How a Deck Enclosure Can Add Value and Comfort to Your Home

If you have a wonderful deck, you can add further value and comfort to your home by putting a deck enclosure around it. Enclosing the deck is a next great step in your home improvement projects. Here are a few ways the deck enclosure can add comfort and value.

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Amazing Deck Enclosure by Paradis Remodeling and Building

Shade At All Times

There are going to be times when you want to feel the sun, but if you need shade, you might have to go inside. Not when you have an deck enclosure. Your deck enclosure can give you the shade you need so you can enjoy the outdoor temperatures even when the sun is a big too much for you.

Protection From Bugs

While many people enjoy eating outside, no one likes to eat around flies buzzing their food and other pests encroaching upon their space. Your deck enclosure can help you keep the bugs out so you can eat in peace and comfort.

Enjoy The Fresh Air in a Deck Enclosure

You might not feel comfortable leaving your back door open to your deck to let the fresh air into your home, but when your deck is enclosed, it’s like an extension of your home. Nothing can get onto the deck and into the house, but you can let the air breeze through with ease.

Outdoor Living Upgrades

Outdoor living spaces are all the rage and when you work on a deck enclosure, you are adding value to your home. Having a deck on the back of your house is great. Having an enclosed deck is even more desirable. Potential buyers know how much they would enjoy a space of that nature and they are willing to pay more for a house that has the feature. If you are looking your house over, wondering what home improvement project to take on next, consider a deck enclosure. If you need to work on the deck first, design something that will be fully enclosed when the process is complete. If you already have a deck you enjoy, consider enclosing it to get the full effect you want for your home. Outdoor living spaces are highly desirable and can give your family further functions in the space around your home. When you need help with the process, the experts at Paradis Remodeling & Building are here to help with every aspect from the design to the completion of the project.

5 Key Steps to Maximize Curb Appeal in Agawam MA

The curb appeal of your home is very important and it can make or break what people think of your home. Whether you are staying there for the long haul or about to place your home on the market, curb appeal is important. Here are a few steps to helping you make the most of what your home has to offer:

Step 1: Fresh Paint Does Wonders for Curb Appeal

Putting a fresh coat of paint on your home can work wonders. If the paint is faded or peeling, it shows from the street. Get a fresh color and change things up a bit, such as painting the color you had before. This will freshen things up and make a world of difference on the overall curb appeal of your home.

Step 2: Clean Up Landscaping

The landscaping in front of your home is like the finishing touch. If there are weeds growing everywhere, clean them up. Add some new mulch around trees or rocks around the bushes in the front. Plant some new flowers to add a pop of color and bring it all together.

Step 3: Concentrate On the Door

Your front door is the first thing people see as they approach your home. Paint the door a vibrant color to make it pop. You could also consider a new, decorative door with a window in it. If you like a solid door, hang a wreath on it or something else decorative to make it look welcoming.

Step 4: Add Lighting

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During the day, your home probably has plenty of natural lighting. But if you want your curb appeal to carry over into the evening hours, it’s best to add some lighting to the home in the right places. Not only will this enhance appearance, but it will also give you extra security measures.

Step 5: Spruce Up The Mailbox

Mailboxes serve a purpose, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Get a mailbox that matches your home’s color and style to help it stand out while blending in at the same time. The right mailbox can add that much more curb appeal.

If you need help with any of the curb appeal projects you want to take on for your home, or if you need advice on what projects are best for your budget and purposes, contact Paradis Remodeling & Building for help with any aspect.