Bathroom Design – Roman Ideas for Modern Life

Roman bathroom designs show the power and wealth of its owner, as was popular in ancient Rome. A typical Roman bathroom design includes luxurious textures, fixtures, and three types of bathing; the cold bath or the frigidarium, the tepidarium, and the caldarium or the hot bath. These are not easy to achieve this type of bathroom design nowadays. So we have come up with ways for you to attain the ambiance of a Roman bathroom design without spending much.

Sunken tub and extension shower

Build a sunken tub for your hot or cold bath. You may surround it with marble for the Roman look. The extension shower is for you to use to steam all your stress away.

Use tiles, glass, marble, and plaster

roman flooring bathroom design

Roman bathroom designs were styled with polished surfaces like glass and marble and then contrasted with rough textures such as plasters and stucco. Just replacing the flooring with marble tiles can get you the look that you want.

Choose your bathroom design palette

In terms of color, Roman bathroom designs feature neutral and earthy colors such as ivory, gold, rust, and olive. Some examples of these are red with a touch of gold and white with a little bit of black. A little touch of a blending color can easily get you a Roman ambiance.

Combine textures

Aside from color combinations, you should also give attention to textures as Romans used to combine different textures, too. Roman style uses different textures; from rough and natural stone to smooth and shiny marble.

Add light and fabrics

Complete your bathroom design with luxurious fabrics. Hang complementary shades of red and gold or black and white on your windows or around your tub. Choose fabrics that reflect the different elements in your bathroom.

Add art

One of the most prominent features of Roman interior design is art. It is mostly in the form of wall murals showing landscape paintings, figurines of mythological characters, and architectural fixtures. You could also install a painting on your ceiling or even just hanging any artwork suited to the vibe you are going for. For paintings, you may use wood or ceramic frames to really commit to the style. You can also add sculptural art or fixtures such as vase or a bust.
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