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Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Western MA Homes

Bathroom renovation is one of the biggest home improvements homeowners can take on. But, at the same time, they can make some of the best improvements and raise home value at the same time. Here are a few ideas to help you get the most from your project.

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Bathroom Remodel by Paradis Remodeling and Building

Put Functionality First

Everyone wants their bathroom to look nice and perhaps even have an elegant, luxurious feel to it. But that appearance won’t do you much good if the bathroom isn’t functioning properly. Think about usage and flow. How much counter space do you need? Where would storage be the most useful? Once you get the practical things into place, you can think further about aesthetics.

Consider Natural Light

Older bathrooms tend to be completely closed off from the rest of the house and the outside world. This is because you need the utmost privacy in that space. However, when you are running bathroom renovations, you might consider adding natural light in some way to brighten the room and make it feel larger and more open. Put in a skylight, or perhaps a gliding window high up on the wall. You don’t sacrifice privacy, but you get natural light the space could really use.

Keep Plumbing In Place And Save

If at all possible, it’s best to keep your plumbing fixtures in place if you are on a budget. If the only way to get the bathroom renovation you want is to move the shower or other things, so be it. But if you want to keep things in a reasonable range, try to keep fixtures in place and move items around them to ensure that you get functionality without too high of a price.

Paint Makes A Huge Difference in a Bathroom Renovation

Painting the bathroom is likely going to be a part of the bathroom renovation. The color you choose will make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of the space. Consider something light to make the most of the lighting within the room.

There are lots of things you could do with a bathroom renovation and you may not know where to start or what do do with your ideas. The professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building can take you through the process from the idea stage all the way through completion. We are here to help you get ideal results, whether you know what that is yet or not.

Master Bathroom Must Haves for 2020 in Western MA

Technically, all you need or a master bath is a toilet, shower or bath, tub, and a sink. If you are renovating the master bath, you want it to be truly worthy of its name. There are a few other things that you really must have. Here are some items to consider:

A Double Sink

If you have two people in the master bathroom getting ready at the same time, it’s nice for each person to have their own sink. Taking turns is nice if you have to, but when you are creating a haven, there’s no need. A double sink gives you more functionality than you had in the past with just one sink.

A Large Soaking Tub

As the master of the house, you should have some sense of luxury and a way to relax in the bathroom. You likely have a lot of stress in your life and even if you don’t use it very often. Having a large tub in the master bathroom to soak in when you need to can be a real treat. Include some jets and you can really enjoy the master portion of the bathroom.

Master Bath Storage

master bath, westfield, southampton

Since the master bath is a larger space than another bathroom. It should have the proper storage for towels, toiletries, and other items. You want to be able to keep things off the counter and floor so the room looks nice. You may even end up storing things from other bathrooms in there.

Proper Lighting

The master bath can be as nice and luxurious as you want. So if you can’t see well and do your hair and makeup, it’s not going to be everything you need it to be. You’ll want to have the right overhead lighting and perhaps some spot lighting to help you see everything as well as you need to.

Large Shower Enclosure

No one likes feeling cramped in the shower and in the number one bathroom in the house, it’s nice to have a shower that is larger and well enclosed. You could even add a second shower head for added luxury.

If you want home renovations in the largest bathroom of your house, the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building are here to help. We can do everything from help you plan and create a strategy. To implementing the decisions you make and completing the project for you.

Master Bathroom Remodel Average Cost in Western MA

If you have decided that your master bathroom isn’t functioning as well as it should and you want aesthetic changes to upgrade the value of your home, it’s time for a remodeling project. The kitchen and the bathroom are the most popular (and most expensive) rooms in the house to renovate. The variables that go into the project are going to determine the average costs. Here are a few things that can raise or lower those costs:

Moving Fixtures in the Master Bathroom

master bathroom, bathroom remodeling, western ma

If you are leaving your master bathroom setup as is and just changing the flooring, countertops, and other such things, the cost is going to be much less than if you decide you want to move the shower across the room, place the toilet in another location, and convert the sink from a single into a double. Anything you do to move or change the plumbing in the room is going to raise the costs significantly.

Material Options

The materials you choose for the master bathroom will also have a huge impact on the bottom line. If you’re getting linoleum flooring, that’s one thing. Marble tile is another. If you want top of the line countertops made from natural stone, that’s going to cost more than porcelain tiles. The materials you choose will help you figure out the average costs.

Detail Work

Anyone can paint the master bathroom a new color and that can have a large effect on the overall tone of the room. But if you are going into great detail and having tiles put into the entire shower wall, that will cost a lot more than a paint job. The more detail work that is involved, the higher the price tag will go.Before you get hung up on average costs, decide what you really need to change about your master bathroom and what you can live with. Functionality should come first, but aesthetics are important as well.

