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Screened in Porch Ideas from Home Improvement Contractors

There’s nothing quite like relaxing on your screened in porch on a nice day, sipping a drink and enjoying the fresh air. But first, you have to actually have a screened in porch. If you are getting serious about the job, here are a few ideas and suggestions to help you get started.

Idea 1: Set The Budget

One of the first things you will want to do before you dig into screen in porch options is decide on the budget. You don’t want to settle on certain ideas and then find out later you can’t afford them. It’s best to be upfront with the contractor you choose so they can guide you in the right directions.

Idea 2: Go With Quality

Sure, you could get a few boards and some screening and put a screened in porch together yourself. But the next time the wind blows, it could all come crashing in on you. Quality is important on any home improvement project and you will want your porch to last for many years to come. Utilize a professional, quality materials, and well-thought out plans.

Idea 3: Consider The Roofing

If you already have a roof over your porch, this process is done for you. If you are trying to make a screened in porch out of a deck with no roof over it, you will have to think about placing a roof before screening things in. Do you want something that matches your house or something that stands out as different? This will help you figure out what direction to take for the rest.

Idea 4: Create An Outdoor Living Space

You likely want to screen your porch in so you can use the area as an outdoor living space, but what does that look like to you? Do you want comfortable furniture for relaxing or a full outdoor kitchen? What you plan to do with the screened in porch could help you make decisions about how you will set things up. It’s wonderful to have a screened in porch on your home. Hire professionals to help you with the design and implementation of the project. Contact the experts at Paradis Remodeling & Building and get started. We have plenty of ideas we can share with you and we will align them with your goals for the best results.

Custom Home Building Process and Steps to Take

If you are thinking about building a new home, you want just the right thing for your family. There are cookie cutter homes that you can personalize, but they may not meet your needs quite right. Custom home building gives you the opportunity to create the exact right home for your needs. But how do you go about custom home building? Here are some steps to help you get started.

Organize Financing

The first thing you will need to do is create a budget and get your financing in order. You’ll have to have a top number and a plan to stay under it. The first thing any contractor will want to know is how much you plan to spend on the home.

Interview Builders

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Then, you’ll need to find a builder to help you with the custom home building process. You might want to tour model homes to see various builder’s work or look through portfolios and reviews. When you see homes that are of the quality you want, you may have a good builder for your project.

Find The Land

You will need a plot of land for your custom home building project. If you have a home plan in mind, find a plot that suits that plan, such as a walk out basement and other specifics. Otherwise, find the amount of space you want whether that’s a small lot or an acreage and consider the neighborhood, the drive times, the community, the schools, and other elements.

Get The Plans Just RightCustom home building

You will work with an architect or builder to create blueprints for the home. You get to decide every detail from the size of the rooms to their location. Use their expertise in the custom home building process to get the advice you need as to what layouts will work best for your family. It’s easy to go online and look at various layouts to get ideas that you might change around to suit your preferences.

Design-Build Contractor or Architect When Designing Your Addition

A Design-Build Contractor and Architects both do great work, so one of the biggest decisions you’ll face at the start is determining who is going to do the actual work.

In any case, your options are typically going to come down to hiring an architect, or hiring Design-Build Contractors who put everything together in one seamless package. Both options have advantages, and here are some things to consider when making your choice.

Key Differences

When you hire an architect, you’re asking a single person to create plans that are then bid out to construction firms. You’ll get very close to what you envisioned in terms of design. Moreover, some contracts require that the architect be on-site to check the quality of construction – as well as act as an advocate for your interests.

However, conflicts can occur between an architect – whose main responsibility is design – and a builder who is in charge of construction. The architect’s design may also cost more than what you budgeted for, meaning you may have to spend more or abandon the project altogether.

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Rick and Steve Paradis
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Design-Build Contractors, meanwhile, will be with you at every step. They’ll provide a design professional to help you develop your final plan after first setting up a budget and schedule that fits your needs.

A Design-Build Contractor will also provide a general contracting unit that have professional knowledge of building costs, as well as working arrangements with a network of subcontractors. This also helps eliminates surprise fluctuations in budget needs before and after the work is completed.

In other words, a Design-Build Contractor is with you – and responsible for – the entire project, as well as being a single point of contact for you through the process.

Other Advantages of a Design-Build Contractor

Some other advantages of a Design-Build Contractor is that they are usually less costly in the long run, and they often have a process in place for selecting cabinets, kitchen appliances, etc., that you might otherwise have to pay an architect to handle for you.

Paradis Remodeling and Building of Southampton can provide you with the design and building expertise you need for your new addition or custom-built home. Contact them today about their Design, Scope Development and Build process.