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Western Mass Deck Builders Discuss Wood Vs Composite

If you are interested in having western mass deck builders create a deck for your home, the first thing you have to decide is whether you want wood or composite deck materials. There are many differences between the two including cost, maintenance, and appearance. Use this comparison so you can make a decision and let the western mass deck builders get started on your project.


As is true with any material, both wood and composite have a range of quality including low, mid, and high end. Better materials usually cost more, often have less maintenance requirements, and enjoy a longer lifespan. Since you can get both in any quality level, it is easier to compare the two by cost and upkeep.


Your budget is a large concern when you are planning to have western mass deck builders create a deck for you. Natural wood is going to be less expensive than composite overall and you can expect to spend 50% less on western mass deck builders on wood materials than you would if you went with composite. However, the upfront costs are just one part of the picture. You also have to keep the long-term maintenance costs in mind. In that way, composite can end up costing less over time.

MaintenanceTrex Deck

Composite decks do cost more to purchase and have western mass deck builders install, but they eventually pay off in the long run. Once the composite deck is installed, it is worry free. These decks don’t warp, fade, split, or crack and they don’t have to be painted or stained. Wood decks, on the other hand, have to be cleaned and treated regularly in order to maintain their integrity and beauty. Those treatments add up in terms of cost and can cause wood decks to be more expensive as the years go by.

What’s best for you? It’s your decision as to what you have western mass deck builders use to create your deck. Keep cost and maintenance in mind as well as the appearance you prefer. Some homeowners simply can’t get past the beauty of wood while others prefer the composite look. If you know what you want, or you need more help deciding, contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building, the western mass deck builders you want on the job at your home. With a free consultation, it’ll all become clear.

Why Choose Local Deck Contractors in Western MA

Having a deck on the back of your home in Western MA can add a lot to its value as well as your enjoyment of the property. Whether you want to add a completely new deck, or expand on the deck you currently have, local deck contractors are the key. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose local deck contractors for your project.

Reason 1: Support Your Community

When you use someone local, like local deck contractors, you are supporting the economy in your community. The local deck contractors will have connections with local suppliers, which will only go further to support the community. You are buying time and resources from local people, who are basically your neighbors. That’s always a good thing for your area.

Reason 2: Get Personal Attention

If you hire local deck contractors, you can visit their storefront, meet with them in person, and get the attention you need for your project. There are no concerns about them showing up for the job and then disappearing later. You can always contact them or visit them in person if you need further help down the road. They are there to help with any fixes you need and they can also help with maintenance advice.

Reason 3: Higher Quality Work

Local deck contractors are going to be more concerned with their reputation in your region than others. They have more at stake since they plan to stay in the local area. If something goes wrong and they get a bad reputation, they’re finished. They want to give you the quality work you deserve for your benefit and their own. They will use the best materials and focus on high quality workmanship as well.

Reason 4: Easier References

It’s always good to look into the background of anyone you work with and if you are looking to hire local deck contractors, it’s much easier to find people in your area who have used certain companies and can tell you about them. In fact, the local deck contractors probably have a list of people you can contact and you may be able to drive by houses and see their work in person.

When quality is key, local deck contractors like those as Paradis Remodeling and Building are the best way to go. We’ll work by your side to figure out what is best for your home!

New Deck: Natural Wood or Composite?

The biggest question from homeowners when building a new deck is, “do I choose natural wood or composite”. Natural wood is still the number one choice but over the past few years composite has definitely risen in popularity, with popular choices such as Azek or Trex.  There are pros and cons of both, and all information must be considered carefully when planning a new deck. This article will outline the differences, but a talk with your local professional remodeler is recommended before making a final decision.

New Deck Maintenance

Natural Wood:  Pressure treated wood decks require a substantial amount of maintenance. Pressure washing should be done regularly to remove mold and mildew. New applications of wood stain are required at least every 3 or 4 years depending on sun and weather exposure.

Composite Wood: Composite decking is virtually maintenance free and was made to resist the effects of the elements. It does not need to be painted, sealed, sanded or stained and will maintain its beauty for many years. Mold and mildew can be easily removed by power washing or scrubbing with diluted bleach.

New Deck Cost

Natural Wood: The initial cost of pressure treated wood is substantially less than composite when building a new deck. In most cases a natural wood deck is 50% less than the alternative. The initial cost of a pressure treated wood may be less, but in the long run when you factor in all maintenance costs the difference in the overall cost is not much.