No matter what your overall goals are, the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building can help you figure out the details. We understand budgets and we can take the money you have available and work out a plan that will suit your needs and your monetary constraints. We work by your side to turn your average bathroom into a dream oasis that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for Western MA Homeowners

Chances are if you are like most people, at some point in your life you will be thinking of bathroom remodel ideas. There are lots of reasons why someone would want to remodel their bathroom. If you are considering it, there is a lot to think about. You will want to do careful planning and work within your budget to turn your bathroom remodel ideas from dreams into reality.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas Big and Small

Some of the obvious areas of bathrooms include mirrors, lighting, towel racks, and other such items. With the major bathroom remodel, you could be replacing the bathtub and/or rebuilding the shower. You may want a major upgrade in parts, or you may be on a budget and have certain eclectic ideas. You can see more about this here:

Be Unique

There are an endless variety of choices for all of the items you would need while planning your remodel. Bathroom remodel ideas can be as unique as you are. You don’t need to go down the path well-trodden if you don’t want to. Departures in everything from paint, to the choice of tile, and much, much more are commonplace. Each have their distinctive signature of the designer that created them.

Think Budget

You will want to know exactly what you are doing. Decide on a detailed budget to account for your bathroom remodel ideas and all that will be needed to make them happen. You’ll also want to include an expense padding of 15 to 20% past your total estimate to account for costs that will be incidental. These costs will occur on average, and it’s not uncommon to see people get in over their heads.

Stay Current

Your bathroom remodel ideas can be unique, but can also adapt to current trends. You can be creative as you wish, but remember guests will be using your bathroom and this is a good way to impress them. Your family also will be using the bathroom on a daily basis. Be sure to make it functional. You could also hire an interior designer or other creative professional to assist you with bathroom remodel ideas.

Check References

Consultants and home remodelers can be used as well to facilitate the process involved in your bathroom remodel ideas. It all comes down to who you want to do the work, and how qualified they are to get the job done that you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, and make sure all of the people that work on your home have liability insurance. This will protect you in the event of injuries sustained by workers on the project.

Overall, you should have worked out all of your bathroom remodel ideas into a workable plan. Developed a budget (with a slight excess for overages), and enlist all the people that will be helping you before you begin the actual work on the project. Spend some time thinking about your bathroom remodel ideas. If any questions arise contact the professional bath remodel contractors at Paradis Remodeling and Building.

Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Remodeling a Bathroom

So you have made the decision of remodeling a bathroom. Congratulations, this project will make your bathroom something to enjoy for years to come. It will add value to your home and convenience to your life.
Now that you have made the decision to proceed, it is time to start the planning. Remodeling a bathroom is a major undertaking and you may need a contractor’s services. Once you determine what you can do and what help you will need, start finding the colors, textures, materials, and ideas that will bring your vision to life.
There are a number of common mistakes that homeowners make when remodeling a bathroom. A little extra planning, and a great building partner, can get your off on the right foot. Let’s take a look at how to avoid some of the mistakes which can spell trouble when remodeling a bathroom.

remodeling a bathroom Realistic Budgeting When Remodeling a Bathroom

Planning means everything to success. Create a realistic budget for your bathroom remodeling. You know what you can really afford. Price the fixtures, cabinets, flooring, and paint. Get estimates on the work so you don’t have to cut corners later.

Make sure your new design will stand the test of time

You want to plan your bathroom remodeling based on good design features that you will be happy with in a few years. Trends come and go, but your new bathroom should rise above the current trends. Classic design and neutral colors will not go out of style.

Shop for Value and Function

Make sure the fixtures you choose are meant to last and have a good functional design. Everyone loves a bargain, but a bathroom with leaks or fixtures which don’t last can ruin your bathroom remodeling project.

Don’t overlook the Vent Fan

Your bathroom has high humidity. You need to choose a good vent fan. If you are not replacing the fan, be sure you give it a really good cleaning to protect against mold.

Correct Mistakes as you Go

If you notice something that isn’t just right, make the fix right away before more work is completed. If something seems “out of line” or a fixture is not at the right angle, it is much easier to correct it at once. When you finish the bathroom remodeling, you want to be completely satisfied. If you don’t fix the small mistakes, you always see them and so will your guests.

Make sure to Keep Focused to the End

Like any other project, bathroom remodeling will be more exciting at the beginning. As you design, demolish, and start the remodel, you may reach a point where you just want to finish and begin to use the new bathroom. Stay focused and remember all the reasons you wanted this bathroom remodeling project to be “just right”. Time spent getting it right is an investment in your happiness.
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Top 6 New Kitchen and Bath Products

New kitchen and bath remodels, according to American Institute of Architects, still rank at the top of the list for remodeling projects. Many homeowners are choosing to add luxuries, in the form of technology, when doing their remodel. These luxuries make life easier and a little more enjoyable but do come at a price. Here are the 6 top new products that will add that special touch to your new kitchen or bath remodel.

