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5 Traits of an Amazing Local Remodeling Company

If you want to remodel one room or the whole house, you want an amazing crew standing behind the job. There are plenty of remodeling companies in the area, so which one has the right traits for your project? Here are some of the things you will notice about a truly amazing remodeling company

1. Detailed Organization

Any remodeling company you consider working with needs to have all the details organized before you even begin. They need to be licensed, for example, and they should have the proper insurance as well. They should be able to tell you about their employees and their training history. Those little details add up to an amazing job in your home.

  1. Long-Term Experience

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You’ll want to ensure that the remodeling company has experience in the job area of your choice. If you are changing up your bathroom, you want a company that has done dozens of bathrooms in the past. The experience allows the remodeling company to understand just what you want and carry it out with ease.

  1. Amazing Communication

When you tell your remodeling company what you want, they need to understand you. And you want to understand them when they tell you what is going on. They should return your calls promptly and talk to you in a way you can easily understand. They’ll feel like a friend by the end of the project if they do the job right.

  1. Quality Craftsmanship

While there are plenty of people that can remodel homes, you want yours done just right. The best remodeling company employees have experience and love what they do. Couple that with the right products and attention to detail and you have the quality craftsmanship you want for your remodeling job.

  1. Innovative Ideas

You may not be exactly sure what you want for your project. That’s where the remodeling company can help with ideas and suggestions based on their experience, your space, and the lasting trends in today’s market. When you don’t know what to do, the remodeling company can help.

If you want a remodeling company that has all five of these traits and then some, contact Paradis Remodeling and Building. We’ll help you with any remodeling project to ensure you get just what you want once the process is complete. Whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, basement or addition, we’re here to help.

Rejuvenate Your House with Northampton Remodeling Services

Implementing Northampton remodeling services to rejuvenate your house can give it an updated look, at functionality to a space, or give you additional space to enjoy. Your home is where you spend much of your time and is a place that will host many great memories. Using Northampton remodeling services can help you keep your home looking exactly how you want it.

Why choose Northampton Remodeling Services…

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You wouldn’t keep the same hair style from high school or continue to wear the same style of clothes from year to year. Styles and preferences change over time. You may find that your bathroom done in your favorite colors and style is no longer your favorite. Your kitchen that you once thought was perfect could now need an update. A home renovation can allow you to make your home more appealing and functional for you.

Not in need of an update, maybe you could use more room and the unfinished basement could become additional living space. You could also be considering an addition for your growing family or needs. Using Northampton remodeling services can help you get the most from unused space or construct an addition to give you the room you want while allowing you to continue enjoying your home, neighborhood, and community without the need to move.

Many put off wanted home renovations because they think that they are time consuming.  Or, they will result in a stressful time while they are being completed. This is not true. Your contractor performing your Northampton remodeling services will have you quickly enjoying your updated space even more than you did before. A trusted contractor can walk you through the renovation process so you know what to expect and can relax while the work is completed.

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If you are considering Northampton remodeling services you can find the professional help you need at Paradis Remodeling & Building. They will assist you throughout your renovation process, from planning to completion. Contact us (413-535-7006) today to get started on your Northampton remodeling services.

Sustainable Building Remodels – 4 Pro Tips

Being green is more than just a current trend. It’s a way of life that many people need to take on in order to get the environment back on track. If you are interested in a more energy efficient lifestyle, you need to think about green aspects in everything you do within your home. When you remodel, for example, there are sustainable building ideas you can put into effect. Here are a few…

Utilize Free Lighting

Instead of installing more overhead lighting and taking more electricity and energy from the grid, it is a good idea in sustainable building remodels to use as much free lighting as possible. That might mean installing skylights into hallways and bathrooms and other spaces that can use natural lighting instead of overhead lights. You could also put bigger windows into other rooms to use the sunlight in your everyday living.

Cool Roofing

If a new roof is part of your remodeling job, go with sustainable building remodels that include new roof products (which come in a variety of colors and materials) that reflect more of the sun’s rays and lower the temperature of the roof, which can then cut your cooling expenses and save energy as well.

Recycle Materialssustainable building

Sustainable building remodels are all about recycling. When you choose salvaged, secondhand, or antique furniture, doors, fixtures, trim, or anything else for your project, you are doing your part in recycling during the project. If you remove items from your house that can be used again, make sure they go somewhere where someone else can use them as well.

