6 Elements for an Amazing Home Man Cave

If you’re like most red blooded men; then you know how important it is to have a home man cave, that one little area or sanctuary of the house all to yourself. This room is sacred in a sense and not just anyone can come in and do whatever they please. Whether want to hang out with your buddies or just need some time alone a home man cave is priceless.

Having a home man cave is not just buying your average everyday items. This area is special and requires time and thought to bring it into fruition.

Home man cave, Finished Basement, Basement Remodel, Southampton MA
Finished Basement by Paradis Remodeling and Building

6 Elements for Perfect Home Man Cave.

  1. Big Screen Television is first and foremost important items for any man cave. Not just your average 32-39 Inch TVs; 40 Inches and beyond is what you need for enjoying the big games, action movies, or whatever floats your boat.
  2. Surround Sound is a must and it gives you that home theater feel. The louder the better, but invest in a great subwoofer if you want house shaking base.
  3. Comfortable Seating should be implemented as well. Choose comfort over style since most guys are active daily with work and sports. Dark fabrics will match better with any home decor.
  4. Refrigeration is very important especially between and during whatever you’re watching. Sodas, beer, chips, and so on…is always near and only feet away.
  5. Hosting is popular with man caves and having your buddies come over makes things complete. Burping and scratching is allowed so is yelling at the screen when the referee makes a bad call.
  6. Privacy is as big must have feature. Yes you love your children and wife/girlfriend, but they can be annoying at times so having a man cave gives you refuge from all of the commotion and hectic family members.

If you’re interested in having your very own sanctuary and live in the Western Massachusetts Area; Paradis Remodeling & Building has the experience and know-how to make this a reality. These skilled technicians can develop, design, and build any home project. For more company information click here: http://www.paradisremodelingandbuilding.com/

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What a Screened in Porch Can Add to Your Home

Adding on a screened in porch is the way to go whether you want to spend time in Mother Nature’s fresh air without the insects, or you simply want to expand your home for a more spacious feel. Not only does it provide you with the mentioned benefits, but also it creates a space for friends and family members to gather and celebrate all kinds of special events and occasions.

4 Added Benefits of a Screened in Porch

Adds Value to Your Homescreened in porch adding value

Adding value can happen by adding on any kind of porch, but adding on a screened in porch can drastically up the value of a home by simply adding on a porch. Adding on a screened in porch provides homeowners’ to enjoy the outdoors without some of the harsh elements that Mother Nature can toss at us such as the sun, rain, and flying and crawling insects. This however depends on the type of screened in porch you have added onto the home.

Provides a Place for Healing

Building a screened in porch can provide a place for healing in a home. Screened in porches are quiet and surrounded by fresh air and the sounds of nature such as birds, crickets, running waterfalls, the wind, and so forth depending on your location. These elements and factors help with calming the mind, which reduces stress in the body and allows it to heal itself naturally. After all, we all know stress is a huge culprit to poor physical and mental health. You can even add hanging hammocks within the screened in area for relaxing, or comfortable patio furniture for lounging in and taking a break from every day life.

Allows an Area to Cool Down Naturally

In hot climates, having a screened in porch is the perfect spot for cooling down naturally instead of running expensive air conditioners and fans. This means the benefit’s a screened in porch can add to your home are affordable utility bills and happier bank account.

End Thoughts to Keep in Mind

The benefit’s a screened in porch can add to your home are countless. Choosing a particular style screened in porch can help add value too such as ones made from wood or composite materials. For more information on screened in porches and the value it can add to a home visit Paradis Remodeling & Building LLC.

Remodeling Ideas to Increase Value of Your Rental Property

Remodeling ideas for a rental property do not have to be expensive and time consuming. Simple remodeling ideas which are quick and relatively cheap can have a big effect on the value of your rental property. Renters will be willing to shell out more money to rent a property which has necessary amenities coupled with a few extras.

5 Easy Remodeling Ideas


Remodeling ideas, Replacement windows
New windows by Paradis Remodeling and Building

Perhaps the simplest of all remodeling ideas involves the windows. Toss old blinds which break easily and are hard to clean, and opt for more durable wooden blinds. Ditch blinds all together and opt for curtains or window shades for a quick make-over that is hassle free. If your considering updating the entire window opt for storm windows. These windows are more energy efficient than normal single pane windows.