New Deck
Composite Deck by Paradis Remodeling and Building

Composite Wood: Composite tends to be twice the price of pressure treated wood for a couple of reasons. The first being the material cost, engineered composite simple costs more than wood. Second reason is the extra structural framing a composite deck needs to avoid sagging. This not only adds more material cost but more contractor labor cost as well.

Heat Resistance

Natural Wood: If a new deck is built in an area of excessive heat pressure treated wood may the right choice. If stained a light color it will not become as hot as a deck made from composite.

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Composite Wood:  Because of the plastic layer around the composite wood heat gets trapped, which will make a composite deck so hot that you can’t walk barefoot on it. Choosing a lighter color will help slightly because it will retain less heat.

Return on Investment

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost vs. Value Report adding a new deck in the New England area is a good choice. The ROI for composite is 78% and it is even better for wood at 101% back on your investment.

6 Deck Remodeling Projects Just in Time for Summer

When you think of remodeling projects, you might consider the interior of your home, but deck remodeling is a great idea as well. If you want your deck to be in shape for the summer, consider one of these six deck remodeling projects.

1. Add On

If you have a small deck in the back of your house, deck remodeling can help you add onto the deck to make a bigger space. It’s always nice to have enough room for your grill and a table and chairs, among other things.

2. Built In Seatingdeck remodeling, deck seating, TREX, deck company

Standard decks have floors and railings and that’s it, but you could add built in seating around the railings in some areas or all the way around the deck. This gives the deck an intriguing look and allows for lots of guests to have places to sit.

3. Tiers

If you have a deck on one level now, consider deck remodeling that drops a few steps and then adds another deck. The project gives the deck a dimensional look and can really add to the aesthetics in your yard.

4. Decorative Railings

Deck railings are usually wood on top and bottom. Sometimes, the middle is wood as well or perhaps you have normal metal. If you take those middle parts out and add something more decorative, like wrought iron bars with shapes, you can give your deck a whole new look.

5. New Flooring

After a while, decks get old and wear out. Deck remodeling is the perfect time to replace the flooring of your deck with new wood or even plastic decking that will last longer. Consider putting the new floor in at with an angled design for added flair.

6. Enclosure

If your deck receives a lot of hot sun, you might want to enclose all or part of it so you have shade. Add a roof over the top and screen it in to keep bugs and other pests away so you can enjoy your deck more often.

Whatever your deck remodeling project goals are, Paradis Remodeling And Building can help. We are remodeling experts that can help you with the design all the way through the project’s completion. We have lots of ideas and we want to put your goals and dreams into action for your deck remodeling project. Contact us today and let’s make your home into the paradise you want!

Westfield Pro Deck Builders Tips – Building a Deck for Entertaining

If you are considering deck builders to create a deck on the back of your house, you have a lot to think through. Entertaining guests on your new deck can be a lot of fun…if you get the right deck builders to create the right deck for your home. Here are a few items to consider as you search for the perfect deck builders to make the deck everything you want it to be.

Determine Your Wants and Needs

Deck builders can build a great deck for you, but unless you determine what you want and need from the deck, it still might not be the right fit for you. Think about how you plan to use the deck. Do you want to have extra built-in seating for guests? Are you going to install a hot tub? Do you want features like an outdoor kitchen or fire-pit? How much of the view do you want to see? The answers to these questions will help your deck builders come up with the perfect plan for your space.

Think Through Maintenance

If you want to entertain guests on your new deck, you want it to look nice. You need to think through the maintenance needs of various materials in order to get what you want from your new deck. There are a range of decking materials on the market today and each take different levels of maintenance in order to look nice for years to come. Pressure treated wood decking is the most popular, cost-effective material. But you do have to clean and stain the material on an annual basis. You can also consider composite decking, which is more expensive, but has a longer lifespan and a lower level of maintenance needs.

Overall Budget

You can have grand ideas for your deck, but if you don’t have the budget for it, it’s not going to happen. Take a look at the materials you need and the labor costs for deck builders as you create your plans so you can ensure that you can afford the deck you want before you get ahead of yourself.

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If you want nothing but the best in deck builders, contact Paradis Remodeling & Building. We are a family business that wants to help transform your outdoor space into an area you will truly love.

Trex deck vs wood deck:Which is right for your home

If you are thinking about adding a deck onto your home, you have a lot to consider. You will need to think about the size of the deck, but more importantly, you have to think about the material you will use. Wood is standard, but in recent years, trex deck materials are becoming more popular. There are many reasons why you should consider building a trex deck. Here are just a few.