Hot or Cold Instantly

The Everpure Helia water appliance is literally a hot new kitchen product. It delivers chilled (40 Degrees F) or hot (200 Degrees F) water immediately, directly from the tap. Combine with the Everpure water filtration unit to have commercial grade filtered water. This unit is perfect for chilled water, iced or hot tea; either in your kitchen or wet bar. It can also be useful for pasta, oatmeal and soup as a quick meal for the busy family.

no touch toilet
Kohler Touchless Toilet

No Touch Flushing

The Kohler Touchless toilet is great for the germaphobe in your household. You can now flush the toilet by simply waving a hand over the sensor instead of a lever. Batteries are required for the sensor that detects when your hand enters the electromagnetic area. This toilet is available in two styles, either the Cimarron or the contemporary San Souci. There is also a retro fit kit that will work with almost any single flush unit.

Fresh Air Ventilation

New homes have become more energy efficient in the past few years because of how tightly they are sealed, but there is one downfall. The air quality of these homes has gotten worse, this is where the Panasonic WhisperComfort ERV comes in.  It is an energy efficient unit that provides fresh, aerated air all while preserving the air quality indoors. Perfect for use in high moisture areas of you home such as new kitchens or baths.

cabinet insert, new kitchen
Steel Crest Cabinet Insert

Cabinet Features

Looking to spice up your new kitchen remodel? How about installing Steel Crest decorative cabinet grills in your cabinets.  Starting at only 35¢ per square inch, it’s a little pricey but your cabinets will definitely stand out.

One Touch Wine

Liebherr manufactures just about everything from construction machinery to this under-counter wine cooler. The sleek and sophisticated look is highlighted by the lack of handles, and just a soft touch in the corner opens the door.

double oven, new kitchen
GE Profile™ Series 30″ Built-In Double Convection Wall Oven

Double Oven Convenience

The GE Profile™ Series 30″ Built-In Double Convection wall oven fits in the space of a standard wall oven but provides the extra convenience of two separate ovens.  The touch controls are strategically placed in the glass door of the upper oven, which maximizes space and makes the outside easy to clean.




Bathroom Designs and the Latest Innovations

Bathroom designs have advanced with technology. Modern bathrooms have been transformed from a “utilitarian space” to places of drawing luxury, comfort and convenience. Technology has changed the way you perceive your bathroom and has prompted addition of some bath necessities to add flavor to the bathing experience. Bathroom designs innovation are making the bathrooms extremely fabulous to use and add a sparkle to the beauty and touch of the rooms. Innovation in communication technology has also been incorporated in the bathrooms with things like flat-screen TVs, sophisticated sound systems and communication gadgets such as phones being installed in the bathrooms. These innovations have transformed bathrooms from places of taking showers into entertainment hubs.

Installation of Bathroom Designs

In addition another latest innovation in bathroom designs is installation of spa features such as steaming facilities, air tubs, an array of body sprays and Japanese soaking tubs. These elements are meant to add a professional touch into your bathroom. These products are meant to eliminate the need of visiting a resort or a body steaming parlor to enjoy yourself by creating one in your bathroom.

High End Showers

Bathroom designs has been taken a notch high with the installation of showers with benches, wall toilets for easier accessibility by handicapped persons, beautiful grab bars and walk-in showers. These designs are helping add comfort and create a serene environment while you are in the bathroom.

Radiant Heating

Installation of radiant heating equipment is another innovation in bathroom designs. The radiant heaters are used to heat the floors, dry towels or even make the air inside the bathroom warm. This help in making the place to be warm especially during the cold days. The radiant heaters are also made in new decorative way to add a modern taste into the bathrooms.

Art. Class.

Bathroom designs with the incorporation of sophisticated art of growing plants in bathrooms. The plants which are mainly beautiful flowers and small shrubs are planted on a vertical wall creating a garden on the wall. They help bring a new feel into the bathroom.

When you are ready to transform your bathroom, contact the experts at Paradis Remodeling and Building. You can call at 413-535-7006 or visit their website for more information and to schedule a free consultation.

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Bathroom Contractor: How to Find the Right One in Western MA

A bathroom contractor is essential today because bath remodels are at the top of most homeowner’s home improvement list. Finding the right bathroom contractor is the key to having your bathroom being done right in the least amount of time possible. But where do you look and how do you know the person you hire is competent and reputable? Here are a few tips on how to research and ultimately find the right bathroom contractor for your bath remodel.

Bathroom Contractor Search

This is the 21st century and the internet is necessary for any homeowner looking to hire a bathroom contractor in Western, MA. A quick Google search will provide you with numerous options for professional in your area. This will only provide the company’s website and general information but no impartial reviews. There are also many websites such as Houzz, Home Advisor, Porch, Build Zoom, and many more that give you more information. These sites can provide job pictures, ratings, peer reviews and much more. Some even will pair you up with the right contractor. The downside to some of these websites is that a bathroom contractor can pay for a “Pro Profile” that will put the company at the top of search lists. After gathering as much information as possible contact the bathroom contractor who best fits what you are looking for.

