Bath Remodel Plans: Useful Tips

A Bath remodel is not an easy job to take over. It is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home and make it more convenient and livable for you.
Follow these simple tips for a bath remodel plan to reduce time, money and stress:

Select elegant fittings for your bath remodel.

The first thing of bath remodel plan is a stand sink with elegant lines which is good looking than a blocky bathroom cabinet vanity. An epic scratch foot tub is like bathroom statue. Even closely setup with a deck, the plain outlines of the edge has a natural attractiveness that beats most top editions.

Sit in a bathtub before buying it.

Larger isn’t always best. A sixty inch tub is okay for the best bath remodel plan. It offers sufficient room to repose and provides a safe foothold, so you don’t hover into stupor when the tub is filled. Judge the angled back and side edge for calm and neck support, a tub for two people inclines at either end and has hits in the middle. If you only have a lot of space for a little tub then buys an extra deep one.

Select Quality Flooring.

Visit a local flooring company and ask about ceramic, granite and marble flooring options. All are outstanding, strong and water proof choices for a bathroom floor. Sub-floor warmth coils will make these hard surfaces hotter. Well potted hardwood floor offer normal warmth and act as a halt for the other hard and cold surfaces in a bathroom.

Set a Stylish Mirror over a Sink.

A Bath remodel with no mirror waste its real look. One delightfully framed mirror over a sink look more beautiful than many exteriors covered with mirror. You can use it with a wall fitted regulating makeup mirror.

Utilize found space

Take benefits of gap between wall studs by recessing a large capacity cabinet into the wall to exploit vertical storage while keeping floor space. The cabinet must have an inner deepness of at least 3 inches and a door blush with the wall.

Construct a shower area

Most important thing to notice before implementing bath remodel plan is construct an open idea shower area that doesn’t need any blind or door and is less detaining than a normal shower stall. Additionally, a well-considered drainage, a ceiling fitted rain showerhead

rain showerhead for bath remodel
Delta Arzo Raincan Showerhead

and/or a high wall fitted showerhead that sprays less water and will remain the outside area drier.

Divide space for additional functions

In houses with back to back bathrooms, a joint shower with entrance doors to one of the bathrooms exploits limited space. Or turn a secret situated next to a bathroom into a small unsuited with access to the neighboring bath.

Set lighting designs that works

Excellent lighting is very important. Join halogen pot lights with partition sconces beside or top of the mirror for lighting without shadows.

Purchase a Quality toilet

When you are going to buy a toilet bath remodel, it’s not essential for you to pay out big bucks, but you don’t want to scrimp too much, either. You can easily get a quality toilet in the range of $400. Models with stretched out plates and seats are usually most relaxed.

Integrate with luxury items into your room.

If you are lucky to have plenty of space widely implement the bath remodel plan, extend your mind with spa-like bathroom that contains a dressing room, and add more value, a safe place for privacy and comfort. Setup it with TV, fireside, exercise tools, makeup pride and even a big contented occasional chair upholstered in broad white terry cloth.

Remodeling Bathroom Tips in Springfield MA

Time and again, an expertly remodeled bathroom always provide an exceptionally long period of comfort, luxury and satisfaction. However, the idea of remodeling bathroom may seem a tricky and daunting job. We did an extensive research and came up with clear cut instructions or ideas. These will guide you through the task whether you are doing it yourself or hiring. The following list of do’s and don’ts will help you master the remodel.

Hide the toilet.

A stylish and functioning master bath can be discreet. Hence, it is always nice to hide away the toilet. For example behind a half wall. Among the necessary barrier instead of a framed wall include a piece of furniture.

Choose appropriate Surfaces.

The surfaces do more than just contributing to the general aesthetics. They take lots of abuses. Among designers, porcelain tile tends to be the favorite, for use in the walls and floors. Also, it is good for bathroom sinks. Overall, choose materials that are catchy and durable when remodeling your bathroom.

Splurge on the shower.

remodeling bathroom shower
Roman Shower by Paradis Remodeling and Building

To create and enjoy a sensual experience, you will need a slightly larger shower stall, say at least four by six feet rather than the standard three by three feet. By using this, you may do away with a door. Hence, it will eliminate a sizeable expense.

Make a room for the vanity when remodeling bathroom

Because grooming is the primary task at the vanity, it is of great importance to have plenty surface area to put things down when remodeling bathroom. Therefore, it is necessary to have a single sink and more counter space than a double sink.

Provide enough ventilation and lighting.

It is clear that moisture not only breeds mold or mildew but also takes an enormous toll on surfaces and finishes. You can also consider a unit that is humidity-sensing that will automatically turn on or off depending on the level of moisture. As for lighting, ceiling is suitable. However, its flaw is that it will cast shadows on you while seated. Due to this, you will need vertical features mounted on any side of the vanity. Again, consider using LED bulbs for lighting.

What should I not do when remodeling bathroom?

Well, this might be a question that is popping in your mind now. Below are the don’ts which you should take care. Avoiding these goofs will save you a good amount of cash on your project especially if you are planning an upscale remodel. Adhering to these is likely to enhance your idea of comfort, efficiency and style of the finished project.

