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Bathroom Designs and the Latest Innovations

Bathroom designs have advanced with technology. Modern bathrooms have been transformed from a “utilitarian space” to places of drawing luxury, comfort and convenience. Technology has changed the way you perceive your bathroom and has prompted addition of some bath necessities to add flavor to the bathing experience. Bathroom designs innovation are making the bathrooms extremely fabulous to use and add a sparkle to the beauty and touch of the rooms. Innovation in communication technology has also been incorporated in the bathrooms with things like flat-screen TVs, sophisticated sound systems and communication gadgets such as phones being installed in the bathrooms. These innovations have transformed bathrooms from places of taking showers into entertainment hubs.

Installation of Bathroom Designs

In addition another latest innovation in bathroom designs is installation of spa features such as steaming facilities, air tubs, an array of body sprays and Japanese soaking tubs. These elements are meant to add a professional touch into your bathroom. These products are meant to eliminate the need of visiting a resort or a body steaming parlor to enjoy yourself by creating one in your bathroom.

High End Showers

Bathroom designs has been taken a notch high with the installation of showers with benches, wall toilets for easier accessibility by handicapped persons, beautiful grab bars and walk-in showers. These designs are helping add comfort and create a serene environment while you are in the bathroom.

Radiant Heating

Installation of radiant heating equipment is another innovation in bathroom designs. The radiant heaters are used to heat the floors, dry towels or even make the air inside the bathroom warm. This help in making the place to be warm especially during the cold days. The radiant heaters are also made in new decorative way to add a modern taste into the bathrooms.

Art. Class.

Bathroom designs with the incorporation of sophisticated art of growing plants in bathrooms. The plants which are mainly beautiful flowers and small shrubs are planted on a vertical wall creating a garden on the wall. They help bring a new feel into the bathroom.

When you are ready to transform your bathroom, contact the experts at Paradis Remodeling and Building. You can call at 413-535-7006 or visit their website for more information and to schedule a free consultation.

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Northampton MA Builders – Green Building Practices

Green building practices used by Northampton MA builders serve the purpose of designing a self- efficient and energy reliant houses. There are various green products meant at making your house environmentally compliant by ecologically saving on energy. Several green products are used by Northampton MA Builders to make your house durable and effective. By reducing environmental impact, green products are pegged on as worthwhile and valuable hence ideal for you and your family. In coming up with a green construction, consider the following popular green products.

3 Green Products Used By Northampton MA Builders

Green Northampton MA Builders

Green Grout

Green grout is a kind of mix that is wet and is also environmental friendly. This grouting mortar requires no unique treatment before use. It simply does its work to perfection by air drying and its compatibility is worth talking about. What is more is that is designed in the form of a paste hence making its application quite easy. With this wonderful green product, you are assured of an ecologically efficient building. It is made from non-harmful materials and hence those who use it face no risks of being affected. What is more is that it is energy saving and time saving. This is definitely the product to go for as recommended by most Northampton MA Builders.

Green Seal

This is another green product that can make a whole difference in your life. It is particularly suitable for plastered surfaces and is also environmentally friendly,  actually it needs little or no efforts to be used. This product can also be used by any mason since it requires no specialized usage. Northampton MA Builders like using this product considering that it works well against cracking material.

Green Repair

This green product is particularly suitable for you as it does not require healing of the surface after applying it. It can also be used with a myriad of construction materials. It is also made of a smooth paste that makes it use quite easy and convenient.  This product is safe to use as it has no side effects with its use. Owing to the fact that Green repair is environmentally friendly, it will ensure a safe place for you and your loved ones.


It is time to think green in terms of housing. In constructing a green house, consider the appropriate green products used by Northampton MA Builders which make your house ecologically efficient. If you need an experienced contractor, contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling and Building to set up your free consultation (413-535-7006).

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Home Remodel Ideas for Spring in Western MA

As the days get longer and we begin to transition to warmer weather, you might be itching to do some spring cleaning. If the cleaning doesn’t do enough for you, you might also want to update the appearance of your home in one way or another. Spring is the perfect time to take on renovation projects. Here are a few home remodel  ideas to help you boost your home’s appearance and functionality.

4 Amazing Home Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Updateshome remodel ideas

The kitchen is full of home remodel ideas and while it can be a costly project, there are a few little tweaks you can put into effect to take the kitchen from downturned to fabulous. Change the look and feel of the cabinets with new hardware or paint a fresh color on the walls. Even small things can add up to big changes.

