The Right Kitchen Cabinet Choice for Your Home

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet is the most important part of your kitchen remodel. There are many factors to contemplate when choosing kitchen cabinets.  It can become overwhelming with all of the options available so listed below are the most important factors to focus on. Kitchen Cabinets, Home Remodeling Companies

Kitchen Cabinet Material

This is probably an easy decision because solid wood is still the most popular choice for material. Some solid wood choices are red or white oak, hard maple, birch, ash, pine, or hickory.  If solid wood is not your style you can opt for some non-traditional materials such as stainless steel, laminate, or thermafoil.


There are a few different ways to mount kitchen cabinets. Overlay is the most popular, where the door is installed over the cabinet case. There are two different styles of overlay to choose from, full overlay or regular overlay. The next choice for mounting is inset, where the cabinet doors are mounted flush inside the frame.

Cabinet Door Style

There are many different kitchen cabinet door styles to choose from. The doors you choose should complement your kitchen style. Slab cabinet doors that have no panels, accents, or contours and are mostly used in a contemporary kitchen. More traditional kitchen cabinet door choices are either flat-panel or raised panel.


If you choose solid wood for your kitchen cabinets you can leave them natural or they can be stained. Other more intricate options for your cabinets can be crackled, distressed, or glazed finishes.  

kitchen cabinet hardwareCabinet Hardware

The hardware you choose will drastically impact the look and feel, of not only your kitchen cabinets, but your kitchen as a whole. There are numerous types of hardware that can tie in the style of your kitchen, whether it is country, traditional, or contemporary. Fortunately if you are not happy with your hardware it is easy enough to swap it out and change the look of your kitchen quickly.

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets is a major decision in your remodel. Once you have made that important decision be sure to contact your local remodeler to install the cabinets properly

Top Priorities For Kitchen Renovations in Easthampton MA

Kitchen renovations are one of the things homeowners turn to first when looking for remodeling projects within their home. The kitchen is the heart of the home and if you can get this room right, the rest of the home will be better off for it. There are plenty of things you can do with any kitchen renovations, but there are certain things you should prioritize before adding any extras.

#1: Functionality

You can add all of the marble and granite you want along with stainless steel appliances and so on, but unless the kitchen functions and flows well, you won’t appreciate it at its fullest. Think about how you need to use the space and the overall layout before you determine elegance, materials, and other sub-categories.

#2: Cabinetrykitchen renovations

The cabinets take up more wall space in kitchen renovations than any other one thing. You need to make sure they are laid out well and have enough space to provide you with storage for your items. You also need them to fit in appearance-wise or they can throw the space off.

#3: Lighting

There’s nothing worse than trying to work in a kitchen with dull lighting. It’s also hard to entertain guests if they can’t see each other, their plates, or anything else around them. Kitchen renovations will have to put lighting at the center to get things just right. You might want a variety of lights including recessed lights, pendant lights, and under cabinet lights to highlight different areas of the room at different times.

#4: Style Trends

It’s best to stick with timeless trends and styles in kitchen renovations so you can get something elegant that won’t be off-trend in another year or two. Choose materials and colors that have been popular for a long time and have no end in sight to their attractiveness.

#5: Your Budget

You will have to keep your budget in mind with any home improvement and that is especially true with kitchen renovations. You can easily spend thousands of dollars in this room of the house, but you need to set limits you are comfortable with and see where you can splurge and where you have to limit yourself.

When you are ready for kitchen renovations, the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building can help you prioritize the right details from beginning to end. Give us a call and let’s get started.

5 Expert Tips for Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling can be a big undertaking but very rewarding in the end. The right bath remodel can increase a home’s value and provide you and your family with an oasis that provides ultimate relaxation. With a median cost of less than $20,000, according to Remodeling Magazine, bathroom remodeling isn’t as expensive as you might think. There are important decisions to make when remodeling a bathroom, here are 5 tips to consider before you start the process.bathroom remodeling, western ma, easthampton, agawam

Create a Great Bathroom Remodeling Design

Bathroom remodeling design

The first and most important step when bathroom remodeling is creating a great design. According the National Kitchen and Bath Association, a homeowner should plan for up to six months for their bath remodel. This gives ample time to choose all of the options of flooring, toilets, showers, fixtures and general layout. If you don’t have time to scour through home and remodeling magazines for ideas, consider hiring a design/build contractor. They use their vast knowledge to help guide you through every step of the remodeling process.

Choose Resilient Flooring

For a heavy traffic and wet/damp area of your home such as a bathroom durable flooring is a must. Stone tile, marble, and ceramic tile are popular choices for high traffic bathrooms. These water resistant flooring options are very durable but can be very cold to the touch. Fortunately for homeowners there is a solution, under floor radiant heating. Radiant heated floors, such as Suntouch, can make the first step out of the shower onto your new tile bathroom floor warm and cozy.

Maximize Storage

A big challenge when bathroom remodeling is trying to acquire as much storage space as possible. After the toilet, shower and vanity are installed it is hard to find space for towels, bath products and toilet paper. Moveable and inexpensive options such as a freestanding coat rack, or woven baskets on the floor can be used for towels. And shelf units that fit over toilets can turn an unused wall into great storage space.

Make Light a Priority

The key when bathroom remodeling is light, there are many different ways to add light to your bath remodel. The most popular choice for homeowners is adding a new window, followed closely by installing a lighted vanity mirror. Other options are adding a skylight or even installing LED lights in the showerhead.

Bathroom Remodeling with the Right Contractor

Choosing the right home improvement contractor can seem like a daunting task to many homeowners. But it is essential to pick a contractor that fits your exact needs, not pick solely on cost. A good contractor will put the homeowner first and help to get you through the stressful process of bathroom remodeling and having your bath completely torn apart and put back together.

The professional home improvement contractors at Paradis Remodeling and Building can build you the bathroom you have always dreamed of. Just give us a call at 413-535-7006 and set up your free consultation toady.