Bathroom Remodel Cost Saving Tips in Northampton MA

Bathroom remodel cost is usually the number one factor for homeowners considering a remodel. But when it comes to remodeling, the plan is always to get excellent craftsmanship at an affordable bathroom remodel cost. It could be your kitchen, bathroom, or entire house that needs a facelift. Ensure the contractor is among the best in the business. This means that he ought to be skilled, experienced, and professional. Below are pro tips to help you achieve an enviable western MA bathroom remodel at a reasonable price.

5 Bathroom Remodel Cost Tips

Use reclaimed materials

When planning for your bathroom remodeling, it is good to use the old materials. This will help you save on the bathroom remodel cost you would have incurred when buying new materials. So long as the reclaimed materials are in good condition and good shape enough to serve your remodeling purpose, this will save your cash.


bathroom remodel cost, design

It’s important to draw your design plan some months earlier before the scheduled date for your home remodeling. Draw that bathroom design you have ever dreamed of accommodating every need of your bathroom. This would make things easier and convenient and hence save you on bathroom remodel cost that you would have incurred if the remodeling contractor would have done the design for you. It is always good when your remodeling contractor listens and follows your views first before embarking on his/her own.

Maximize on space

With bathroom remodeling, acquiring as much storage space as possible would help you save bathroom remodel cost. In a kitchen remodel, create a safe working area with functioning workstations. Make the most of what you have for your home remodel.

Know your environment

To cut on your bathroom remodel cost, analyze the surrounding environment and see what you can learn from the designs of the houses available. There could be a reason why they have a similar design. Always consider geographical and climatic factors.

Prioritize light

For your bathroom remodel, light is very important. This would help in vaporizing the water which helps keep the walls and floor dry. Try adding a new window and installing a lighted vanity mirror.

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Simple Bathroom Design Ideas in Northampton MA

When you are looking for bathroom design ideas the first thing most people do is go to their local hardware store and see what they have to offer. There are fixtures, sinks, toilets, showers and tubs to look at, but the selection can be daunting. In order to simplify your bathroom design it is important to have a plan before you buy. Have your bathroom design ideas written down before you shop.

5 Simple Bathroom Design Ideas


Sink and tub fixtures should match. If you have a chrome shower set and brushed brass sink fixtures then the room does not flow together and may feel incomplete. When you are looking for fixtures look for brands that have matching sets.


pedestal sink for small bathroom design ideas
Kohler Archer Pedestal Lavatory Basin

There are some pretty fabulous sinks out there. There are sinks that shoot water from a pipe in the wall to a marble slab, and there are traditional sinks. Some stand on pedestals and some have cabinets for extra storage. When picking out a sink it is important to identify your needs in the bathroom. Is it a guest bath and do you need storage space? The bathroom design ideas you have will work well together if they match.

Shower or Tub

Large Jacuzzi style tubs are beautiful if you have the room for one. The large two person showers with multiple heads are also very popular. First determine what the space can handle and what you really need. Your bathroom design ideas can come true with the right builder to help you along the way.


Toilet for Bathroom Design Ideas
Kohler Tresham High Efficiency Toilet

There are many types of toilets to choose from. Remember when you are looking at your bathroom design ideas to consider water saving options as well. You can decrease your water bill with the right options.

Tile, Cabinets, Extras

A beautiful tile design on the floor or as a back splash on the sink or tub can create a stunning and attractive theme throughout the bathroom. Matching cabinets and towel racks also carry the theme around the room and make an impression.

Sit down with an expert and tell them what your bathroom design ideas are and what you would like to see in your bathroom and let them help you make it happen.

Getting the Most Out of You Kitchen and Bath Projects

Making your outdated kitchen and bath good enough to suit your home needs usually requires remodeling or a complete reconstruction. For the kitchen design ideas, consider the kitchen zoning. This provides an easy way to design and layout your kitchen. Though the whole process should be within your budget. The ideal option is to collaborate with a professional remodeling company for the best results. At Paradis Remodeling and Building we help you get that kitchen and bath of your dreams.

kitchen and bath experts
Rick and Steve Paradis
Kitchen and Bath Experts


Kitchen and Bath Zones

When designing your kitchen and bath, include some chief zones like storage which caters for often used items, endeavor to have them at between hip and knee level through easy to reach drawers underneath the working top. Those which are not often used can occupy may be lower or higher. Storage in bathroom will include may be soap, disinfectant storage.