Upgrade to Wood Flooring

One of the home remodel ideas of your dreams might be to install new flooring. Wood flooring looks good in any home and if you already have it, re-staining and sanding old flooring might do the trick. Otherwise, spring is a great time of year to tackle this project with the windows open to let fresh air in.

Update Landscaping

If you want home remodel ideas for the exterior of your home, putting in some new plants and other landscape items can make a huge difference on curb appeal. Whether you have old plants that have died out or need something new entirely, landscaping can put the finishing touches on your home’s exterior.

Add a Sunroom

If you really want to enjoy your home this summer, consider an addition onto the back of the house. A sunroom is something you can enjoy all year long and spring is the perfect time for home remodel ideas of this nature. You might also consider a screened in porch to allow you to enjoy picnics without bugs and sun issues.

If you’re ready to take these home remodel ideas and make them reality, or you have others you want to put into action, contact the experts at Paradis Remodeling & Building. We can help you with the concepts all the way through completion. Let’s make your home into the castle you know it can be this spring with creative home remodel ideas!

Spring Home Remodeling Projects to Start Planning Now

It’s never too early to start thinking about, dreaming of, and planning home remodeling projects. And since spring is just around the corner, you’ll want to start planning those spring projects now. Here are a few spring home remodeling projects to put into the planning stages.

Project 1: Deck Expansion or Creationhome remodeling projects, Northampton deck builders, western ma

Decks allow you to enjoy the outdoor living space you have around your home. Decks come in all shapes and sizes and there are a number of materials to consider as well. You’ll want to look over the pros and cons of the materials and think about size and style as well.

Project 2: Roof Repairs

Winter can be rough on a roof and you might notice curling or peeling shingles. You can repair those things in the spring with some planning. This may not be one of the most fun home remodeling projects, but it is often necessary.

Project 3: Landscape Design

A house isn’t often complete without landscaping in certain areas. It’s a great idea to plan out these home remodeling projects in advance so you can put the plants in at the optimal time for their type. The design will hold up longer with less maintenance when you plan ahead of time.

Project 4: Add Skylights

Putting skylights into your home can open up any room of the house and create a sunny feeling in the spring and summer. You won’t have to use as much artificial lighting and you can enjoy the sun without losing your privacy. Many homeowners especially like skylights in the kitchen or bathroom.

Project 5: Enclose a Porch

Home remodeling projects allow you to use your home to its fullest. When you enclose a porch, you are able to use that space more often despite the season. You can keep bugs out and keep things cool with a fan. The enclosed porch is a highly valuable asset on any home.

No matter what you want to do with your home remodeling projects this spring, it is smart to dream big and plan ahead. Put a budget into place and save so you are ready for the project when the time comes around. Contact Paradis Remodeling and Building as well and we’ll help you with the planning process. When the time is right, together we’ll work on home remodeling projects in order to give you the house of your dreams.

Home Renovations : Trends for 2017 in Northampton MA

Fall is when most homeowners scramble to get their last-minute home renovations in before the holiday season. At Paradis Remodeling and Building, we take on many  and challenging home renovations. Below are some of the most popular and exciting home remodeling ideas of the coming fall season.

Trends in Northampton Home Renovations You Should Consider

Heated Floors

Heated floors represent the ultimate luxury, especially in places that see cold winters. Just imagine how comfortable you’d feel stepping out of your shoes in your home’s entryway and feeling warm, heated tile.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans allow families to spend time together while they work on separate tasks. By breaking down walls and widening communal spaces, open layouts also give homeowners more flexibility with their home’s decor.

Open Kitchens

Kitchens without walls are perfect for entertaining because open kitchens can fit as many or as few people in the space as you like.

Kitchen Technology

Phone and tablet charging stations and other high-tech appliances are becoming more and more common in kitchens. These conveniences enable homeowners to get more out of their kitchens.

Formal Dining Rooms

If you’re going to design a kitchen for entertaining, then you’ll want to have a dining room to match. Formal dining rooms make large dinner parties and holiday celebrations more fun and memorable.

Sun Rooms

Sun Rooms are perfect in Connecticut for plant growers who like a sunny spot to grow their indoor house plants. Sunrooms are also nice quiet spots for meditating.

Kitchen Cabinets with Multiple Colors

Are you tired of the same old kitchen cabinet options? Then why not consider a combination of blond and dark wood? This unusual and interesting combination will add subtle visual interest to your kitchen.

Islands in the Kitchenhome renovations, kitchen and bath remodeling

Kitchen islands have been popular in modern kitchens for decades, however, they’re even more popular now that open kitchens are becoming the norm. Installation of an island in an open kitchen can help define the space without requiring the use of walls.

