Westfield Roofers Explain Shingles vs. Metal Roof -Western MA

Westfield roofers understand that if your roof is leaking or has other issues, it may be time to consider buying a new one. Your roof, after all, is your home’s first defense against the elements and choosing the right one is an important decision.

For many people today, the choice comes down to choosing between a traditional shingled roof and a metal roof. Here’s a look at the two and what…roofer in western ma

Westfield Roofers Recommend

Asphalt shingles

This type of shingle remains the most popular type of roofing material – in fact, 70 percent of all homes in the United State have asphalt shingle roofs. And a shingle roof certainly has its advantages, as Westfield roofers will point out:

*The installation process is easy and can be done quickly by Westfield roofers.

*They have a wide color range.

*They can be installed directly over the roof deck.

*They’re offered in a variety of sizes.

*They’re proven to work on steep roof slopes.

Metal roofs

Today’s metal roof has become more affordable and available than ever before. Moreover, as Westfield roofers can tell you, the technology of metal roofs has advanced quite a bit over the past several years. Here are some advantages

*They last much longer the asphalt shingles.

*Are more leak-resistant than metal roofs.

*They’re fireproof.

*They provide excellent insulation and help save money on utility bills.

*They help you save money on your home insurance.

Considering the advantages of both types of roofs, choosing between the two isn’t always easy. That’s why talking with Westfield roofers to learn all you can about asphalt and metal shingles is important. Some points to consider:

*You can’t beat the longevity of metal roofs, and most are guaranteed by the manufacturer to last 30 to 50 years. Asphalt shingles last, on average, much less than that, but advances in technology have improved their lifespan.

*Asphalt shingles cost less than metal shingles and Westfield roofers can tell you that they’re easier to install.  Determining how long you plan to live in a house can go a long way in helping you decide between the two.

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The professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building can help you with your roofing – or any other home remodeling project. They understand that protecting the investment in your home begins with a strong roof.

Home Design Ideas to Watch in 2019 for Western MA

It’s easy enough to watch renovation TV shows and look through magazines and dream about what you would like to do with your home design. But when you’re ready to take action, you need to look into the design ideas that pop up so you can see what lines up with your preferences. Here are a few home design ideas that are becoming popular this year.

Fixtures as Art

Light fixtures serve a purpose–they provide your home with light. However, this year, they are also being used as pieces of art. Of course, you won’t be able to create art with every fixture and if you did, it would be overdone. Choose a few important fixtures, like the pendants above a kitchen counter or the entryway chandelier, and add fixtures that personalize the home and give it a designer look of artistry.

Natural Elements in Home Design

2018 saw a lot of tech-obsessed decor, but in 2019, home design is much more about being fresh and natural. Use materials like stone, granite, copper, and even concrete. The serene ambiance goes with just about any home style and brings a semblance of nature into any space.

Velvet Furnishings

Believe it or not, velvet is back for home design this year. The luxurious material is multi-dimensional and gaining a lot of attention already this year. Use a velvet sofa as an accent piece to highlight a certain color.

Black and White Decor

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Using black and white in your home design is something you can’t go work with. This timeless trend lets you have a visual contrast in your home with a sense of both boldness and balance. You can utilize the colors in the walls and flooring, through the furnishing, or in other ways.

Geometric Patterns

While subway tiles are still all the rage in home design, you can also consider geometric patterns in the tiles you place on the bathroom walls or floors. Colors are generally bold and patterns are oversized to make a dramatic statement.

Whether you are thinking about renovating a bathroom, bedroom, your kitchen, or any other room in the house, you’ll want to know what’s popular in home design this year. The experts at Paradis Remodeling & Building can help you go through the options and choose just the right home design elements for your tastes and your home’s space. Choosing classic, timeless items will help your style have lasting power.