Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A small bathroom remodel can be harder to design because many of the wonderful bathroom remodel ideas you see today either online or in magazines cannot fit in a small bathroom. This problem occurs with bathrooms in older homes that tend to be much smaller on average, in fact bathroom size has nearly doubled in the past 35 years. Here are some small bathroom remodel ideas for those homeowners with an old Victorian from the early 1900’s that is in need of a renovation.


The shower or tub you choose for your small bathroom remodel needs to be small but still have functionality. One idea is to use a small combination shower/tub unit such as DreamLine QWALL-tub.  To gain even more space install just a shower unit or even a frameless shower.



pedestal sink for small bathroom remodel
Kohler Archer Pedestal Lavatory Basin

Choosing the right sink instead of a large vanity that takes up too much room is essential for any small bathroom remodel. Probably the most popular choice for homeowners looking to save space is a pedestal sink such the Kohler Archer Pedestal which even has some storage space underneath.  Another idea is installing a cantilevered sink, this wall mounted sink opens up floor space underneath but you will give up the storage space of a vanity.


No matter the size of your bathroom storage is always an issue. Some ideas to maximize storage space are a wall mounted cabinet, storage ladder, and custom shelving built around sinks and toilets.

Quick Tips for a Small Bathroom Remodel

Windows- Letting light in the bathroom is great but make sure the window is strategically placed because it could limit the space for cabinets or shower.

Placement- If you place the sink, toilet and shower along the same wall you can save space and money.

Paint- Choose the right paint color, such as light yellows or blues, to make the room fell larger.

Door- Think about the door swing, some can take up ¼ of a small bathroom.

Remodeling Contractor-Scope of Work

A huge issue many consumers have with a remodeling contractor is unforeseen add-ons and change orders. Some change orders are at the request of the customer such as moving a wall or adding more space for cabinets. The unforeseen changes can drastically increase the final cost of a home improvement project and for the most part can be avoided. A sure fire way to avoid 99% of change orders is to choose a design/build contractor that will provide you with a detailed scope of work. Without the details a job can get derailed, from issues such as materials not arriving on time, subcontractors not being available, or scheduling issues.

Remodeling Contractor Checklist

If you hire a design/build remodeling contractor, such as Paradis Remodeling and Building, to work on your home you will receive a detailed scope of work that will eliminate most change orders. In fact the entire remodeling process from conception to end product is all laid out for the consumer to see. Below is a sample remodel schedule and the checklist of duties performed by Paradis Remodeling and Building on every job.

  • Refine the design based on consultation meeting
  • Set up visits for subcontractors who will be performing work (plumber, electrician, HVAC)
  • Develop specific timetable
  • Help with selection of products for remodel (countertops, fixtures, etc.)
  • Develop comprehensive scope of work with selection and trade costs in writing
  • Come up with a fixed price for the job
  • Formulate construction agreement for homeowners approval

    remodeling contractor bath remodel schedule
    A Sample Bath Remodel Schedule by Paradis Remodeling and Building

If you are looking to do any type of remodel, whether it is a major job like a master suite addition or something as small as a half bathroom, make sure to pick the right remodeling contractor. Remember price should not be the only factor in you decision and the low cost option might cost you a lot more when all is said and done. Contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling and Building for your free consultation and let them show you their detailed process that results in no surprise costs.

Master Suite Addition Tips and Info

A master suite addition is a major undertaking that can cost homeowners a pretty penny, about $108,000 on average for New England homeowners according to the annual cost vs. value report from Remodeling magazine.  Although the intangible benefits of a master suite addition can outweigh the hefty price tag. Dream of extra living space that is all yours where you won’t be bothered as you take a bath and relax, no kid toys to step over, no teens taking up the bathroom forever.

Make no mistake a master suite addition is a major remodeling project, which can average from 8 to 15 weeks to complete. The most common addition is the bump out where a wall is opened up and a room is added to your home. This type of addition is the most expensive, time consuming, and will come with some sacrifices such as losing some yard space.  If cost is a major issue but the extra space is a necessity, you might consider a second story addition or even turning a bonus room or a room above the garage into a master suite.

Master Suite Addition Consistency

master suite addition

The best advice to give on a master suite addition is to make it look like it has always been there, and to make sure the design and size (bigger is not necessarily better) blends in perfectly with the style of your home. A professional remodeler, especially a design/build contractor, will be able to design an addition that will look like has always been part of your home.

Master Suite Addition Amenities

The amenities you choose for your master suite addition will ultimately depend on your budget but there are wonderful comforts you can add on any budget. Amenities such as skylights, a bathroom with radiant heat flooring and eco-friendly fixtures, walk in closets, or a beautiful bay window can make your master suite addition a personal utopia.

A master suite addition adds value but more importantly adds the much needed extra space to your home. It is an enormous undertaking that needs to be thought about and planned with no detail left out. If you are even considering it, contact a local and trusted remodeling contractor (preferable a design/build firm) to gather all of the important facts and figures.

Green Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Homeowners today are more concerned than ever with energy savings, and a green bathroom remodel is a great way to attain a more energy efficient home. A green bathroom remodel will not only help homeowners save the environment but save on their utility bills as well. Here are some ideas on how to make your current bathroom greener.

Check out these 5 green bathroom remodel Ideas

Water Pipes

Heat can easily be lost through old or uninsulated water pipes. Upgraded those old steel or cast iron water pipes with PEX (or cross-linked polyethylene) plumbing materials promises great gains in efficiency. If replacing all the old pipes seems like too big or too expensive of a fix, consider insulating existing pipes. Insulating pipes from the hot water heater will assist in keeping the water warm as it travels throughout your home.

Upgrade Water Heater

If your water heater is 10 years or older it is time to upgrade. When looking for a new tank look at models with a high Energy Factor which will save energy, the minimum EF should be .60. Many homeowners today are switching from the traditional 40 gallon hot water heater to a tankless model. Tankless hot water heaters are extremely energy efficient saving an average of 20% on heating bills.

Low Flow Toilet

no touch toilet for green bathroom remodel
Kohler Touchless Toilet

Many homeowners are flushing money down the toilet every day! If you have and old toilet you can be using as much as 5 gallons per flush, somewhat newer toilets are at about 3 gallons, but the new energy efficient toilets can be get the job done using only 1.6 gallons. One great example of a low flow toilet that homeowners seem to love is the dual flush model. These toilets have an option of a .80 gallon or the standard 1.6 gallon flush.

Low Flow Fixtures

showerhead for green bathroom remodel

A great green bathroom remodel idea is installing low flow fixtures such as faucets and showerheads. These fixtures will provide the same amount of pressure but use up to 60% less water by combining the water with air pressure.


Installing energy efficient LED lighting overhead and in the vanity can save you money on your electric bill. The savings will be instantaneous, the design of the bulbs looks great, and they shine as bright as fluorescent bulbs.