6 Tips for Building the Perfect Man Cave

The man cave is a sacred place,  a sort of refuge for guys to relax and explore our passions, similar to golfing, fishing or riding motorcycles. A man cave can be set up just about anywhere, with the basement (especially in Western MA) being the most popular. Other options include garage, extra bedroom, and outdoor shed, anywhere you can find room to build the getaway oasis for you and your buddies. Certain man caves can be elaborate and require a full remodel, others may just need furniture and wall decorations. Designing a man cave to your needs is an exciting process, and here are a few tips to consider before you get started.

Man Cave Budget

Man cave budget

Probably the most important part of any remodel or renovation is setting the budget. Setting a realistic budget will help to determine whether to do a full remodel or just add furniture and personal elements to a room. Once the budget is set you can start the planning phase.

Finding the Perfect Space

Any extra space can be used to set up a man cave, the basement, garage, attic, extra bedroom, etc. Some of these spaces may or may not be finished which can drastically effect the overall cost. Be sure to choose a space that be perfect for your budget.

Develop Man Cave Theme

boston sports teams

Every man cave needs a theme, it can be you hometown sports team, automotive, golfing, fishing, classic movies, anything that you are passionate about. Once you develop the theme it is easier to determine how to decorate and accessorize.

Focal Point

Once you chose a theme it is a good idea to come up with a focal point of your man cave. The focal point can be a custom built bar, billiards table, foosball table, putting green, or huge flat screen TV. After the focal point is set all of the other elements to the room will fall into place.

Decorate and Accessorize

The theme is set and you have your focal point now it is time to decorate. Take your time because it is important to choose the perfect paint colors, lighting, furniture, and wall décor. Accessories such as a mini fridge or kegorator are extensions of decorating. But be careful because they can push you to the limits of your budget very quickly.

Research Home Contactors

If your man cave project consists of more than just buying furniture and hanging things on the walls then you should consider contacting a professional home improvement contractor. At Paradis Remodeling and building we specialize in finished basements and all types of home remodels and renovations. Contact us at 413-535-7006 to set up your free consultation.

2014 Bath Remodel Trends- Paradis Remodeling and Building

The popular website Houzz.com which boasts all things “home”, has released their Bath Remodel Trends for 2014. They took a look at what homeowners are implementing and what they are leaving out of their bath remodel. From frameless glass to innovative lighting this article will cover the trends Houzz discovered after conducting their survey.

The Master Bath Remodel Gut

The majority of homeowners (61%) are choosing to completely gut and start from scratch when doing their master bath remodel. This is a good trend especially for people with older homes. Many older bathrooms have outdated electrical and plumbing that could be easily updated when completely gutting a bathroom as opposed to just a “facelift”.

Flushing Efficiency

Toilet for Bath Remodel
Kohler Tresham High Efficiency Toilet

Almost all (91%) of new toilets installed will be of the high efficiency variety. Today’s high efficiency toilets, such as the one-piece  Kohler Tresham, use about 1.28 gallons per flush which will save homeowners on their water bill. These one-piece toilets are growing in popularity for home owners, making up about 36% of new toilets installed.

Going Tubless

Surprisingly 43% of respondents are choosing not to install a tub in their bath remodel, this includes master bath remodel as well.  For those people that are actually installing a tub, freestanding tubs top the list at 33%.

Frameless Glass Is In

Frameless Shower for Bath Remodel
DreamLine Enigma Frameless Shower

Glass enclosed showers are in, 79% of bath remodels are opting for enclosed glass vs. standard shower curtain. And out of that 79%, 54% of those glass showers are frameless glass enclosures like the DreamLine Enigma.

Lighten Up

The key to any bathroom remodel is light, there are many different ways to add light to your bath remodel. The most popular choice for homeowners is adding a new window, followed closely by installing a lighted vanity mirror. Other options are adding a skylight or even installing LED lights in the showerhead.

These current bath remodel trends are very interesting, homeowners today seem to have both luxury and efficiency in mind when renovating their bathrooms. With so many different choices of products out there it is important to contact a professional home improvement contractor when planning your remodel to explain in detail all of your options.

Home Remodel – Beautiful Living Room in Westfield, MA

This week’s feature is a beautiful home remodel of a living room in Westfield, MA. Here at Paradis Remodeling and Building we absolutely love doing this type of project. We can really showcase our talent in a detail oriented job such as this living room remodel. The upmost time and sincerity was taken in creating the custom fireplace and book shelves; and the new windows and flat panel TV really helped to transform this space. If you have a project in mind you can definitely take inspiration from this amazing home remodel.

Home Remodel Westfield
Living Room Home Remodel by Paradis Remodeling and Building

Living Room Home Remodel Scope of Work

new windows for home remodel
Anderson 400 Series

Adding Windows

  • Remove siding and exterior sheathing
  • Remove insulation and electrical wiring on back of living room wall
  • Reframe wall to accommodate new window layout
  • Install four new Anderson 400 Series double hung windows
Gas Fireplace for Home Remodel
Heat ‘n” Glo 6000 CLX

Install Gas Fireplace

Custom Cabinets for Home Remodel
Custom Cabinets by Paradis Remodeling and Building

Install Custom Cabinets

  • Build custom base cabinets, bookshelf, and fireplace mantle in workshop
  • Provide power supply to bookshelf outlets and fireplace
  • Install media box and HDMI cable
  • Install sheetrock to soffit above fireplace
  • Install three recessed light fixtures and fireplace control switch

As you can see with the before and after pictures the beautiful living room home remodel completely transformed the space into a room perfect for a quiet night or a place to entertain guests. The homeowners especially love the beautiful fireplace that will be used very shortly with the cool New England fall weather on the way. If you have any home improvement project in mind don’t hesitate to call the professional remodeling contractors at Paradis Remodeling and Building, at 413-535-7006, for your free consultation.