Staying “green” isn’t always easy when remodeling, but using sustainable building remodels as part of your process will give you the energy efficient results you want that can really make you feel good about the project as a whole. Whether you know what you want, or you aren’t sure where to start, Paradis Remodeling and Building is here for you. We’d love to help with sustainable building remodels from start to finish. We’ll come to you with great ideas that might work well for your needs and you get to make the final decisions on what goes into your home improvement project.

5 Home Renovations You Should Consider When Starting a Family

Home renovations can take a lot of time, money, and effort. When you are thinking about starting a family, they are even more important. You need to have a home that functions well and has enough space. Consider these five home renovations when starting a family.

  1. Finish the Basement

When you have a family, there is never enough recreation space. Finishing the basement will give the kids a safe place to place. You can add kid-friendly games, comfortable couches, and other attractive items to keep the kids happy and safe in your own home as they grow.

  1. Change the Kitchenhome renovations, kitchen and bath remodeling

When your family grows, the kitchen’s functionality is more important than ever before. You don’t want to be cooking on the stove and have a child trying to get into the fridge around you. Think about functions and space and make the kitchen as useful as possible now before it’s too late.

  1. Screen-in the Porch

If you have a back deck, you might want to enclose a portion of it so you can keep the baby out of the sun. You will want to be outside getting fresh air, but keeping newborns out of the sun is important too. This is one of the home renovations that can give you both.

  1. Add a Bathroom

    Bathroom Remodel by Paradis Remodeling and Building
    Bathroom Remodel by Paradis Remodeling and Building

If you have a good space, you may want to add a bathroom as part of home renovations before your family grows. The bathroom you have might be enough for you and your significant other, but as the line grows, another bathroom is always helpful for a growing family, especially if you have guests to visit the new baby.

  1. Change the Office

While it was nice to have a room dedicated to an office space, when your family grows, your need changes. Home renovations will have to include a nursery so you will have to organize your office space elsewhere. Try to incorporate the computer into a corner of the family room and change the office into a child’s bedroom.

When you have a growing family, time is of the essence. Proceed with home renovations now in preparation for that family so you will have a home everyone can love and enjoy. You don’t have to go through home renovations alone, either. Paradis Remodeling and Building is here for you, to help with your projects from start to finish.

Design-Build Contractor or Architect When Designing Your Addition

A Design-Build Contractor and Architects both do great work, so one of the biggest decisions you’ll face at the start is determining who is going to do the actual work.

In any case, your options are typically going to come down to hiring an architect, or hiring Design-Build Contractors who put everything together in one seamless package. Both options have advantages, and here are some things to consider when making your choice.

Key Differences

When you hire an architect, you’re asking a single person to create plans that are then bid out to construction firms. You’ll get very close to what you envisioned in terms of design. Moreover, some contracts require that the architect be on-site to check the quality of construction – as well as act as an advocate for your interests.

However, conflicts can occur between an architect – whose main responsibility is design – and a builder who is in charge of construction. The architect’s design may also cost more than what you budgeted for, meaning you may have to spend more or abandon the project altogether.

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Design-Build Contractors, meanwhile, will be with you at every step. They’ll provide a design professional to help you develop your final plan after first setting up a budget and schedule that fits your needs.

A Design-Build Contractor will also provide a general contracting unit that have professional knowledge of building costs, as well as working arrangements with a network of subcontractors. This also helps eliminates surprise fluctuations in budget needs before and after the work is completed.

In other words, a Design-Build Contractor is with you – and responsible for – the entire project, as well as being a single point of contact for you through the process.

Other Advantages of a Design-Build Contractor

Some other advantages of a Design-Build Contractor is that they are usually less costly in the long run, and they often have a process in place for selecting cabinets, kitchen appliances, etc., that you might otherwise have to pay an architect to handle for you.

Paradis Remodeling and Building of Southampton can provide you with the design and building expertise you need for your new addition or custom-built home. Contact them today about their Design, Scope Development and Build process.

Basement Remodeling and Game Room Ideas Northampton MA

Basement remodeling is usually not the first thing people think about when it comes to home remodeling. However, basements not only offer extra living space, but can be the center of many activities. And perhaps no basement remodeling project can transform a space than a game room.