  1. Lower MaintenanceTrex Deck

You likely already have a long to-do list when it comes to home chores and regular maintenance. When you build a wood deck, you add to it. On the other hand, a trex deck needs no painting, staining or sealing and it will still look good throughout the years.

  1. High Levels of Beauty

When you get a wood deck, you know it will look good, but you have to put effort into the appearance. With a trex deck, you get the all natural beauty of wood with none of the work. The deck will look good for many years with no effort.

  1. No Safety Hazards

Wood doesn’t stay in its form long term. It can split, splinter, crack, or even rot. When it does that, it becomes a safety hazard that can dole out splinters and other unwanted items. Trex material, on the other hand, won’t do any of those things and remains safe for the long haul.


  1. No Insect Damage

Wood is susceptible to insects like termites. If termites take hold, they can cause structural damage to the wood. With a trex deck, you don’t have to worry about damage from insects. Termites are not interested in trex material.

  1. Variety of Options

You can get a trex deck in a wide range of fade-resistant colors. There are enough options to complement any home. Wood can be stained into any color, but you have to re-do the stain every year or two in order to keep the beauty and to maintain the wood.

  1. Ages Well

Trex deck material ages very well. When you compare it to any type of wood, it looks better after a decade later than any of them.

If you want deck material that is long lasting and low maintenance as well as beautiful, find a builder and consider a Trex deck. Made from 95% recycled material, you’re even contributing to eco-friendly options.

Northampton Deck Builders Keys to a Perfect Deck

When you are preparing to add a deck onto your home, you want nothing less than the perfect deck that Northampton deck builders can provide. But how do you ensure you get it?

Use these tips to create the perfect deck with your Northampton deck builders.

Tip#1: Choose the Right MaterialsNorthampton Deck Builders, deck construction, western ma deck builders, composite deck

When it comes to materials, there is no one right answer that works for every homeowner. You need to look at your individual situation and goals. The two main choices for materials from Northampton deck builders is wood or composite. Wood is less expensive, but composite brings less much maintenance with it. If you have the budget in place and you don’t want to worry about staining and maintaining, check the composite options. On the other hand, if you like home projects and want to spend less up front, wood is a viable option.


Tip#2: Choose the Right Builder

Northampton deck builders
Rick and Steve Paradis
Western MA Premiere Design-Build Contractor

If you want the perfect deck, you need the right Northampton deck builders to help you create the deck. Find builders with years of experience and lots of satisfied customers behind them so you can rest assured that they have the expertise you need and want for your project.


Tip#3: Choose the Right Railings

The railings can make or break the design of the deck. You can go with something plain and standard or you can choose spindles with extra style and flair. When you see that portion of your house, the spindles and railings will stand out. You want them to blend in with the house, but also stand out in just the right way.


Tip#4: Decorate Accordinglynorthampton deck builders, western ma

Once the Northampton deck builders have completed the deck, it is up to you to decorate the space in order to make it a perfect deck for you and your family. Decorate sparingly so you don’t cover every inch of the deck. You still want it to show. But you might want to add comfortable chairs, a table, flowers, and other items to make it become the perfect deck for your home.

There are plenty of Northampton deck builders on hand, ready to help you with your deck building project. But Paradis Remodeling & Building is ready to give you a free consultation to go over your options and help you make decisions on materials and everything else you’ll need for the perfect deck.

Deck Construction : Improper Bulding Can Lead to Problems

Deck Construction

Deck construction often has quite high cost implications, there is dire need to construct your deck in the appropriate way. Improper deck construction is risky and has many associated perils and risks. This implies that a lot of caution and care should be taken when you want to construct your deck. There are many problems which are associated with improper deck construction. You are therefore advised to avoid the following common problems associated with improper deck construction if you want a long lasting and durable deck.

Pulling Away of the Ledger from the House:

This is a common problem that occurs when your deck is not correctly constructed. This makes your deck unsafe and quite dangerous at the same time. The closer the ledge stays closer to the house, the stronger and safer your deck will be. Improper construction of the deck may ignore this important inclusion. Eventually your deck will always be a risky part of your house hence making you uncomfortable.

Wrong Size of the Footingsimproper deck construction

Every deck needs proper support from the footings. Deck construction which ignores this fact may end up having a deck that is unstable. This may be the case in the event of using the wrong size of footings which may not fit well hence failing to support the deck. Wrong size of the footings are not effective in distributing the weight of the load evenly hence high chances of risks being involved.