Green Appliances

Eco-friendly appliances are more popular than ever. In addition to reducing your home’s carbon footprint, green appliances also save money on utility bills.

Colored Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel has been the go-to material for kitchen appliances for many years, but it’s only in recent months that some brands have begun to release kitchen appliances that are made of colored stainless steel.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is environmentally safe and it’s rustic, which is highly desirable in homes decorated with a vintage theme.

Whatever your home renovations are the pros at Paradis Remodeling and Building are with you every step of the way.


Top 8 Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends 2017 – Northampton MA

The kitchen is the heart of any home and when it looks old and tired, it is time for some remodeling. Kitchen remodeling design is very important to the overall aesthetics to this portion of the home. There are a number of trends to consider for 2017. Here are the top 8 to keep in mind.

  1. Gray is the new White

You’ve seen a lot of white kitchens over the years and white is still very trendy, however, gay is the new shade that takes the top spot. You can also combine cabinet colors to get variety and depth into the room. Gray is great because it goes with virtually any other color.


  1. Forget Hardware

Functionality is key in any kitchen remodeling design and many smaller kitchens are skipping hardware and going with cabinet doors and drawers that open and close with hydraulics so they are smooth and out of the way at all times.

  1. Black and White Classics

The black and white kitchen is a kitchen remodeling design that is classic and yet again on trend this year. The high contrast benefits the tension in the room and gives an effective sleek elegance.

  1. Colorful Sinks

If you want a pop of color in your otherwise monochromatic kitchen, an eye-catching, bright sink is a great trend this year. The sink adds a small amount of color that can also lead into a mostly neutral backsplash.

  1. Maximize Storagekitchen remodeling design

Storage should always be a part of kitchen remodeling design efforts and this year, drawers are deeper and custom storange is even more popular and important. Multi-tiered drawers help with a variety of storage issues.

  1. Commercial Grade

If you have a large family or a lot of guests on a regular basis, your kitchen remodeling design might be commercial grade. Maximize prep space and give yourself the feel of a large kitchen built for cooking.

  1. Look-A-Likes

Countertops can define any kitchen remodeling design, but they don’t have to break the budget. This year, get a granite look-a-like to stay on trend.

  1. Farmhouse FlairCustom kitchen pot rack

Cast-iron sinks come in a variety of colors with an apron front and they have never gone out of style. They hold a lot of pots and pans and are practical and stylish.

When you decide on a kitchen remodeling design, Paradis Remodeling and Building is happy to put it into action!

Northampton Home Remodel – the Top 5 trends for 2017

The Northampton home remodel trends that are popping up in 2017 will help you decide what direction to take your Northampton home remodeling project. If you are thinking of remodeling one portion of your home or another, you want to do a number of things at once. You want to raise the value of your home and you want to make it more functional. You also want to make it more stylish and appealing. Northampton home remodeling can accomplish all of those things and then some.

Top 5 Northampton Home Remodel Tips 2017

Trend 1: Accessibilitynorthampton home remodel, bath remodel, walk in tub, western ma

2017 is seeing a lot of homeowners remodeling their homes for accessibility. That means they are trying to eliminate tripping hazards and widen paths in order to maximize mobility. Homeowners are often accommodating their aging parents or want to stay in their home longer themselves and accessibility is important.

Trend 2: Mixing Styles

Northampton home remodel has found that mixing styles is a trend that is continuing into 2017. Homeowners have the design freedom to mix styles in a way that is unique and appealing to them. Homes are more personalized with elements from opposing decades.

Trend 3: Metal

Metal is being used in Northampton home remodel projects in 2017, mainly as an accent. You will see metal especially in bathrooms and kitchens and it quickly becomes a focal element. Blending different metals is a good way to add texture and visual interest to the background of the room.

Trend 4: Technology Advancesnorthampton home remodel technology, western ma, southampton ma, home remodeling

Northampton home remodeling also often includes technology advances in many projects. These advances allow homeowners conveniences and flexibility as well as affordability. You can do things like control your lights remotely, find out when your smoke alarm batteries are low, and adjust the temperature of your home from your office in another location. Including these advancements in remodeling projects is a huge 2017 trend.

Trend 5: Bright Colors

Bright colors and patterns offer a punch and a high level of energy to a room. They give is a playful touch and allow visual interest to the space. When working on Northampton home remodeling, think colorful thoughts and dramatic accents.

Northampton home remodeling is something any homeowner can embark upon with the right help. Contact Paradis Remodeling & Building for help, ideas, and free consultations to help you work towards the remodeling result of your dreams.

