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Finished Basement Ideas for Families in 2017

You may already know that you want to finish your basement. After all, it gives you a lot more space and raises the value of your home. But what are you going to do with the basement? Use these finished basement ideas to come up with the perfect remodeling ideas for your family this year.

-Add Games

If you want a safe space for your children to bring their friends, or if you like to relax and play games yourself, make sure your finished basement ideas include things like a pool table, a ping pong table, and other fun games. Keep the finished space as open as possible so you can incorporate some fun games for the whole family to enjoy.

-Consider Movie Nightfinished basement ideas

It’s fun to watch movies at home when you can pause any time you want to get more popcorn. Your finished basement ideas might include a movie theater in your own home! You can get a projector or just a large TV to create a movie-like setting in your basement.

-A Second Kitchen

If you are entertaining in your basement, it’s a pain to have to go up and down the stairs for drinks all the time. One of the smart finished basement ideas is to put a small second kitchen in the basement. It doesn’t have to have much, perhaps a fridget, a counter and sink, and some cabinets. You can do a lot with that equipment.


Perhaps your bedrooms on the main floor are full. The basement is the perfect place for a guest room. It’s quite and private and your guests will feel welcome with their own space. Or, you can move one of the kids down there as they get older and need time to themselves. The basement has options when it comes to bedrooms.

There are so many finished basement ideas it can be hard to know where to start. Assess your needs when it comes to expanding your space into the basement. Do you need more room for fun or do you need something practical like a bedroom? Perhaps you have enough space for both! As you start to look into finished basement ideas, include the professionals at Paradis Remodeling and Building. We can help you make your ideas come to life from start to finish!

Basement Finishing: Consult the Pros Before Remodeling Your Basement

Basement finishing is wise if you want to expand the amount of usable square footage you have in your home. Not only will finishing your basement raise the value of your home, but it will also give you more space to utilize while you live in the home. While there are some aspects of basement finishing you think you can handle on your own, it’s always best to consult with professionals before you start the remodeling process. Here’s why.

No Headaches

When you start any home renovation project, there are a lot of unknowns and you never can predict how it will go. If you consult with professionals, you won’t have any headaches during the process. The pros will get building permits if those are needed. They’ll help with the design. And they can stick to a budget that you set. Basement finishing is simply easier with professional help.

Save Timesaving time while basement finishing

When you think about a big project like basement finishing, it’s going to take you a lot of time. If you aren’t a professional yourself, it’ll take you longer than it would the pros as well. So while it costs money to consult with professionals, you save money in the end because of their supplier discounts, the time it takes them, and in the professional looking finished product.

Quality in Basement Finishing

When you work on basement finishing, you have a certain idea in mind for how it should look. Your professional contractor can help you achieve that goal from start to finish. They can help you makes informed decisions that will make your basement a space you can use for many years to come. Quality basement finishing needs to come from a quality professional.

If you are ready for basement finishing, consulting with a professional is a wise way to go. Contact Paradis Remodeling & Building for a free consultation. We’ll go over your options and help you increase your living space in a cost effective manner. You can use your basement for any number of things such as a home office, a family room, a game room, an exercise room, a home theater, extra bedroom space, and more. Let’s talk through the options and get to work in a professional manner that will make basement finishing worth your time and effort!

Basement Remodeling and Game Room Ideas Northampton MA

Basement remodeling is usually not the first thing people think about when it comes to home remodeling. However, basements not only offer extra living space, but can be the center of many activities. And perhaps no basement remodeling project can transform a space than a game room.

There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to game rooms and it’s a project that can really get the creative juices flowing. Choosing what’s right for you and your family should be a matter of considering what your favorite activities are while being flexible enough so that you can include a variety of functions in one design.

Basement Remodeling Game Room Tips and Ideas:

basement remodeling game room

Starting Out

Your basement remodeling process should start with the following evaluations and determinations:

*Is your basement finished, or a good candidate for finishing?

*Determine the proper insulation, air and heating options, and moisture control.

*Selecting the flooring, wall and ceiling materials.

*What are the best materials and plumbing methods for shower and bathroom installations?

*Determining a lighting plan and options for bringing in as much natural light as possible (including from existing windows).

Game Room Ideas

Again, there are a variety of methods you can use for your basement remodeling game room project.

*Pool Room – A classic approach that features a pool table as a focal part of your room. An overhanging light above the table can set a certain mood, while it also can be customized to suit your own personality.

*Casino Style – If your family enjoys gaming, one option for your basement remodeling project is a casino theme. From poker tables, to roulette wheels and more, there’s a lot you can do with this option.

*Family Fun – You never want to overlook your kids when remodeling your game room. This can include multi-use game tables, and much more.

*Sports Theme – Use your favorite sports team(s) as the theme of your remodeling project. Installing a bar will create even more possibilities.

Are you thinking about your own Western, MA basement remodeling project? Then contact the pros at Paradis Remodeling and Building to set up your free consultation.