Kitchen Storage Ideas

Maximizing your kitchen storage potential can give you the space you need until you are ready to do a full kitchen remodel. Here are some ways to use the space in new and creative ways to accommodate all of your needs.

small-grey-ceiling-pot-rackPots and Pans Storage

For the homeowner that love to cook, pots and pans storage is always an issue. Instead of taking up valuable cabinet space install a hanging pot rack over your kitchen island. If you do not have an island try using wall hooks.  

Maximize Island Space

An island adds a lot to a kitchen: it can be used for preparing food, an eating area, work area, and can provide many kitchen storage options. Any island can be used to store pots, pans, and cutlery. Although there are even more imaginative uses: such as a built in space for your microwave (proper electrical required), or a space dedicated to cookbook storage. If you need space for your growing wine collection, opt for an island with a built in wine rack.  

Cutting Edge

Are your kitchen knives taking up too much room on the counter?  Install a pullout knife rack in the narrow space between cabinets that is usually just covered with filler strip. For knife storage in a home with children, mount a knife rack that is attached to an upper cabinet that pulls down for easy access.

basket for kitchen storageBasket Basics

Baskets can be an inexpensive, portable and stylish way to maximize kitchen storage. They can be used on the countertop, in open shelves, on top of cabinets, or even to organize a freezer.

More Tension

Place tension rods in cabinets to act as dividers and keep bake ware stored upright.

Problem with Plates

Plates can take up a lot of useful cabinet space, to utilize this space better install a plate rack. Whether a it is a wall mounted dish rack or built into cabinets, a plate rack can vastly improve your kitchen storage.

A Place for Veggies

Clear up pantry space by keeping root vegetables, such as potatoes and onions, in pull out baskets inside cabinets. The baskets provide air circulation, and the cabinets keep the veggies cool, dry and away from light.

Country Kitchen Remodel Ideas

A country style kitchen remodel is the perfect project for a home in the woods of Southampton, Northampton, Easthampton, Westfield or any of the hill towns of Western MA. Country kitchens have a warm, cheery, and welcoming feel. You could even blend a bit of modern design with a touch of vintage character to give your country kitchen remodel an authentic farmhouse feel. Below are a few country style kitchen remodel ideas to make your kitchen stand out.

Cabinets for Country Kitchen Remodel

The first step of a country kitchen remodel is picking the right cabinets.  Painted white cabinets are the most popular for a country kitchen remodel, but you can stray away from the common by opting for cream, soft yellow or even distressed cabinets. To implement a barn-style feel choose wide-plank or even open design cabinets. You can find many cabinet options and information at your local dealer.

Flooring for Country Kitchen Remodel

Traditional flooring for a country style kitchen is hardwood, light in color and varying in size and style. Reclaimed hardwood from old barns, homes, or factories may also be an option. It will bring an authentic old farmhouse feel to your country kitchen remodel.

butcher block for country kitchen remodelCountertops for Country Kitchen Remodel

While stone countertops such as granite and quartz are still hugely popular, butcher block countertop will give a country kitchen remodel a very rustic feel. Butcher block is reasonably priced, strong, long-lasting, eco-friendly and naturally anti-bacterial.

Decorative Touches for Country Kitchen Remodel

The typical décor of a country kitchen is visually busy with many accessories on display. Containing items that seem to have been discovered in an antique shop on an old country road. Accessories such as open weave side chairs around the table, wicker baskets, or flowers in an old watering can will all contribute to the warm and cozy feeling of your country kitchen.

If a country kitchen remodel is right for your home get some ideas and then contact your local professional remodeler. They can help guide you through all of the important choices and help to design and build the kitchen of your dreams.