Northampton Deck Builders Keys to a Perfect Deck

When you are preparing to add a deck onto your home, you want nothing less than the perfect deck that Northampton deck builders can provide. But how do you ensure you get it?

Use these tips to create the perfect deck with your Northampton deck builders.

Tip#1: Choose the Right MaterialsNorthampton Deck Builders, deck construction, western ma deck builders, composite deck

When it comes to materials, there is no one right answer that works for every homeowner. You need to look at your individual situation and goals. The two main choices for materials from Northampton deck builders is wood or composite. Wood is less expensive, but composite brings less much maintenance with it. If you have the budget in place and you don’t want to worry about staining and maintaining, check the composite options. On the other hand, if you like home projects and want to spend less up front, wood is a viable option.


Tip#2: Choose the Right Builder

Northampton deck builders
Rick and Steve Paradis
Western MA Premiere Design-Build Contractor

If you want the perfect deck, you need the right Northampton deck builders to help you create the deck. Find builders with years of experience and lots of satisfied customers behind them so you can rest assured that they have the expertise you need and want for your project.


Tip#3: Choose the Right Railings

The railings can make or break the design of the deck. You can go with something plain and standard or you can choose spindles with extra style and flair. When you see that portion of your house, the spindles and railings will stand out. You want them to blend in with the house, but also stand out in just the right way.


Tip#4: Decorate Accordinglynorthampton deck builders, western ma

Once the Northampton deck builders have completed the deck, it is up to you to decorate the space in order to make it a perfect deck for you and your family. Decorate sparingly so you don’t cover every inch of the deck. You still want it to show. But you might want to add comfortable chairs, a table, flowers, and other items to make it become the perfect deck for your home.

There are plenty of Northampton deck builders on hand, ready to help you with your deck building project. But Paradis Remodeling & Building is ready to give you a free consultation to go over your options and help you make decisions on materials and everything else you’ll need for the perfect deck.

5 Simple Steps to Prevent Winter Roof Damage

No one wants roof damage any time of the year, but especially not in the winter. Roof damage in the winter is inconvenient and can quickly become an expensive emergency. Use these 5 simple steps to prevent winter roof damage on your home.

Step 1: Fix Loose Shingles to Prevent Roof Damage

Inspect your roof before the winter hits. If you see shingles that are loose, you will want to replace or repair them before the snow and ice fall on your home. Loose shingles can be the root cause of more serious damage.

Winter roof damage in northamptonStep 2: Install Ice Shields

If you hear the winter is going to be icy, you might want to consider installing ice shields on your gutters. If too much ice accumulates on the gutters, they can weigh down the roof and the whole house and cause quite a bit of damage.

Step 3: Shovel the Snow

If you get more than a few inches of snow on your roof, especially if it is a heavy snow, you will need to get up there and clear off as much as you can. This can be very dangerous in icy conditions so take extra precautions. But if the snow weighs down the roof too much, it can cause a lot of damage.

Step 4: Install Gutter Heaters

If you have issues with your gutters jamming up with ice, even if you keep the snow cleared from your roof as much as possible, consider installing gutter heaters to prevent roof damage. Gutter heaters can help you clear your gutters whenever they start to jam with ice.

Step 5: Seal Ceilings

In order to prevent roof damage and protect the interior of your home, make sure your ceiling is sealed up properly. Check around light fixtures and seal any cracks in the ceiling. The ceiling helps to support the weight of the snow on the roof as well and can be an extra helper during an especially bad storm.

If you need help with extra ways to avoid roof damage, contact Paradis Remodeling for advice and help. We are a family business and we want to keep your family safe and comfortable throughout the winter months in any way we can.