Bathroom Contractor Screening

The next step is screening potential bathroom contractors. Some useful resources are the Better Business Bureau, your local building department, and the Western MA Builder Association. These resources can provide background information on perspective contractors to see if they are reputable. After the preliminary research you should call the bathroom contractor and talk about your project and set up a consultation. The sit down meeting will give you the chance to meet the contractor face to face, and determine if you could see yourself working together. It will also give the contractor the opportunity to see the space that is to be remodeled. At the end of the day you just have to trust your gut. If the consultation doesn’t go well and you have an uneasy feeling about that particular bathroom contractor don’t move forward.

Possible Warning Signs of Disreputable Bathroom Contractor

• Very high pressure sales technique
• Will only accept cash
• No scope of work
• Doesn’t want to acquire proper building permits
• Gives a final price on the spot
If you are looking for the right team to remodel your bathroom contact the pros at Paradis Remodeling and Building, the premiere bathroom contractor for Western MA.

5 Tips For Your New Shower Remodel in Western MA

The shower in your bathroom often starts off your day and you want it to be something special so you can begin the day in the right manner. When shower remodel is in store for your home, use these tips to get just the right outcome.

Tip 1: Concentrate On the Shower Head

The shower head is important to the overall experience you get after a shower remodel is complete. You could have anything from a light rain feeling to a powerful water massage. Also, keep in mind how much water the shower head puts out every minute.

Tip 2: Splurge On Materials

If you’re remodeling the entire bathroom, you may not be able to splurge on everything, but for the shower remodel, get good materials. Showers go through a lot and need to be durable. Putting in good tile or other materials increases the chances of getting your investment back in the future.

Tip 3: Consider Frameless Showers

shower remodel, bathroom remodeling, western ma
Small Bathroom Remodel by Paradis Remodeling and Building 413-535-7006

There are plenty of bathroom remodeling trends that come and go, but frameless showers are associated with spas and high luxury and they just don’t go out of style. Your shower remodel with a frameless style can fit into any bathroom design and gives you clean lines.

Tip 4: Let Pros Handle It

Whether you are tiling the shower or installing a new head. let the pros handle the shower remodel. There are some things you might feel you can do, but when you’re dealing with tricky angles and something as important to the space as the shower, it’s best to get it done right.

Tip 5: Remember Space for a Shower Remodel

The shower remodel takes up just a portion of the bathroom. Don’t put in a giant shower with multiple shower heads only to realize you barely have room at the vanity to get ready. The shower needs to be proportionate to the space. It will help you make the most of the shower remodel and the rest of the room.

When you are ready to look into ideas, or if you already know just what you want, contact Paradis Remodeling & Building for help. We can be by your side from the design part of the process all the way through completion. We’re here to help you get your day off to the right start every day after your shower remodel.

Why kitchen and bath remodeling are top choices for homeowners

If you are looking to make upgrades to your home, kitchen and bath remodeling are likely high on your to-do list. There are a number of reasons homeowners want to put kitchen and bath remodeling jobs into action. Here are just a few to consider.

  1. Increase Your Home’s Valuekitchen and bath remodeling

If you want to increase the amount of money of your home there aren’t many remodeling projects that will add more value  than kitchen and bath remodeling jobs. Sure, you have to invest money into the project, but you will get more out of the kitchen and bath remodeling projects than you put into them.

  1. Fix Existing Issues

If you have old kitchen cabinets that are falling apart or a layout that doesn’t serve you well, remodeling the kitchen just makes sense. If you have a leaky bathtub or broken tiles, you might want to dig into a bathroom remodeling projects. Kitchen and bath remodeling can do more than upgrade your home. They can also fix existing issues and give you a higher level of functionality in either or both rooms,

  1. You Need More Storage

There aren’t many homeowners that say they have too much storage in their kitchens and bathrooms. If you need more, you might consider a kitchen and bath remodeling project. By rearranging a few items or simply adding more cabinets, you can come out the other side of the project with the storage you need.

  1. You Want a Change

There’s nothing wrong with remodeling for the sake of change. If your kitchen or bathroom has been around since the 70s and it shows, you might want to change it just to get something more current and fresh. Kitchen and bath remodeling projects go a long way to giving your home an updated look with an aesthetic appeal you can truly enjoy.

If you are interested in kitchen and bath remodeling, contact Paradis Remodeling & Building. We are a family owned business that wants to give you a hassle-free and seamless remodeling experience from start to finish. Your home is your paradise and we can help you with the transformation to make your kitchen or bathroom the space of your dreams!