Western MA Home Builders: 7 Newest Trends

The top trends for Western MA home builders span from green updates to kitchen and bath.  Whether you are a prospective homeowner or a designer, your choice of a design is likely to determine return value of your project. Here are some of the top current trends for Western MA Home Builders you should consider before embarking on your project.

Take a Look at These Western MA Home Builders Trends

Smaller Sizing

As compared to the traditional style, family-home design and construction is significantly getting smaller. The size of a single-family home is currently around 2,152 sq. ft, which is around ten percent smaller the size in 2010. This is can partly be attributable to the economic downturn.

Living Roomsnew home addition

Living rooms are being replaced by great rooms that combine kitchen and family rooms with enough space for all activities from homework to entertainment. Third bathrooms, mudrooms and formal dining rooms are also fading away.

Going Green

Going Green for Western MA Home Builders

Western MA home builders realize the importance of sustainability. A general direction towards energy-saving windows and appliances has become very trendy. Consumers are increasingly getting conscious of the benefits of energy efficiency. This is also indicated in the preference for water-efficient features such as low-flow faucets and dual flash toilets.


New kitchen designs include; ample sitting and eating room, recessed lighting and double sinks. Desk areas, massive walk-in pantries and large central islands are nowadays less sought-after, while extras such as hot water dispensers and wine coolers are all but fading.

The Bathroom Splash

soaking tub

In the bathrooms, there has been a high demand for fixtures that control multiple water sources. This is in addition to more requests for touch-screen displays for control of features such as water temperature and flow. Since the freestanding bathtubs are increasingly becoming affordable, they have become a common feature in new homes.

Appreciation for Texture

Most current homeowners have a new-found appreciation for touch especially engineered woods and stones. As compared to the earlier honing of materials making them new and shiny, homeowners are rather leaving them in their natural form; appreciating the natural beauty.

Warm And Cozy Kitchens

The sleek, ultra-contemporary kitchens designs have greatly lost popularity as homeowners realize that the look is not universally appreciated. Designs that are capable of merging both the traditional and modern details continue to trend owing to their wider appeal taking for example the shaker-style cabinets. Ideally, the designer should exude a warm and welcoming feeling on top of the colder look of the contemporary kitchen cabinets.

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Hardwood Flooring: Common Questions and Answers for Homeowners

If you’ve always loved the look of hardwood flooring, you might wonder if it’s a good fit for your home. There are a number of questions to ask before you follow through with the process. Here are some of the common questions homeowners ask the professionals along with their answers.

Is it okay to put hardwood flooring in the kitchen?

You know that wood and water don’t mix well and the kitchen is a place where spills happen and heavy things get dropped. Hardwood flooring looks spectacular in the kitchen and it can do very well in that room. When you spill something on the floor, wipe it up right away and the hardwood will do just fine.

Can hardwood flooring go over a concrete slab?

Engineered wood floors can be placed over dry, clean, concrete slabs that are on or below grade. If moisture or humidity is an issue, like in a basement, non-wood options are better choices. There are also installation methods installers use to put wood floors over concrete slabs with a vapor barrier to protect the flooring.

hardwood flooring, westfield, agawam

Are hardwood floors hard to care for?

Hardwood flooring doesn’t take much maintenance. You will want to keep the floors clean by sweeping or dry mopping them. If you want them to shine, there are certain products you can use that work well on hardwood flooring. Don’t wet mop a hardwod floor and follow the instructions of your professional installer to help you with maintenance and upkeep.

How long do hardwood floors last?

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular floor choices, not only because it is beautiful, but also because it is durable and long-lasting. If you want a floor that will last for as long as you want to live in the home, hardwood flooring is a great option. As long as you care for it well, it will be there for you.

If you are interested in installing hardwood flooring into your home and you have more questions, frequently asked or not, contact Paradis Remodeling and Building. Our professionals will help you get the answers you need to make an informed decision. Hardwood flooring is great for many, but it’s not for everyone. We’ll help point you in the right direction for the perfect floors for your home’s style and situation.

Steps to Find a Professional MA Home Builder : Westfield MA

Finding a good MA home builder before beginning a home improvement or building project is critical for project success. A good professional contractor will have a license, a good reputation and references. Homeowners seeking the best work and the most reliable contractor possible can find what they’re looking for by searching the local directories, conducting online research and seeking contractors with the qualities mentioned above.

Finding a professional contractor with the right credentials to perform your home improvement project or upgrade can be challenging. Knowing where to look and what information to look for can help. Below are some of the tried and true methods for finding the best professional MA home builder in 2017.

Perform Research Onlinema home builder research

Start with a Google search to find a MA home builder in your county, city or state. Homeowners in rural areas may have to search longer and harder for a list of contractors who service their area. Once a search has come back with contractors from the specified area, then the research truly begins. Looking at each website should give the homeowner a sense of the company’s standing in the community. Look for features like:

  • Awards: Awards for ethical business practices and quality workmanship are a good sign that a business is trustworthy. Look for logos and symbols that indicate that the business has won local awards, or search for an award page. Pay attention to the organizations that have administered the awards, as this may tell you something about the value of the awards.
  • Testimonials: Testimonials can tell you more about how a business works and how a business keeps their customers satisfied. Look for repeating key terms like “good quality” and “excellent communication,” which can help you decide for yourself whether or not a business treats its customers well.
  • Portfolio: The portfolio will help you decide what kind of work to expect from a contractor. You’ll get a sense of the contractor’s style and the quality of work that the contractor delivers. Browse through the pages of the contractor’s portfolio until you find a project that matches the one you’ll be hiring the contractor to do. This will help you decide whether or not this is the contractor for your needs.

Take Your Search Further

After looking at websites and perusing the pages of each business, compile a list of contractors that best fit your needs. Once you have a list of contractors, conduct a Google search for each contractor individually. If the contractor is well established in your community, doing this will bring up online reviews. Look for red flags that could be indicative of a problem. While a few negative reviews out of hundreds are unlikely to point to an issue, a large number of negative reviews may be something to pay attention to. Look for patterns that could point to poor business practices or a weakness in the company.

Check Licensing

A good contractor will have up an up to date license that indicates the contractor has met the standards set by the state and local authorities. A search can easily be done online. For homeowners living in Massachusetts, a license can be verified online here http://www.mass.gov/ocabr/consumer-rights-and-resources/home-improvement-contract/hic-registration/. To verify licensing of a business, you’ll need the business’s license number. If you can’t find a business’s license number on their website, call the business to ask for their number.

Schedule Consultations

Once you’ve narrowed your list to three to five businesses, schedule a consultation with each possible contractor. Knowing your budget and your goals for the project can help make these conversations more productive, so you’ll want to do some planning ahead of time.

When the contractors come to your home, be prepared to discuss your goals. Ask for feedback about your project, and ask the contractor questions about how they would accomplish your goals. Asking questions is a good way to determine how well you and the contractor communicate, which is an important part of finishing a home remodeling project.

Ask each MA home builder for references that you can call to ensure that other customers have been happy with the contractor’s work. When you’re trying to narrow the list of potential contractors, these references can help you decide which contractors are the best fit for your needs. When talking to references, ask questions such as:

  • Are you satisfied with the quality of the work the contractor produced?
  • Did the contractor communicate well for the duration of the project?
  • Would you recommend this contractor to others?
  • Would you use this contractor again?
  • How long ago did your project take place?
  • Did you have any complaints about the way the project was handled?

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