Discarding Materials

Waste disposal and cleaning as part of your kitchen and bath project may entail parts like the waste bin, sink and dishwasher and also cleaning materials. For the kitchen, the trending and most ergonomic location is a pullout drawer under the sink. We are here to ensure that you are involved in every step when doing your kitchen and bath innovations and remodeling. Make your home to be your paradise by transforming it the way you have ever always wanted it.

High Function

When planning your kitchen and bath, figure out their final look and the functionality. Both create a harmonized result that is the highlight of a great kitchen and bath. Ensure you have easy access to the primary sections such as food preparation, cooking area, storage, waste disposal amongst others for your kitchen and bath.


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Bathroom Design – Roman Ideas for Modern Life

Roman bathroom designs show the power and wealth of its owner, as was popular in ancient Rome. A typical Roman bathroom design includes luxurious textures, fixtures, and three types of bathing; the cold bath or the frigidarium, the tepidarium, and the caldarium or the hot bath. These are not easy to achieve this type of bathroom design nowadays. So we have come up with ways for you to attain the ambiance of a Roman bathroom design without spending much.

Sunken tub and extension shower

Build a sunken tub for your hot or cold bath. You may surround it with marble for the Roman look. The extension shower is for you to use to steam all your stress away.

Use tiles, glass, marble, and plaster

roman flooring bathroom design

Roman bathroom designs were styled with polished surfaces like glass and marble and then contrasted with rough textures such as plasters and stucco. Just replacing the flooring with marble tiles can get you the look that you want.

Choose your bathroom design palette

In terms of color, Roman bathroom designs feature neutral and earthy colors such as ivory, gold, rust, and olive. Some examples of these are red with a touch of gold and white with a little bit of black. A little touch of a blending color can easily get you a Roman ambiance.

Combine textures

Aside from color combinations, you should also give attention to textures as Romans used to combine different textures, too. Roman style uses different textures; from rough and natural stone to smooth and shiny marble.

Add light and fabrics

Complete your bathroom design with luxurious fabrics. Hang complementary shades of red and gold or black and white on your windows or around your tub. Choose fabrics that reflect the different elements in your bathroom.

Add art

One of the most prominent features of Roman interior design is art. It is mostly in the form of wall murals showing landscape paintings, figurines of mythological characters, and architectural fixtures. You could also install a painting on your ceiling or even just hanging any artwork suited to the vibe you are going for. For paintings, you may use wood or ceramic frames to really commit to the style. You can also add sculptural art or fixtures such as vase or a bust.
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Home Remodeling Contractors You Can Trust in Western MA

Home remodeling contractors can make sure your kitchen is the heart and soul of your house. It is where your loved ones and you spend usually in your home and you take breaks. It is where you eat your meals most of the time. You sit and share. It’s where you would like to go and enjoy a Latte by yourself, every once in a while. But where can you find a home remodeling contractor you can trust in Western Massachusetts? Look no further than the home improvement professional at Paradis Remodeling and Building.

Rick and Steve Paradis – Home Remodeling Contractors

home remodeling contractors
The Professional Home Remodeling Contractors at Paradis Remodeling and Building

If you are just having some problems with your kitchen and you would like it to fit your life style changes, consider home remodeling contractors. Paradis Remodeling and Building LLC is a business owned by two brothers, Rick and Steve Paradis.

Rick and Steve have worked together in their own family super market. Then they started this remodeling and building business together. They are home remodeling contractors.

Throughout the years, Rick and Steve Paradis have developed a great reputation for high quality craftsmen work and top customer service as home remodeling contractors. They believe and share, “Quality, Value and Service is the Key to lasting success”.

You can schedule a free consultation. You will be listened to so that they can give you what you want within your means. You will get a Remodel Coach who will take you through their Design/Scope/Develop/Build process so that you will be ensured that you know exactly what to expect from your home remodeling contractors. Give Paradis Remodeling and Building a call at 413-535-7006 for your free consultation and see what they have to offer, here.