Trees, plants and shrubs are also simple remodeling ideas for your rental property. Line a driveway with plants, and place shrubs by the house to add more curb appeal to your property. Opt for easy to care for and inexpensive flowers which bloom year after year. This helps to ensure a beautiful lawn even if your tenants don’t care for it properly.


A fresh coat of paint is a top pick among remodeling ideas which helps to increase the value of your rental property. You do not have to choose expensive paint in order to see a difference. Choose colors which are similar in shades. Staying within one to two shades of the current color will cut down on how many coats of paint are required.


Bathroom Remodel Longmeadow, MA
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A simple bathroom makeover can do a number for your rental property. You don’t have to completely gut the entire bathroom and replace it. Opt for new flooring in there. Change out the toilet and the light fixtures. Replacing an old faucet can bring a sink back to life and enhance your bathroom.


The kitchen area is a room which offers many remodeling ideas that are simple and quick. Look at appliances and see which ones can be replaced with newer ones. Don’t forget to clean old appliances first before tossing them. Sometimes a scrub to an older stove will bring it back to life, and you may find the refrigerator looks great once all the grime is removed.

If you are completely out of remodeling ideas and still feel that your rental property could use some TLC then contact us today. We can walk you through the process and help you every step of the way. Our professional contractors listen to your needs and work with you throughout every step of the process to ensure you are completely satisfied from start to finish.

Bathroom Remodelers Discuss Latest in Bathroom Trends

Today, expert bathroom remodelers understand that bathrooms need to be functional, but also provide luxury and make a statement, without breaking the bank. The bathroom is an often overlooked area of a home when one is thinking about redesigning their home. Listed below are a few current trends involving bathroom fixtures that bathroom remodelers and homeowners alike are absolutely raving about.

Walk-In Showers and Hot Tubs

While simple bathtubs with showerheads are functional, walk-in showers, hot tubs, and Jacuzzis are sure to provide an extra level of comfort and convenience. Today’s top bathroom remodelers are flocking to them as requests from customers continue to rise.

Stylish and Innovative Storage Space

Long gone are the days of the bath being merely a drab, simple area, only to be overlooked by the homeowner. More storage space is always to be desired, and the bath area can serve this purpose and look amazing.

Water-Saving Fixtures, and High-Tech Bathsbathroom remodelers, western ma

Whether it be for monetary or environmental reasons, bathroom remodelers are choosing to employ water-saving toilets, showers, and sinks. Low flow, hands-free faucets, and smart showers provide an extra level of convenience and are proving to conserve water usage.

Bathroom remodelers now have the ability to affordably add features such as grab bars, shower seats, and curbless showers. These not only add luxury to your bath but add an extra level of elegance. Today’s professional bathroom remodelers are raising the bar in terms of style, function and ingenuity. When you’re remodeling your home, the bath should definitely be included in this process. An updated and superb bathroom is sure to build character and prestige in your home.

Contact Professional Bathroom Remodelers

Before you start any remodeling project contact your local professional home improvement specialist. The pros at Paradis Remodeling and Building know the newest trends and get the work done on time and on budget…every time. Contact them at 413-535-7006 and set up your free consultation.

Home Remodel Apps That Can Help Your Project

Will a home remodel help you update your home’s boring outdated look? You might be surprised what a complete transformation or overhaul can do to your humble abode. Did you know that just by making subtle changes to your home can bring it back, or should I say forward into the Twenty-First Century. There is a way of doing this and it won’t cost you anything in return.

home remodel appThere are actually apps out there that gives homeowners inspiration and guidance with their home remodel. With a simple download, you can turn your boring abode into a work-of-art. These apps gives you ideas for the exterior and interior as well and here are some of the best home remodel applications on the market.

3 Top Home Remodel Apps

  • HomeZada is a great app to get you up an going. This tool is like having your own project manager as it sets a project time line, establishes budgets, and helps keep track of your tasks. The app lets you save photos and links with your phone for future reference. You can add, delete, or create budgets around your choices/entries.
  • ColorSnap saves you the frustration of trying to pick out the best colors for your home. The app allows you to see what the room will look like before the painting process starts. Most times the paint you use never seems to look the way it should be. Offered by Sherwin-Williams, this tool also gives suggestions on color combinations and it allows you to scan a color chip, then the will show on your phone.
  • Snapguide is for the how-to-projects. The app gives you advice, information, and inspiration. The photos and information helps guide you and for in-door and outdoor projects. The guides are also sharable which can receive likes and dislikes.