There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to game rooms and it’s a project that can really get the creative juices flowing. Choosing what’s right for you and your family should be a matter of considering what your favorite activities are while being flexible enough so that you can include a variety of functions in one design.

Basement Remodeling Game Room Tips and Ideas:

basement remodeling game room

Starting Out

Your basement remodeling process should start with the following evaluations and determinations:

*Is your basement finished, or a good candidate for finishing?

*Determine the proper insulation, air and heating options, and moisture control.

*Selecting the flooring, wall and ceiling materials.

*What are the best materials and plumbing methods for shower and bathroom installations?

*Determining a lighting plan and options for bringing in as much natural light as possible (including from existing windows).

Game Room Ideas

Again, there are a variety of methods you can use for your basement remodeling game room project.

*Pool Room – A classic approach that features a pool table as a focal part of your room. An overhanging light above the table can set a certain mood, while it also can be customized to suit your own personality.

*Casino Style – If your family enjoys gaming, one option for your basement remodeling project is a casino theme. From poker tables, to roulette wheels and more, there’s a lot you can do with this option.

*Family Fun – You never want to overlook your kids when remodeling your game room. This can include multi-use game tables, and much more.

*Sports Theme – Use your favorite sports team(s) as the theme of your remodeling project. Installing a bar will create even more possibilities.

Are you thinking about your own Western, MA basement remodeling project? Then contact the pros at Paradis Remodeling and Building to set up your free consultation.

Home Remodel Apps That Can Help Your Project

Will a home remodel help you update your home’s boring outdated look? You might be surprised what a complete transformation or overhaul can do to your humble abode. Did you know that just by making subtle changes to your home can bring it back, or should I say forward into the Twenty-First Century. There is a way of doing this and it won’t cost you anything in return.

home remodel appThere are actually apps out there that gives homeowners inspiration and guidance with their home remodel. With a simple download, you can turn your boring abode into a work-of-art. These apps gives you ideas for the exterior and interior as well and here are some of the best home remodel applications on the market.

3 Top Home Remodel Apps

  • HomeZada is a great app to get you up an going. This tool is like having your own project manager as it sets a project time line, establishes budgets, and helps keep track of your tasks. The app lets you save photos and links with your phone for future reference. You can add, delete, or create budgets around your choices/entries.
  • ColorSnap saves you the frustration of trying to pick out the best colors for your home. The app allows you to see what the room will look like before the painting process starts. Most times the paint you use never seems to look the way it should be. Offered by Sherwin-Williams, this tool also gives suggestions on color combinations and it allows you to scan a color chip, then the will show on your phone.
  • Snapguide is for the how-to-projects. The app gives you advice, information, and inspiration. The photos and information helps guide you and for in-door and outdoor projects. The guides are also sharable which can receive likes and dislikes.

Home Remodeling Projects can be tough even with apps and if you’re in the Western Massachusetts Area, Paradis Remodeling & Building can handle all of your renovation needs. Whether it’s kitchen, bath, basement, siding, windows, decks or porches; (Paradis) has the knowledge and skill to get the job done in time, every time. Check out the company website for more details and current photos at

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Remodeling Services with Reclaimed Materials in Western MA

If you are looking for remodeling services that are differ from the typical cosmetic fix up, then you should consider using reclaimed materials in the renovation of your room or home. Using these items are not only an eco-friendly way to help keep architectural elements and basic building ingredients out of the local landfill, but it is also a way to show off your creativity and unique tastes while using remodeling services. If you are on a budget, you may find deals on things that can be used in your remodel. There are places that specialize in selling home renovation materials such as the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. If you purchase from an organization such as this, you are also helping hard working people get into their very own home.

Home Remodeling Services Using Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed materials come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles. From basic construction items, to unique or one of a kind pieces, you never know what you might find. If you have a “Retro”renovation theme (decorating with items made in the 1940’s-1970’s,) it may be possible to find architectural elements from homes in the areas that were built in that era, but their owners decided to modernize their renovation. Some homes had items like custom stair railings, moldings, cabinets, and other pieces that homeowners no longer wanted in their house. By using pieces that appeal to you in your home remodeling services, you are appreciating the workmanship of a crafts person and saving something special from ending in the trash.

remodeling services with reclaimed materials
If your remodeling services contractor is willing to work with you to keep costs down in a creative way, consider driving around with them to find items that people have discarded for trash pickup. There is also a website called “Freecycle,” where you can claim items that people want to get rid of. Your remodeling services team may know of other resources in the area where you live that can help you save money while expressing your creativity. Be sure to ask if they know of any organizations such as the Habitat Re-Store, if you also want to help others while you improve your own living areas through remodeling services.

