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In-Law Apartment – Pros and Cons for Western MA Homeowners

If you have considered adding an in-law apartment onto your home, there are many things to think through. As with any home improvement project, there are pros and cons to the final outcome. Here are some items involved in having an in-law apartment that can help push you over the edge one way or another.


-Look after loved ones

One of the biggest benefits to having an apartment in (or near) your home is that you can look over aging loved ones while allowing them their freedom. As loved ones age, they may need help with cleaning, cooking, medications and other items. Having a nearby apartment allows them their independence, but it also gives you the convenience of having them nearby so you can keep them safe.

-Share the billsin-law apartment can save you money

When a loves one moves into your in-law apartment, they often want to help in a number of ways so they do not become a burden to you. When you have an apartment with a family member in it, they can help pay some of the bills and offset your living expenses. Rather than pay rent somewhere else, helping to pay your bills can aid both parties.

-Enjoy the time

Having loved ones nearby in an in-law apartment can be a priceless experience. No one lives forever and keeping someone you love close can help you enjoy the time you have together.


-Added responsibilities

When you have an in-law apartment as part of your house, you have added responsibilities. There may be costs involved or other aspects, such as time devoted to the loved one’s care. Having a loved one live nearby can be hard on a family, especially if they take a lot of care and you don’t have a lot of time.

-Initial costs

If you do not already have an in-law apartment, you will have to pay in order to have one added to your home. This can cost quite a bit if you have to renovate a lot in order to make it happen.

-You become a landlord

When you have an in-law apartment, you are a homeowner, but you also become somewhat of a tenant, whether you like it or not!

If you are interested in preparing an in-law apartment in or near your home, contact Paradis Remodeling and Building to go over the options and more pros and cons about the project.

3 Signs it is Time for a Northampton Home Addition

When it comes to remodeling your home, one option you may not have thought about was a Northampton home addition. In many cases, adding an extra room to your existing house makes a lot of sense.

That said, here are some tell-tale signs that now is the right time to consider a…

Northampton Home AdditionNorthampton Home Addition

Lack of Space

Running out of space is perhaps the most common reason why you should consider a Northampton Home Addition. Your home can become too small for your needs, especially as your family grows. As children get older, they may need their own room, or you may have a young adult who needs a living space until they can afford a home of their own. Also, not having enough space can make it harder to keep things organized around the house and lead to unnecessary frustration.

Improving Your Property Value

There’s no question that a Northampton Home Addition can raise the value of your home. For instance, many potential buyers are looking for homes with multiple bathrooms and if your home only has one it can negatively affect the sale price. If your house feels cramped to you, it can also feel cramped to someone shopping for a new home.

Space for Extra Family Members

Another reason to consider Northampton Home Addition is if you need to house an additional family member like, as mentioned, an adult child who needs a room until they can afford a place of their own. Or, you may have an older relative who needs care but lives in a separate house. It not only creates a safer environment for the relative, but also allows them to stay connected with their immediate family.

Paradis Remodeling and Building LLC will work with you every step of the way if you decide to undertake a Northampton Home Addition project. Our Design/Scope Develop/Build process will ensure that your addition will be built in a way that it looks like it has always been there.

Western MA Home Addition Which Type is Right For You?

Western MA home addition can give your residence more functional space and can add to the property value. You may be asking yourself how does an addition improve the household? It all depends on what you need the extra room for. It can be used for a home office, workout room, or if you’re expecting a new baby in the future. As long as the addition serves a purpose, you should be fine.

western ma home addition, amherst, addition
Rick and Steve Paradis
Home Addition Specialists

Paradis Remodeling & Building will give you high-quality renovations and a fair price. Since 2003 Rick and Steve Paradis has served the towns and cities of Western, MA such as Northampton, Amherst, Southampton, Westfield, and others by delivering fine craftsmanship and spectacular customer service to all clients. Paradis Remodeling  specializes in home additions and other remodeling projects.