Home Remodeling Projects can be tough even with apps and if you’re in the Western Massachusetts Area, Paradis Remodeling & Building can handle all of your renovation needs. Whether it’s kitchen, bath, basement, siding, windows, decks or porches; (Paradis) has the knowledge and skill to get the job done in time, every time. Check out the company website for more details and current photos at http://www.paradisremodelingandbuilding.com/

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Bathroom Additions : 5 Things You Should Know

Bathroom additions will increase the value of your home while providing space you’re your growing family. Before bringing a bathroom remodeling professional on board, make yourself acquainted with the below marked 5 tips for bathroom additions.

Outline a Space for Bathroom Additionsbathroom additions

Make a scheme of the area and decide the bathroom additions accordingly. If you want to include sauna or dual sinks or showers, an additional space is required and you have to plan it wisely. Bathroom vanity requires more space allocation and is advised to be added to the bathroom of your master bedroom.

Stylish Countertops

You have numerous options to select from a variety of exquisite countertop materials like laminated wood, granite, marble, natural stone, ceramic and porcelain. The latest trend is drifting towards natural stones and ceramic and porcelain tiles which are incredibly apt to your classic bathroom additions.

Updated Faucet and Fixtures

Though standard shower and free standing bathtub also look simple and stylish, the alcove and the large drop in bathtubs with handheld shower will jazz up the value of your bathroom additions. A separate shower cubicle with elegant designs of faucet and fittings give a complete and chic look to your bathroom.

Create an Expression with the Sink

You can make your bathroom a style statement by sprucing up the countertop with the most befitting and enticing sink. You can make a choice from a broad line of sinks like the sleek vessel or bowl type that are available in glass, stainless steel, stone and marble. Pick the shape and material that personally decor and suit your bathroom additions.

Soothing Effects with Color and Lighting

As most of the homeowners having sauna and spa arrangements in bathroom spend pretty good time there, the eye-pleasing color and lighting are quite significant. Stay away from bright colors but do not hesitate to fix up bright illumination to get more relaxing and comforting feel.

These points are well suggested for stylish bathroom additions. Furthermore, when your home improvement ideas land on the ground of bathroom additions, there is a wide range of home remodeling professionals to make your way easier.

Kitchen Remodelers: Tips for a Perfect Cooking Space

Any experienced kitchen remodelers know the soul of your house is the kitchen. Unlike the traditional houses where the kitchens were designed to be small and isolated, modern kitchens are designed to cater for more than just cooking. Now it begs the question – which tips can indeed make your cooking space amazing? Whether you are a kitchen remodelers or homeowner, the following tips can turn your kitchen into a professional type cooking space.

5 Professional Kitchen Remodelers Tips

Lightingkitchen remodelers

Lighting is an integral part of your kitchen and without proper lighting, you may end-up doing unexpected things there, for example, knocking your fragile kitchen appliances. You should always remember that having overhead lighting only, is not sufficient at times. Better you get an all-around lighting in your kitchen; combine natural lighting and artificial lighting by arranging your kitchen properly.


It is not even conceivable to have a kitchen without a good storage according to a renowned kitchen remodeler. The key to having enough counter space and easy access to your cooking appliances when you are cooking is by having many overhead kitchen cabinets.


Ensure that your kitchen is family-friendly and safe even for the young ones. Consider investing on slip-resistant flooring and rounded countertops so as to preventing accidents. Your ovens and other cooking appliances that may get hot while cooking should be put at adult heights according to a kitchen remodelers.


Having a well-ventilated kitchen space can be the difference between having enjoyment while cooking or not. Why? According to an experienced kitchen remodelers, a poorly ventilated kitchen is not comfortable to be in and in extreme cases, it can quickly suffocate you.


Plan for enough waste and recycling bins. The waste containers should be positioned smartly to hide them from direct sight and also to avoid colliding with them. You can have the kitchen of your dreams but without proper trash bins, it can’t become a reality. Moreover, according to a professional kitchen remodelers, the first step to having a clean kitchen with fresh air is installing enough quality refuse bins.