Bathroom Remodel Trends

A bathroom remodel can transform your bathroom from a functional space to a place of lavishness, tranquility and convenience. With an approximately 70% ROI (according to Remodeling Magazine 2013 estimates) a bathroom remodel not only spruces up your home but adds value as well. Whether it’s a soaking tub, multi-head shower, heated floors or low flow fixtures homeowners are opting for luxury when doing their bathroom remodel.   If you’re contemplating a remodel, here are a few trends gaining popularity in Hampden County and Hampshire County.

Soaking Tubs

soaking tub bathroom remodel

Homeowners today are drifting away from loud Jacuzzi style tubs and opting for the quiet and tranquility of a soaking tub.

Radiant Heat

Adding in-floor heating is a relatively inexpensive, practical and comfortable option for a bathroom remodel. A simple luxury that feels great on those cold New England winter mornings.

Steam Showers

A great way to wind down and de-stress after a long day at work, a steam shower turns your bathroom into a spa retreat.

High-Tech Fixtures

Upgrading fixtures is an affordable way to liven up any bathroom remodel. Some examples are touchless faucets with activation sensors and showerheads that can change droplet size, spray coverage and velocity while maintaining low water flow.

Entertainment Features

bathroom remodel entertainment

With soaking tubs gaining popularity people are spending a lot of down time in their bathrooms. While they are there they want certain creature comforts such as tubs with a built in stereo, flat screen TVs built into cabinets, or even flat screens behind a mirror that can only be seen when turned on. 

These are just a few of the great ideas that homeowners are implementing into their bathroom remodel. It is important, if you are considering a bathroom remodel, to contact your local remodeler. They will have all of the information you need about all of these current trends and what it will cost to have the bathroom of your dreams.

Top 5 Hardwood Flooring Options in Springfield, MA

Installing hardwood flooring can beautify your home as well as add resale value. Wood is a wonderful natural resource that is eco-friendly because it is both renewable and recyclable. Hardwood flooring, if installed correctly, should never need to be replaced. Aesthetically, there are numerous hardwood options out there that should suit any homeowners’ style. Here are a few options for that are popular with homeowners in the Western, MA area.

Red oak hardwood flooringRed Oak Hardwood Flooring

Red oak is a high grade hardwood that has very little knots and little color variations. The durability and ability to complement almost any design style make red oak on of the most desirable hardwood flooring options. 

white oak hardwood flooringWhite Oak Hardwood Flooring

White Oak is similar to red oak but is a stronger, more durable and takes on stains very easily. White Oak is a fantastic way to add a touch of traditional character to your home without the hints of red you would find in red oak.

maple hardwood flooringMaple Hardwood Flooring

Maple has a bit more color variation and more small knots than red oak but it is approximately 12 percent stronger. Which makes it a great choice for those homeowners who want hardwood in their bathroom.

douglass fir hardwood flooringDouglass Fir Hardwood Flooring

Douglas fir plank flooring delivers a relaxed, inviting feel to your home. The stain in the fir illuminates the detail in the grain, delivering a beautiful design aesthetic to your room. It is however only half a strong as red oak and dents easily. It might not be the best choice in high traffic areas of your home.

Reclaimed hardwood flooringReclaimed Hardwood Flooring

A relatively new trend in hardwood flooring is using reclaimed wood from old barns, homes, and factories. This is the most eco-friendly choice for “green” conscious homeowners. The real appeal is derived from the uniqueness and imperfections of every plank. It will truly be one of a kind.

There are numerous more hardwood flooring options in the market today. It can become confusing on which option is right for your home, so contact your local remodeler for more information.