Loosening of the nails

When nails are used in constructing the deck, there is a great risk since the nails eventually get loose through regular deck use. This has serious implications as it may make your deck to eventually fail to perform. It is highly advisable to avoid using nails at all cost. Deck construction should make good use of screws instead of nails. Screws are much safer as they do not get loose quickly. They will make your deck stronger and safer for your use.

deck construction, western ma deck builders, composite deck, springfield ma
It is always advisable to consider proper deck construction. Anything contrary to that may result in an unstable and insecure deck which may hamper the proper function of your deck. Consider the right channels of constructing a proper deck to the proper functioning of your deck. Make your deck part of your house’s beauty.

Western MA Deck Builders: 5 Reasons to Use Composite Deck

Western MA Deck Builders know having a deck added on to your home can be a great addition for both the aesthetic appeal, functionality and also the overall value of your home. There are many different materials that a deck can be built out of. At one time the most common material was wood but now there are other options available that will last longer and will look nicer. One of these materials is composite and many contractors are using this product to create long lasting, beautiful decks.

Let’s take a look at five reasons why a Western MA deck builders might prefer composite:

western ma deck builders, composite deck, springfield ma
Composite Deck : Springfield, MA Paradis Remodeling and Building 413-535-7006

1. Durability

Designed to withstand all types of weather and conditions, composite will last for many years. Composite avoids weathering, bugs, warping, etc.

2. Low Maintenance

There is no real maintenance needed whereas with a product like wood, you have to constantly stain and reseal the product. Composite retains its look and quality for the duration of the deck’s life.

3. Safety

Wood decks can develop sharp, jagged pieces of wood that when stepped on or touched can result in a splinter or cut. If you have children on your deck or you like to walk around barefoot, composite is a much safer material to utilize.

4. Increased Value

Pool Deck (3)
If you decide to sell your home, a wood deck can be a downside when people are considering your property. People understand the kind of maintenance that goes into a wooden deck and if your deck is already a few years old at the time of sale, you can decrease the value of your home. With composite, you not only increase the value but you make up the costs of investing in the deck builder in the first place

5. Selection

Composite materials come in a variety of colors and styles. You can really customize the look of your deck without having to settle on one specific style.

 western ma deck builders, northampton builder, northampton remodeler
Paradis Remodeling and Building
Professional Deck Builders
Southampton, MA

When you first meet with your Western MA deck builder, you will get an idea of just how many options you have with composite materials. More and more contractors are turning to this option and recommend it to their clients. Paradis Remodeling and Building (413-535-7006) is currently using composite decking and has had many pleased clients who loved the end result of their deck building project.

Is your deck safe? Here are 5 Danger Signs to Look For

There are 5 critical signs to look for to evaluate and keep your deck safe. As a homeowner you owe it to yourself, your family and friends to check the integrity of your deck. According to the North American Deck and Railing Association the number of deck failures and injuries from those failures is on the rise. There are 40 million decks in the US that are over 20 years old. Many of these decks were built before specific code requirements were in place, or have just weakened over the years.

The following 5 signs can help you determine whether or not you need to contact your local remodeler to talk about replacement to keep your deck safe.

deck_boards_cracked_peelingWood rotting or cracking

Wood can rot and crack from aging, or the elements over time. If wood within the frame of the deck is rotted or cracked it can weaken your deck. It will no longer perform up to standards and make the deck unsteady and prone to collapse.

Missing Connections

There should be a system of connections called the “continuous load path” throughout your deck framing. These connections are essential to a safe, sturdy, code-compliant deck. If these connections are not installed correctly or have weakened over time your deck may be unsafe. The deck should be connected by a combination of screws, nails, and metal joist hangers. Check to see if all of the connections are present and correctly installed.

Loose Connections

Depending how old your deck is or how it was initially built, some essential connections may have decayed. Ledgers that seem to be pulling away from your house, unstable railings, loose or missing stairs, and loose deck boards are all troubling issues that need to be corrected to keep your deck safe.

Corrosion of metal

Water damage can cause rust and corrosion to metal pieces of your deck. The integrity of the joists, screws, and flashing can be compromised from the water damage. This corrosion will ultimately weaken the structural integrity of your deck.

Deck footings, Proper Footing to keep deck safe

Paradis Remodeling and Building

A deck in need of replacement in South Hadley

Posts without concrete footings

The deck posts need to be attached to concrete footings with the proper piers and anchors to keep the deck safe. Posts that are on the ground may not be able to resist lateral and upload lifts.

As a homeowner you can easily check these five signs to evaluate your deck. If any of these problems exist your deck may be unsafe and prone to collapse. You should contact your local remodeler immediately for a consultation to determine what steps should be taken to keep your deck safe.