Home Remodeling Trends for Northampton MA 2015

Are you thinking about remodeling your home this year? You aren’t the only one! Many people are planning home remodeling projects this year keeping home remodeling going strong. Before you get started with your home remodel you might want to know what some of the home remodeling trends for 2105 are.

Home Remodeling for  Healthy Home

Making homes healthier is a top trend this year. With more and more people desiring to go green, adding environmentally friendly products to homes is the way to go. Things like better air filtration systems, nontoxic paints and finishes, and the touchless toilet are examples of healthier products to include in your remodel.

Paint with an Accent

Accent walls are all the rage in 2015. Accent walls that are painted a different color are back in style with softer more neutral colors of paint rather than bright, bold colors. Walls of old barn wood, shiplap, and chalkboard paint are super trendy this year. Adding creative finishes like these examples to your home will add some unique character setting your home apart from others.

It’s All About the Kitchen

home remodeling, kitchen remodel
Kitchen Design and Remodel by Paradis Remodeling and Building.

2015 is the year of the kitchen. Painted and refinished cabinets, the ever popular granite counter tops, backsplashes of tile, stones, or mosaic, and deeper single bowl sinks are at the top of the remodeling list. There are so many wonderful options for updating your kitchen.

Bathroom Retreat

Fancy spa-like bathrooms are certainly one of the top home remodeling trends in 2015. Large walk in showers are replacing some bathtubs. Larger double vanity sinks along with many spa touches are being added to the master bathroom creating a beautiful, relaxing space to bathe and rejuvenate.

Wood Flooring

home remodeling, wood flooring
Hardwood floors are still a very hot item in the home remodel world. Less carpet and more wood is used throughout homes this year. Prefinished wood and engineered wood that come in several colors and finishes are a top choice in 2015. These are durable and efficient making them a top trend.

Go Outside

Outdoor spaces are becoming highly desirable additions to a home. Outdoor fireplaces, covered patios used as outdoor living spaces and even waterfalls are features that have become part of many home remodeling projects in 2015.

Deciding what remodeling projects you want to do in your home can be difficult with all the options available. Knowing the top remodeling trends of 2015 should help you with ideas for fixing up your home and making it a place that you love. When your ready to remodel contact (413-535-7006) the professional at Paradis Remodeling and Building for you free consultation.

Remodeling Northampton Homes-5 Top Trends

You probably have tons of ideas for remodeling Northampton home, but you may not know exactly where to get started. Northampton residents enjoy the waterside and the casual atmosphere. Their homes are known for their luxurious and aesthetically-appealing characteristics. To help frame your remodeling vision, consider the following trends for remodeling Northampton homes.


remodeling northampton metal backsplash
More and more remodeling Northampton homes use metal as a focal point, especially in their kitchens and bathrooms. Metal provides a nice contrast to softer materials and texture, such as solid stone or wood. Add a metal focal point as a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom to implement this trend in your home.


Northampton residents today are striving to set their properties apart from others. They successfully accomplish this goal by adding customized elements to their homes. This can include custom-made furniture with the fabric of their choice or customized window panels. Customized kitchens include custom molding, custom countertops and custom cabinets.

Pops of Color

Although a classic, Northampton homes use soft colors with a few bright pops of color. The easy, breezy nature of the homes is sought after by home buyers, making a cool color palette a desirable characteristic for many. This trend continues to stay on point and is reincorporated with each design cycle.

Mix of Styles When Remodeling Northampton Homes

Just as Northampton residents represent a diverse groups, their homes also refuse to be boxed into a certain category. Northampton homes feature a mix of design styles. Traditional and modern elements combine and work in lovely harmony. Mid-century modern pieces may be placed alongside romantic 18th century European pieces and cabinetry.


Gone are the days when Northampton residents closed off the hostess in the kitchen while the rest of the family and guests stayed in the living room. Remodeling Northampton features homes with an open floor design that is perfect for dinner parties and entertaining. This is often accomplished by taking out walls or installing structural beams to balance out the support of the home. Having large energy-efficient windows can also make the space feel more open to guests.

If you would like to get started on your Northampton remodeling project, contact Paradis Remodeling at (413) 535-7006. We offer a free consultation in which we can discuss your vision and provide you with a gallery of successful projects to help you get ideas on how to recreate your space.