only to have it go out of style next year. Choose things filled with style that will last well into the future.

Tip#3: Remember Maintenance

?It takes a lot of work to keep a kitchen clean and home remodeling companies suggest that you find items that are low in maintenance for the space so you don’t have as much upkeep to do. Know the maintenance tasks that come with any flooring, countertops, and other such items so you can gauge whether or not you are willing to maintain them properly for the long haul.

Tip#4: Look Into Resale Value

Whether you are thinking about selling your home soon or sometime in the future, home remodeling companies will help you figure out the resale value of the changes you are about to make. You want your investment to pay off, whether you are selling soon or not. Any kitchen enhancements will help your home’s value, but some are even better than others.

Getting a new kitchen is satisfying and you deserve nothing short of amazing. Let home remodeling companies like Paradis Remodeling & Building help you with the plans and the execution from start to finish. With our professionals by your side, you’ll get everything you want and then some. It takes some thought and planning, but on the other side of the process, you get one amazing kitchen!