Local Home Remodeling Companies-Green Building Trends

As people become more energy-conscious, a local home remodeling company find themselves fielding more requests from customers to have their homes outfitted with green-energy solutions. So if you’re thinking about remodeling your home, or that fixer-upper you just purchased to generate some passive income, you might want to look into the advantages of going green.

What Does Mean When Local Home Remodeling Companies Go Green?

Green local home remodeling companies

Now, some of you might be wondering what exactly does ‘going green’ mean when it comes to local home remodeling. Well, simply put, it means you have decided to move away from traditional building techniques and have your home remodeling companies incorporate in the building’s design and construction building materials that will reduce its environmental footprint and help conserve natural resources.

Go with Solar

solar panels

One way you can protect the environment, and add value to your home, is by incorporating solar panels into your next renovation project. Solar panels can reduce you energy costs substantially and recent advancements in solar technology has reduced the costs of having your home outfitted with this money-saving/environment-friendly technology.In addition to those savings, some homeowners have realized an additional financial windfall by being able to sell their surplus energy back to the power companies.

Blowing in the Wind

Another form of green energy home remodeling companies have noticed an uptick in interest about is wind energy. Like solar energy, wind energy is free and unlimited. Now, wind energy isn’t ideal for all locations, but it you live in parts of the country where there are wide-open spaces, it is an excellent way to get off the grid once and for all, while doing your part to help save the environment.

Back Up Power and Security

But the trend to green energy is not limited just to reducing your environmental footprint, it is also a means of obtaining energy security. For example, during superstorm sandy, millions of people had their lives disrupted. One of the biggest problems they faced was a loss of power. Consequently, local home remodeling companies were inundated with requests for information on what, if anything, could be done to prevent something like that from happening again. One of the things home remodeling companies recommended was voltaic cells batteries.Voltaic cells are electro-chemical units that uses a chemical reaction to produce energy.  Fortunately, local  home remodeling companies have anticipated this trend and are ready whichever green energy you choose.

Why Choose Local Home Remodelers in Western MA

Keeping it local is important for many businesses including local home remodelers. Remodeling a living space is also important, whether the project is large or small. A bath remodel or a kitchen renovation brings dozens of reasons why a person should choose local home remodelers. Here are four important reasons to go with the local choice.

Local Home Remodelers
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Local Laws

Searching licensing procedures is a necessary job and working within your state when checking credentials is a simpler process. Homeowners have the opportunity see the work of neighbors that may be familiar with the work of local home remodelers. This helps homeowners feel comfortable. Adhering to local codes is another problem a local builder may not have. It is important that builders install codes properly in order to prevent costly delays and inspection difficulties.

Multiple Local Home Remodelers

Multiple groups are remodeling bathrooms and other home areas across the country. Choosing local vendors allows owners to interview a variety of builders, getting better options for their money. A builder located in a distant place limits homeowners and adds greater stress to the process. Meeting home remodelers before hiring them is smart. This is possible when home remodelers are local. A buyer has the hometown atmosphere to decide if this person is the right builder and multiple candidates are available for interview. References are easier to track and someone in the local area has done business with the remodeler before. Getting information is done faster, before contracts are signed. Local building requirements are more familiar and necessary paperwork will be easier to verify.

remodeling a bathroomMaterial Cost and Experience

The cost of materials used are cheaper when local home remodelers knows where to get them and they have a relationship with local product providers. A consumer can get a better estimate of the experience of the builder and will be able to look at other remodeling work done by the potential remodeling company. Local contractors offer a lesser chance of being scammed.

Owners of local home remodeling companies have a local address and generally live in the community. Finding the right person to handle a remodeling plan is more than finding someone to use a hammer. It involves working with people you can trust to finish the work, doing a quality job. This is simpler when people are invested in the community where they work.

Plan Ahead for New Home Construction in Northampton MA

New home construction can be a long and arduous process. You want to make sure the design of a new home fits your needs, particularly if you are paying for it. The team at Paradis Remodeling and Building will make sure that you get the kind of amenities and comfort that you need in a home. As a design/build company our professional team has an intimate knowledge of every step of the new home construction process.

Do the Research

If you are not a contractor or real estate buff you may not know about different house styles and plans. There are many websites that offer sample house plans of many different styles. Find one that not only appeals to you but also works aesthetically in the neighborhood in which you are building.

Keep it Green

The best part about new home construction is a having a house that ism up to date on all the new green technology. The first and most important thing is to make sure the house is insulated properly. You can also install energy star windows with the highest R-Value, even take a look installing solar panels.

new home construction plans3D New Home Construction Plans

Have you always dreamed of having a winding staircase in your home? This is something can be done for you, it is important that your home carries the kind of mystique that you, as the homeowner desire. Do you want your bathroom to look a certain way? You can set up floor plans through the concept of 3D modeling. You want to be able to find the best program that will allow you to draw up the best possible floor plans. You are going to want to create homes that you know you can sell in the future.

In conclusion, when talking about new home construction, you want to work with our team in order to answer any questions that you have. Call us at 413-535-7006 or visit our website to set up your free consultation.

