Rejuvenate Your House with Northampton Remodeling Services

Implementing Northampton remodeling services to rejuvenate your house can give it an updated look, at functionality to a space, or give you additional space to enjoy. Your home is where you spend much of your time and is a place that will host many great memories. Using Northampton remodeling services can help you keep your home looking exactly how you want it.

Why choose Northampton Remodeling Services…

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You wouldn’t keep the same hair style from high school or continue to wear the same style of clothes from year to year. Styles and preferences change over time. You may find that your bathroom done in your favorite colors and style is no longer your favorite. Your kitchen that you once thought was perfect could now need an update. A home renovation can allow you to make your home more appealing and functional for you.

Not in need of an update, maybe you could use more room and the unfinished basement could become additional living space. You could also be considering an addition for your growing family or needs. Using Northampton remodeling services can help you get the most from unused space or construct an addition to give you the room you want while allowing you to continue enjoying your home, neighborhood, and community without the need to move.

Many put off wanted home renovations because they think that they are time consuming.  Or, they will result in a stressful time while they are being completed. This is not true. Your contractor performing your Northampton remodeling services will have you quickly enjoying your updated space even more than you did before. A trusted contractor can walk you through the renovation process so you know what to expect and can relax while the work is completed.

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If you are considering Northampton remodeling services you can find the professional help you need at Paradis Remodeling & Building. They will assist you throughout your renovation process, from planning to completion. Contact us (413-535-7006) today to get started on your Northampton remodeling services.

Kitchen Accessories: New Trends and Styles

If you are remodeling your kitchen, there are limitless ideas along with plenty of kitchen accessories you can incorporate right into the room. If you want nothing but the best, it’s good to look into the new trends and styles in the kitchen accessories world. Here are a few to consider for your space:

-Cutting Boards On the Counter

Whatever counter type or style you want, you might think about incorporating a cutting board right into the counter. Certain styles are like cutting blocks of their own or you can put the cutting board in just one spot as part of the scheme and design.

-Creative Storage

There’s no better kitchen accessories that those that help you get the storage you need. If you have an island, it could be filled with shelving, cupboards, wine racks and other things on all four sides. You could also use hangers to place pots and pans and other items. Get creative about the storage you need to solve any problems you have with functionality now.

-The Backsplashkitchen accessories

The backsplash is one of those kitchen accessories that isn’t really necessary, but can be a huge perk in the design of the space. You can use the backsplash as a color highlight or to bring the contrasting colors together. The backsplash has become very common and it’s a kitchen accessories trend that isn’t going out of style any time soon.

-Doubling Appliances

If you have a busy kitchen, it might be worth your while to get double the appliances in certain areas. With two ovens, either stacked or in different locations, you can cook twice as much. You may have a regular fridge, but also a smaller under counter fridge for special drinks. These kitchen accessories are necessary for busy families.


If you are ready to remodel your kitchen, complete with the kitchen accessories of your dreams, Paradis Remodeling & Building is here to help. We can help you from beginning to end from the design stage all the way through completion. We like unique ideas and we’re happy to incorporate any kitchen accessories you’d like to see in your new kitchen. Give us a call and let’s start the brainstorming session together. We’ll map out the space you have to work with and get started on forming the idea remodeling project for your needs.

Custom Home Building Process and Steps to Take

If you are thinking about building a new home, you want just the right thing for your family. There are cookie cutter homes that you can personalize, but they may not meet your needs quite right. Custom home building gives you the opportunity to create the exact right home for your needs. But how do you go about custom home building? Here are some steps to help you get started.

Organize Financing

The first thing you will need to do is create a budget and get your financing in order. You’ll have to have a top number and a plan to stay under it. The first thing any contractor will want to know is how much you plan to spend on the home.

Interview Builders

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Rick and Steve Paradis
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Then, you’ll need to find a builder to help you with the custom home building process. You might want to tour model homes to see various builder’s work or look through portfolios and reviews. When you see homes that are of the quality you want, you may have a good builder for your project.

Find The Land

You will need a plot of land for your custom home building project. If you have a home plan in mind, find a plot that suits that plan, such as a walk out basement and other specifics. Otherwise, find the amount of space you want whether that’s a small lot or an acreage and consider the neighborhood, the drive times, the community, the schools, and other elements.

Get The Plans Just RightCustom home building

You will work with an architect or builder to create blueprints for the home. You get to decide every detail from the size of the rooms to their location. Use their expertise in the custom home building process to get the advice you need as to what layouts will work best for your family. It’s easy to go online and look at various layouts to get ideas that you might change around to suit your preferences.