Does Your Siding Need to be Replaced?

The siding on your home is not just for appearance, its main role is to protect the house from the elements and to keep your energy bill down. Of course everyone wants their siding to look great but it is in fact more important for it to function correctly.  If it is cracked, loose, dented, split or warped your home is susceptible to water damage and other major issues. Here are a few easy to recognize signs to help determine whether replacement is necessary.

siding in need of repairCracked/Warped/Loose Siding

A visual examination of your home can reveal the issue of cracked or loose siding. If there are a couple of cracked boards after a storm don’t be worried, this is not a sign of deterioration. If you notice numerous cracks, separation between panels, or warped panels replacement may be required.

Programmable thermostatIncreased Heating/Cooling Costs

The siding on your home acts as insulation, which helps to reduce your utility costs. Over the course of many years it starts to deteriorate and crack which makes it less effective as insulation. Replacing it will not only help with utility cost but will beautify your home in the process.

Mold, Mildew or Rot on Siding

If you see any mold, mildew or any type of rot there may be a moisture issue. Water and moisture could be penetrating warped or cracked boards and getting into the walls. This causes the unwelcome growth of mold which can lead to health problems.

Significantly Faded Siding

Over the course of time all siding will eventually fade, but if the fading is drastic it may be time for new siding. All siding has a particular life expectancy, and by the time siding has considerably faded the effectiveness has most likely deteriorated.

Bubbles on Siding

One of the most certain indications that your home needs new siding is seeing bubbles under the surface. This is a strong indication that there is water and moisture trapped under the siding, which will cause the growth of mold or mildew. When you notice bubbles forming it is time to replace your siding.

These are just a few signs to look for if you are concerned about the effectiveness of your siding. Most signs are easily visible but before you make the decision to replace your siding, which can be an expensive venture, contact your local remodeler to get a professional opinion.