Northampton Remodeling Companies Money Saving Tips

Many Northampton Remodeling Companies have agreed that even after following the advice of many professionals, it was important to have a 20% cushion which can help cover any bad surprises. Every home owner has one fear when it comes to renovating a home, the fear of busting the budget. However, to avoid all these hustles and fears, it is important to have your dream come true at a price that you can afford. This does not mean that you should cheap out. Keep in mind that what is cheap may be expensive in the long run.

Saving on expenses with Northampton Remodeling Companies

If you are equipped with a little knowledge on materials, design and timing, you can avoid cutting corners while cutting on costs. Remember that during any renovation, all the small things count and they can add up to something big and a dolar saved is a dollar earned.

Cabinets Northampton Remodeling Companies
Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to reorganize your kitchen to achieve maximum utility, it may not be necessary to knock the walls down in order to gain a square footage. Northampton Home Remodeling Companies can replace the shelves with cabinets that are high enough to hold drawers that are extended up to 8 inches. Northampton Remodeling Companies will also install racks to hold your canned foods.

northampton remodeling companies, reclaimed materials
Northampton Home Remodeling Companies can also add natural light into your house without installing reclaimed windows. Instead of damaging your wall by creating a hole on it and incur expenses of rearranging your frames, Northampton Home Remodeling Companies can trap natural light into your home. They do this by installing light tubes in your hallway or bathroom. The minimum cost of installing an insulated window is $1500 while that of installing a light tube is $500. You will save $1000.

northampton remodeling companies, paint
Focus more on long term benefits and not only short-term. A good example is if you want to install clapboard sidings. Choose the pre-primed and pre-painted from Northampton Home Remodeling Companies. They are a bit expensive than the others, but you will not incur painting expenses in the future.


Home Remodeling Northampton Professionals
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It is critical to partner with the right contractor. There are many Northampton  Remodeling Companies that can provide you with consultation and mentoring services. It’s as easy as contacting the professionals at Paradis Remodeling and Building and scheduling a free consultation.

Remodeling Services in Northampton MA-Know How To Hire

If you are a homeowner and are looking for remodeling services in Northampton MA area and are in search of a remodeling company there are some things you should know about how to hire the right company. There are a many remodeling services in Northampton MA and of course you are going to want the one that’s best for you and your home. Your home is your best investment and you need to do everything possible to keep everything possible to maintain its value.

Find Pro Remodeling Services in Northampton

Home Remodeling Northampton Professionals
Rick and Steve Paradis
Professional Residential Remodeling

You want to keep in mind that these people will be in and out of your home. So you will want to hire a company you know you can trust. It’s a great idea to meet the foreman who will be running the job. He or she will be  in charge of the entire operation. When your home is being remodeled you and the foreman will be in contact every day.

Western Massachusetts Contractor Checklist
Remodeling services in Northampton MA should have an extensive list of previous jobs and should be able to answer any questions as you can think of. Things like asking them to itemize your bill will help you to understand the prices you are paying to the remodeling services in Northampton MA. You will want to understand the difference in the estimate and the final price. It’s also a great idea to ask how long the company has been in business.

remodeling services in northampton
Northampton Area Home Remodeling Professionals

If you are a homeowner  in search of a remodeling services in Northampton MA, check out Paradis Remodeling and Building. They are family owned local and trusted home remodeling company with many years of dedicated service to Western MA homeowners. Contact the professionals at 413-535-7006 and set up your free consultation.


Remodeling Services with Reclaimed Materials in Western MA

If you are looking for remodeling services that are differ from the typical cosmetic fix up, then you should consider using reclaimed materials in the renovation of your room or home. Using these items are not only an eco-friendly way to help keep architectural elements and basic building ingredients out of the local landfill, but it is also a way to show off your creativity and unique tastes while using remodeling services. If you are on a budget, you may find deals on things that can be used in your remodel. There are places that specialize in selling home renovation materials such as the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. If you purchase from an organization such as this, you are also helping hard working people get into their very own home.

Home Remodeling Services Using Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed materials come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles. From basic construction items, to unique or one of a kind pieces, you never know what you might find. If you have a “Retro”renovation theme (decorating with items made in the 1940’s-1970’s,) it may be possible to find architectural elements from homes in the areas that were built in that era, but their owners decided to modernize their renovation. Some homes had items like custom stair railings, moldings, cabinets, and other pieces that homeowners no longer wanted in their house. By using pieces that appeal to you in your home remodeling services, you are appreciating the workmanship of a crafts person and saving something special from ending in the trash.

remodeling services with reclaimed materials
If your remodeling services contractor is willing to work with you to keep costs down in a creative way, consider driving around with them to find items that people have discarded for trash pickup. There is also a website called “Freecycle,” where you can claim items that people want to get rid of. Your remodeling services team may know of other resources in the area where you live that can help you save money while expressing your creativity. Be sure to ask if they know of any organizations such as the Habitat Re-Store, if you also want to help others while you improve your own living areas through remodeling services.