Full Bath Remodel Timeline – What you need to know

When you sit in your home dreaming of a full bath remodel, you think of the end result. The last thing you want to do is think of the messy in between stage. But the reality of getting that lovely full bath remodel you’ve always wanted is that you have to go through the stages. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to the timeline of a full bath remodel.

-Demolition Comes First

The fun part of the project is first…the demolition! This part takes your bathroom from a functioning room to a complete mess. But it’s part of the process that needs to be completed first.

-Plumbing Moves Next

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If you’re going to move any of your plumbing around or install anything new, that will have to be done next. The plumbers work in an empty room in order to get the plumbing in place before anything else is put together.

-Electricity Is Installed

Electricians also work in a mostly blank room to place the lines you will need for your fixtures. The fixtures themselves go in much later for a full bath remodel project, but the lines will go in early.

-Tiling Goes In

If you are tiling the floors, the shower, around the bathtub or anything else, that will happen early in the process as well so other items can be placed around it.

-Painting Process

It is easier to paint a room that is mostly empty so you don’t have to worry about getting paint on anything. You can get places you wouldn’t be able to reach with ease.

-Put In The Showers/Bathtubs

Once the other things are in place in the bath remodel, you’ll see your bathtub and shower go in, making it look more like a functioning bathroom. The toilet and sink will go in soon after.

-Countertop Installation

The countertops will go in around the sink to give your bathroom a more finished look.

-Fixtures For Lighting

When the process is almost complete, the fixtures will go in for the proper lighting for the bath remodel.

There are a lot of things that need to come together for a full bath remodel. In order to get a bigger picture and deeper look at the timeline items you need to know throughout the process, contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling for help. We’re here to be by your side from start to finish.

How to Get Ready for a Residential Roof Replacement

You’ve put time into contacting local roofing companies and comparing costs, and now it’s time to move forward with your residential roof replacement. It’s important to understand that, during a roof replacement, your property becomes a construction site. There will be roofers on, around and inside your home. Following are handy pointers for preparing you and your home for the big day.

Get the Outside of Your Home Ready

Prepare the outside of your home by providing clear access to the working space. This means moving outdoor furniture, garbage bins and other “obstacles” out of the way. The helps ensure a safe working environment, and it protects your property.

If you have an air conditioning unit sitting next to your home, you may want to to protect it from falling debris by placing a sheet of plywood on top of it. Be sure you turn off the thermostat in your home, and unplug the power disconnect switch on the outside wall next to the unit.

Removing Waste

There will be a substantial amount of debris from the roof to discard of. Your local roofing company may use a roll-off dumpster or a dump truck. In either case, you need to make room for it. Ideally, there will be space for it on your driveway right up to your home. This reduces labor and prevents debris from being littered all the way to the street.

Easy Entrance to Attic

Your roofing company may need access to your attic. Make sure the path to the attic access door is free of clutter. Show the project manager the way, so he or she can convey that to workers. If you have indoor or outdoor pets, make sure they are restricted from any working areas.

Move Fragile Items

There may be a lot of vibration in your home caused by the construction. Remove mirrors, picture frames and other fragile items from interior walls. If your roof replacement involves the installation of skylights or light tunnels, make sure there is a clear path to these locations, too, and you may want to cover furnishings.

Lastly, clear communication with your roofing company is imperative. When you choose Paradis Remodeling and Building for your residential roof replacement, you will be working with professional roofers with a commitment to quality. Call 413-535-7006 to set up your free consultation today!

How long will a kitchen remodel take to finish? – Paradis Remodeling

If you are about to work on a kitchen remodel, you likely have a lot of questions about the job at hand. Of course, you will put a budget into place that you want to stick to, but how long will the kitchen remodel take? A kitchen remodel is not always easy on the homeowner and it is good to know what to expect. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you start your project.


The demolition is the fastest part of the process. When the remodeling team tears things out of your kitchen, it’ll only take a day. It will also be the start of the messy project.


If you are moving plumbing around or making changes, the plumber may need two days for a more complicated job.


Regular kitchen rough-ins should take about a day for electrical work. You will need to have separate days for electrical and plumbing and other items because they would be in each other’s way otherwise.

-Floor Installation

This takes time based on the size of your kitchen and the type of material you choose. Wood floor may only take one day to lay down, for example, but another day will be required to stain and urethane it. The floor then needs to dry. Most flooring will take 1-2 days in a kitchen remodel project.

-Cabinet Installation

As long as your cabinets are ordered on time, they can go in within a day or two. The countertop is next and is often templated before installation and will also take a day or less to install.

-Backsplashkitchen remodel

The backsplash will generally take a day to install and if you have tiles, it will take another day for grout.


Keep in mind that anything you add extra to the kitchen remodel will take more time. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, just factor in the time.

As you can see, a kitchen remodel from start to finish can take quite a bit of time. Plan out the kitchen remodel with the professionals at Paradis Remodeling so you can work around the inconveniences. In the end, it will be worth your effort when you have a brand new, fresh, updated kitchen on the other side of the kitchen remodel process.

8 Pro Home Remodel Tips For Summer in the Valley

You can work on home remodel projects any time of the year, but summer gives you an extra chance at such items on your to-so list. Talk to the pros about home remodel projects and use some of these tips to get it right!

Tip#1: Concentrate Outside

Consider a home remodel that includes a deck. After all, a cool drink is best on a warm night on a deck. Improve your outdoor living space and your whole home will raise in value, as will your lifestyle.

Tip#2: Upgrade Air Conditioning

When summer hits, you’re thinking about the miserable heat. Upgrade your air conditioning to get better energy efficiency and comfort throughout the hot months.

Tip#3: Remodel Bathrooms

home remodel, Bathroom Remodel by Paradis Remodeling and Building
Bathroom Remodel by Paradis Remodeling and Building

You can send the kids off to the pool to wash away their sweat in the summer. Taking care of the bathroom before the cooler weather hits is an easier way to get what you want for the rest of the year.

Tip#4 Spend Time Outside

When the weather is warmer, you’re more likely to spend time outdoors. That makes it a perfect time for a home remodel project. Even if it’s messy, you’re not inside to see it!

Tip#5: Consider The Kitchenhome renovations, kitchen and bath remodeling

If you are going all out with a kitchen home remodel project, you will want to have a temporary kitchen set up elsewhere to get you by. That’s easiest in the summer when you can stoke up the grill.

Tip#6: Summer Camp Options

It can be hard to have the kids come home from school to a mess so why not send them away to summer camp while the home remodel takes place so they don’t have to deal with it at all!

Tip#7: Remodeling Vacation

Instead of traveling somewhere far and expensive, use that money for a home remodel project that you can enjoy for many years to come. Take a few short weekends away close to home and reap the benefits year round.

Tip#8: Get Help

There’s nothing like having a professional opinion on a remodeling project any time of the year. Paradis Remodeling and Building is here for you to help with the design, logistics, and the work!

There’s no right or wrong time of the year for a home remodel, but summer makes some items more simple and convenient and the warm weather is enticing for projects!