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Green building practices used by Northampton MA builders serve the purpose of designing a self- efficient and energy reliant houses. There are various green products meant at making your house environmentally compliant by ecologically saving on energy. Several green products are used by Northampton MA Builders to make your house durable and effective. By reducing environmental impact, green products are pegged on as worthwhile and valuable hence ideal for you and your family. In coming up with a green construction, consider the following popular green products.

3 Green Products Used By Northampton MA Builders

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Green Grout

Green grout is a kind of mix that is wet and is also environmental friendly. This grouting mortar requires no unique treatment before use. It simply does its work to perfection by air drying and its compatibility is worth talking about. What is more is that is designed in the form of a paste hence making its application quite easy. With this wonderful green product, you are assured of an ecologically efficient building. It is made from non-harmful materials and hence those who use it face no risks of being affected. What is more is that it is energy saving and time saving. This is definitely the product to go for as recommended by most Northampton MA Builders.

Green Seal

This is another green product that can make a whole difference in your life. It is particularly suitable for plastered surfaces and is also environmentally friendly,  actually it needs little or no efforts to be used. This product can also be used by any mason since it requires no specialized usage. Northampton MA Builders like using this product considering that it works well against cracking material.

Green Repair

This green product is particularly suitable for you as it does not require healing of the surface after applying it. It can also be used with a myriad of construction materials. It is also made of a smooth paste that makes it use quite easy and convenient.  This product is safe to use as it has no side effects with its use. Owing to the fact that Green repair is environmentally friendly, it will ensure a safe place for you and your loved ones.


It is time to think green in terms of housing. In constructing a green house, consider the appropriate green products used by Northampton MA Builders which make your house ecologically efficient. If you need an experienced contractor, contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling and Building to set up your free consultation (413-535-7006).

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Kitchen Remodel Costs- Real Facts

There are many misconceptions when it comes to kitchen remodel costs in Western MA. Consumers today are bombarded with advertisements that claim kitchen remodel costs that are unrealistic and usually those low cost offers don’t measure up to the customers’ expectations. In fact some price quotes for the same kitchen can differ by thousands of dollars depending on the remodeling contractor. So what are the facts? How much should a kitchen remodel cost? What would two quotes differ so much? If every kitchen is different how can a company have a set cost for a remodel? Those questions will be answered below with some real facts about kitchen remodel costs.

Cost vs. Value Report

One way to look at the average kitchen remodel costs is to check out Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report. With this free report consumers can look at the average cost of many remodeling projects in the country, region or even city. Unfortunately, with the popularity of remodeling reality TV shows, many contractors are running into customers with unrealistic expectations of what a professional remodel should cost.  But this report is compiled by the data of local remodelers and actual jobs they have performed. It can be used as a great starting point for homeowners looking to remodel and let them know if they are in the ball park before contacting a local remodeler.

The “$8000” Kitchen

There are companies out there that have “kitchen remodel deals” that claim a very low set price for a kitchen remodel. The initial price sounds great but beware of upgrades and change orders. Most of these low cost kitchens include low quality cabinets and laminate countertops, if you want granite counters expect to pay the upgraded price. Another important factor when comparing price is the scope of work, the low cost kitchen might not include everything you want done.

Design/Build Kitchen Remodel Costs

The difference in two quotes for the same kitchen can be drastic especially if one quote is from the “$8000 Kitchen guy” and one is from a design/build remodeling contractor.  A design/build quote will contain a detailed scope of work that will include selections made by the customer. It will be the exact cabinets, countertops, backsplash, sink, and fixtures that the homeowner wants in their kitchen remodel. This means every kitchen remodel is completely unique and the cost depends on the selections the homeowner makes.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Western MA Homes

Good kitchen design ideas are crucial because the kitchen is the epicenter of your home. Though the living room is the social hub everyone will eventually end up in the kitchen. With this in mind, the ideal option is to seek kitchen design ideas and layout that works best for you. This may require either a remodeling or a complete reconstruction. This should, however, be well within your budget. For the kitchen design ideas, one of the key areas to look into is the kitchen zoning. It provides an easy way to design and layout your kitchen.

Kitchen Design Ideas in Different Zones

The kitchen has distinct zones though all work in harmony for full functionality and aesthetics. For great kitchen design ideas, include the following chief zones:

• Preparation: the storage and setup for this area should accommodate small kitchen appliances, as well as the utensils regularly used for food preparation.

• Cooking: this is perhaps the central kitchen point: a huge percentage of kitchen activities occur in this zone. The typical appliances include the cooker, oven, and microwave. For this area, should consider deep pullouts, closed sides, and back walls for bulk storage, and accommodating the appliances and utensils.

• Cleaning and waste disposal includes the sink, waste bin, and dishwasher and cleaning materials. The trending and most ergonomic location is a pullout drawer under the sink. If this is not possible, consider an area nearby (but aptly isolated for hygiene purposes) to the food preparation area.

• Storage: for the frequently used items, endeavor to have them at between hip and knee level through easy to reach drawers underneath the working top. Less frequently used items can occupy either higher levels or lower levels than the frequently used items. Storage includes everything from cabinets to the refrigerator and chilling cabinets.

When planning the kitchen, figure out the final kitchen look and the functionality. Both create a result that is the highlight of a great kitchen. This includes easy access to the primary sections such as food preparation, cooking area, storage, and waste disposal. The ideal option is to collaborate with a professional remodeling company for the best results. Do not hesitate to contact us at Paradis Remodeling and Building. We are well capable of turning the kitchen design ideas in your head, and sketches, into reality.

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Design Build Contractors tips for a Successful Home Remodel

When you are ready to take your current home and create something new and special the design build portion of the process is very important. You want everything to line up correctly and in order to ensure your happiness after the project is complete, the design build must go just right. Here are some tips from contractors to help you have success in your home remodeling project.

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Tip 1: Look At the Overview

There are going to be a lot of specifics that go into the remodeling plan, but you will want to look at the overview of the remodeling project as a whole in order to get the design build just right. If you want to move the kitchen by taking out a wall, you have to be sure that wall isn’t essential to another portion of the home. The details must all mesh together and you can take them all into account at once by watching the overview at all times.

Tip 2: Flesh Out A Budget

You will have to have a budget in place in order to carry out all aspects of the project well. You can’t blow the whole budget on the bathroom remodeling project or you won’t have anything left for the kitchen or bedroom. You need an overall budget, but it is also important to break that down so you know how much you have to spend in each area of the home.

Tip 3: Listen to Advice

While you are working on the design build for your home and you are in charge of the final decisions, keep in mind that the contractors remodel homes all the time. They know what works and what doesn’t and what homeowners are generally happy with later on. They also keep up with current trends and can give you advice as to what has staying power to keep your house in style for the long haul.

While the design build portion of the remodeling project may not be as exciting as the demo part or as satisfying as completion, it is highly important to get everything lined up well so the other stages can fall into place with ease. When you are ready for more tips, or if you want to start moving forward with options and design build details, contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building for help every step of the way