Home Remodeling Services Help Increase Home Value

Many people tend to use home remodeling services for many reasons. Some do so in order to experience a different view of their home and also to increase its sale value. Remodeling services are paramount in ensuring comfort and security around your home. Whatever your reason is for hiring the home remodeling services, one thing always stands out. The fact that remodeling helps to increase the value of your house. It is prudent to have your house remodeled occasionally because of the values associated with it. Such values include the following…

Home Remodeling Services Can Increase Sale Potential

home remodeling services to increase home value

Home Remodeling Services give your home a new attractive look. This goes a long way in increasing its market value a notch higher than before. If the home remodeling services involve fresh paint and a picturesque landscaping, your home value will give a good impression to any potential buyer. The value one gets after remodeling is quite large when the value is pegged on resale. The ability to sell the house is also guaranteed. It is highly advisable to consider remodeling your home if you are thinking of selling it at some point in future.

Enhanced Attractive Look


A remodeled house acquires an appealing look that makes one more comfortable. For instance, if you decide to remodel your kitchen, the outcome will be quite positive. The kitchen will look pleasurable. Overall, home remodeling services involve replacing old and perhaps damaged parts with new ones. This automatically makes your kitchen acquire that one appealing look. Definitely, you need to consider serious Home Remodeling Services to achieve such attractive looks.

Ensures a Clean and safe home


Remodeling your home involves much renovations. These renovations makes your home clean and usable. A clean house is quite easy to manage. A clean environment is also pegged on your health. If remodeling involves replacing of old windows, then safety of heat gained or lost is ensured. This ensures proper ventilation that is key in a healthy lifestyle.

When addressing the issue of remodeling, it is important to consider the value your homes acquires after the service. There is need for engaging qualified and professional home remodelers to ensure maximum service delivery. This is directly related with your happiness as the owner of the home. With the appropriate home remodeling services, you stand a chance of leading a comfortable life, more settled and safe than before.

Kitchen Designs That Meet All of Your Needs

If you are looking at kitchen designs you should ensure that those you consider will meet the needs of all. You should think of all the people who are likely to use the kitchen when making your choice. Choosing  kitchen designs is a relatively hard process. You have probably seen so many different kitchen designs that you can’t even think of where to begin. You should spend your time, and don’t feel rushed, when making your decision.

Qualities in Your Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Designs Blueprint

If you are having a hard time choosing your design then you should look at it objectively. What are the qualities of each of the designs you are considering? Which qualities do you think would be most important for you and others likely to use to use the kitchen? For example, if you have a large family then you would need a kitchen design which can accommodate high traffic levels. An island would probably be required as people will be coming in and out of the kitchen frequently. On the other hand, if you are single or with a smaller family you wouldn’t need to plan for high levels of kitchen traffic.
If you have a kitchen design in mind then you could discuss that with your kitchen design professional. Perhaps you are fond of stainless steel appliances. If this is the case, then your kitchen design plan would need to involve colors which go well with stainless steel. On the other hand, if you are more of an old fashioned kind of person, then you would want kitchen designs which are homey and rustic. You wouldn’t want to try to have a modern kitchen like someone else. You would prefer to have kitchen designs to chose from which speak to the nature of your personality. Therefore if you are a fan of rustic kitchen designs then you should try to make sure your kitchen has that look and feel.
One way to do this would be by including a lot of wood in your kitchen design. Wood is timeless classic when it comes to kitchen designs. By using a lot of wood in your kitchen design plan you could make yourself feel like you are living out in the country, even if your home is in the heart of the city. The materials you use in your kitchen design are crucial to developing the kind of kitchen designs you desire.

When you are ready to take that leap and start your kitchen remodel talk to a remodeling professional about kitchen designs. At Paradis Remodeling and Building we can help you design the perfect kitchen and then execute seamless remodel. Call the kitchen remodeling professionals at 413-535-7006 and set up your free consultation.