3 Types of Western MA Home Addition

  • Family Rooms can give you added total space especially if the living room has too crowded. Also it gives family members more privacy to enjoy by separating the kids and adults.
  • Master Suites seem big in the beginning but as time goes by it become cramped with added furniture and clothing. Having an addition built or remodeling the room itself opens things up more which makes it enjoyable and relaxing.
  • In-Law Additions are perfect for households that accompany other family members. Having added space keeps you from feeling cramped together and gives members somewhere to lay their heads if needed.

If you want to stay and live the rest of your days in place, a Western MA home addition and floor plan reorganizing is a good idea. Life throws challenges at us all and it would feel great knowing that you have available options. Home Additions give you options that truly serve a purpose. Using the right contractor that fits your needs is highly important and (PR&B) uses a method of ” Design/Scope-Develop/Build Process ” that helps create the additions you and all customers desire so much.

If you need help figuring out the right home addition for you, call for a free consultation at (413) 535.7006

For more in-depth details of the services go here

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Home Additions : Answers to the Most Common Questions

Home Additions are the very definition of renovations. Whether you need more space because of a growing family, an extra room for a specific purpose, or you want a different home layout that gives you a different vibe; adding an extra room is perfect for achieving this. Having the right contactor/remodeler is vital to achieving your goal. One who works and respects your ideas but also provides you with excellent advice. There are many questions about home additions and this article will go over a few while educating you on some options.

Springfield Home Additions

One of the biggest issues with additions is room size. Does the addition meet or address your space issues? Does it flow well with the rest of the house? Is it in-sync with the rest of the neighborhood? These types of questions should be brought up in the beginning stages with your remodeler so there are no discrepancies down the road. If you’re in the process of looking for a professional skilled builder; Paradis Remodeling and Building helps and ensures all customers get the additions they desire. The company will come and assess your home/structure before starting renovations. This gives both parties involved a better feel of the expected budget that will be needed to get the job finished. (PR&B) does everything by the book in a professional way.

Types of Home Additions

If you’re in need of some extra space such as:

  • Master Suite Additions
  • Second Story Additions
  • Full and Half Basement Additions
  • Living and Family Rooms
  • Dormer Additions
  • And Bedrooms

Paradis Remodeling has you covered and the experience to get the job done. Company contractors will guide you in the right direction while implementing your concepts into the design. The team has great scope development and budgeting ideas that will give you the best layout plans for full functionality. What good is it to add an extra addition if it doesn’t serve a purpose? Creating a consistent look can be achieved. Check out some of (PR&B’s) work at

If you’re in the Southampton, Massachusetts Area, give us a call for a free consultation at (413) 535.7006

Master Suite Addition Tips and Info

A master suite addition is a major undertaking that can cost homeowners a pretty penny, about $108,000 on average for New England homeowners according to the annual cost vs. value report from Remodeling magazine.  Although the intangible benefits of a master suite addition can outweigh the hefty price tag. Dream of extra living space that is all yours where you won’t be bothered as you take a bath and relax, no kid toys to step over, no teens taking up the bathroom forever.

Make no mistake a master suite addition is a major remodeling project, which can average from 8 to 15 weeks to complete. The most common addition is the bump out where a wall is opened up and a room is added to your home. This type of addition is the most expensive, time consuming, and will come with some sacrifices such as losing some yard space.  If cost is a major issue but the extra space is a necessity, you might consider a second story addition or even turning a bonus room or a room above the garage into a master suite.

Master Suite Addition Consistency

master suite addition

The best advice to give on a master suite addition is to make it look like it has always been there, and to make sure the design and size (bigger is not necessarily better) blends in perfectly with the style of your home. A professional remodeler, especially a design/build contractor, will be able to design an addition that will look like has always been part of your home.

Master Suite Addition Amenities

The amenities you choose for your master suite addition will ultimately depend on your budget but there are wonderful comforts you can add on any budget. Amenities such as skylights, a bathroom with radiant heat flooring and eco-friendly fixtures, walk in closets, or a beautiful bay window can make your master suite addition a personal utopia.

A master suite addition adds value but more importantly adds the much needed extra space to your home. It is an enormous undertaking that needs to be thought about and planned with no detail left out. If you are even considering it, contact a local and trusted remodeling contractor (preferable a design/build firm) to gather all of the important facts and figures.