Take a look at the following don’ts when remodeling bathroom:

• Always never rush the process.
• Do not skimp on skilled labor.
• Do not cut corners on the essential materials.
• Do not stop thinking about tomorrow.
• Do not forget to factor in water use.
• Do not buy products online without seeing them in person.
In conclusion, going through the above dos and don’ts, you will learn what to do and what not to do during bathroom remodeling process. If you have any further questions contact the professional at Paradis Remodeling and Building at 413-535-7006 and set up your free consultation.

Bathroom Renovations- Present and Future Value

The bathroom will always be one of the most frequently used and visited rooms in your home. With this in mind, your bathroom should also be one of the rooms in your house that provide the most peace and comfort. When homes are being remodeled, bathroom renovations can often be put at the bottom of the to-do list. Other areas like a kitchen, living room, or bedroom can easily seem to be of more importance. As far as adding value to your home and the amount of work that can be accomplished with a small budget, bathroom renovations can provide you with more results then you might originally think.

Bathroom Renovations for Now

There are endless possibilities when it comes energizing or changing the atmosphere of your bathroom. Tearing down and reconstructing walls is not always needed to make improvements. Simple bathroom renovations can be as easy as changing your light fixtures, replacing shower curtains with a glass door, or simply changing the size of the mirror above your sink. If you are wanting to create a more dramatic change in the room, fresh paint can easily add style and flare. Installing a new floor surface can add a personal identity to the area. Replacing the style of your sink and counter top can provide a unique character and produce a more positive area to prepare for your day.

Bathroom Renovations for the Future

If selling your home is going to be a part of your future plans, bathroom renovations can be a determining factor in the selling of your house. The condition of your rooms and living areas can make a difference in the type of buyers you will attract. Homes are often built in neighborhoods and subdivisions where the houses look identical from outside appearances. If your bathroom stands out and grabs attention, it could be the difference between a potential buyers choosing your house over another home on the market in your area.

Leave it to the Pros

Bathroom Renovations by Paradis Remodeling
Bathroom Renovations by Paradis Remodeling and Building, 413-535-7006

Not all bathroom upgrades should be attempted by the homeowner. Professionals are pros for a reason. They can provide you with information concerning which name brands provide the best quality for the price, which methods and procedures are going to be the most time efficient, and what kind of results should be expected. Because of the work they provide on a daily basis, they are aware of safety issues pertaining to both the people involved and the house itself. For more information concerning bathroom renovations visit or call 413-535-7006 and set up your free consultation today!

Bathroom Design Ideas – Northampton Area

Now that you have decided to remodel your bathroom it is time to consider some bathroom design ideas. It is important when reviewing bathroom designs that you take into consideration the size of your space, the project time or what your deadline will be, and the cost of your project. Also consider energy efficiency by including low flow toilets and shower heads.

Bathroom Design Ideas Small
Bathroom Design Space

When you are considering your bathroom design ideas remember while large bathrooms allow for many more options, smaller bathrooms can be remodeled to have an open space and feel a great deal bigger than they actually are. The large master bath may have room to hide the toilet or put it behind a half wall, giving you and your family some extra privacy and also separating the shower and sink area from the toilet area without adding another bathroom. In a smaller bathroom you can add a pedestal sink and shelves on the wall allowing a small space to feel larger. Ambient lighting will also give the same illusion. In a larger area double sinks will give you room to spread out and be comfortable. An oversized tub with power jets can replace your current tub, or you can create a larger shower area with numerous heads and seamless glass doors.

Walls, Floors, Cabinets and Plumbing Fixtures

The walls in most bathrooms are fairly standard. Consider hanging towel racks, extra shelves, as well as medicine cabinets where they will be supported by your wall studs. The walls around your shower or tub should be protected by tile, marble, cultured marble or a suitable material that will protect your walls from water damage. Floors are often tile, with hundreds of bathroom design ideas you would benefit from visiting a tile store, or viewing designs online. Your contractor can put in regular tile or can help you create an original design with tiles available to you. Consider backsplash to match the floor and possibly the tile that surrounds your bath tub. You are also able to pick the color of your grout. Larger tiles will mean less grout to clean. Cabinets are also something you should see in person, visit a cabinet store and feel the wood, look at the way they are put together and find out what your options are with stains and paint. When you are ready to pick out plumbing fixtures remember that they are often available in different colors and finishes. There are options for low-flow sinks, toilets, and shower heads which will help lower your water bill.

Choosing the appropriate surfaces

When you are looking for bathroom design ideas for the tile and your color scheme remember to choose an appropriate surfaces. Your sinks and counter tops can be beautiful as well as durable. Porcelain is a popular option for everything from your floor tiles to your sinks. It is durable and stain-resistant as well as difficult to chip.

Project Time and Price

Once you have decided to start your remodel and are happy with your bathroom design ideas it is important to have a reasonable idea of your completion date. Whether you decide to do it yourself, or have the contractor do the whole project it is a good plan to have a start date, and finish date. Also be aware of your budget and discuss it with your contractor.

The professional bath contractors at Paradis Remodeling and Building can help you through the entire bathroom remodel process. From the early stage of bathroom design ideas to the finished product a remodeling coach will be right by you side. Contact us at 413-535-7006 for your free consultation.