Bath Design Western MA Trends For 2016

Bath design Western MA these days is far different from different than bath design in the past. Living rooms and kitchens used to get the most attention out of any room in the house, but presently the bath room seems to be catching up. Bath designs Western MA are very popular these days even though it’s probably the room we spend the least amount of time in. No longer is it just the room for cleaning and washing up; bath rooms are now full of luxurious and innovative features.

bath design western ma
Radiant heating, high-end showers, and art are the new-norm of most bath designs and some people has even incorporated electronics such as flat screen televisions and stereo systems for personal enjoyment. Let’s take a look at some of today’s extraordinary bath features.

3 Top Features for Bath Design Western MA

• Jacuzzi Style Tubs are replacing the regular tubs in many homes as they add a since of luxury and relaxation. Going to professional spas isn’t on most people’s to do list so why not have your own. You should first research and determine if your home can handle this feature.
• Radiant Heating seems to be a necessity as most bath room floors are ice cold. Radiant heating brings warmth to not only the floor, but the air temperature also. Even some of the heaters have a modern feel to them and adds flavor to the room.
• High-End Showers are the icing on the cake. These showers include multiple heads and other features like wall toilets, and grab bars. Convenient and efficient with some relaxation in the middle.
Of course having these features means you need a high quality contractor that has the skill and know how. Paradis Remodeling & Building is Western Massachusetts premier home builder and remodeling service. The company is a full service General Contractor and specializes in residential design. Their process of bringing your dream to reality is:

1. Free Consultation
2. Meeting for Beginning the Design Phase
3. Detailed and Intricate Planning
4. Construction

bathroom contractors near Northampton
Paradis Remodeling and Building
Bathroom Contractors in the Northampton Area

If you’re looking for top notch service that can bring your bath design into fruition or any other renovation procedure; we has you covered while working directly with you. For more information click here
Give us a call at (413) 535-7006

Northampton Roofing Companies – Top Trends

Here are the Northampton roofing companies – top trends. Northampton roofing companies use composite roof covering merchandise with extraordinary fire and impact functions, a reasonable choice in storm-prone areas. This roofing material is well-liked in traditional districts.

6 New Trends for Northampton Roofing Companies

ColoringNorthampton roofing companies

But, look at the coloring of an asphalt roof. They, in many, cases are in dark colors, akin to black color. Utilization of premium trim will make this appealing merchandise that is much easier on the eyes. These shingles provide you with selections in the two colors as well as types. These are mixing exterior elements, cladding residences in in the unseen hues.


Northampton roofing companies will nail, hide, fasten and rout PVC trim boards making use of standard gear, causing jobs to end more quickly. There are also warmed metallic roofs now on the market. Whilst some aspects of residence model, like siding color as well as entrance type, modify as often as one year to the next, roof covering developments should not come as well as go so quickly.

Metal Roofs

Contemporary metallic roofs are another up as well as returning type for non commercial roof covering needs. Among siding merchandise, plastic is developing as one of the greatest ways to add huge attractiveness while reining in costs. It thwarts dirt well.

Natural Beauty

That’s a biggest advantage that equals fewer handling and setting up issues. Northampton roofing companies are choosing ways to build up on the products Mother Nature presented us, to the joy of everyone who would love stunningly beautiful homes. Tiles in hues apart from fundamental black, like white, green and brown, will also be trending because they are more electrically cost-efficient as well as echo much more of the sun’s infrared rays in the earth.

Composition shingles

Composition shingles could be walked upon, are easy to install and are probably the most affordable roof coverings on the market. If put in appropriately, a board roof will most likely endure your life expectancy, they are able to survive as long as 100 years. One of the newer developments for Northampton roofing companies calls for blending numerous materials in a home’s promotion.

Durability Northampton roofing companies

At the top quality of the range, durable materials such as fiberglass and asphalt concoctions are used by Northampton roofing companies to generate protected, as well as long-lasting, shingles. Lighter in weight trim on darker-colored residences is an emerging trend. It will help enhance an regular home’s exterior into a magazine-worthy showplace.

Amherst Home Improvement Trends 2015

Here are what industry professionals predict for the latest Amherst home improvement, home decor, as well as residence upgrade developments. While the warmer, rustic sense of earlier times was once the most popular decor, it really is now only about white-colored carpentry, easy counter-tops, polished surface finishes and ingenuous models. Remaining green: energy-efficiency and the use of renewable as well as lasting elements is anticipated in today’s residence makeovers. However digital purchases also play a major role in purchasing levels of home improvement, wherever your final deal occurs, perhaps, for example, from Paradis Remodeling and Building.

4 Top Amherst Home Improvement Trends

Brass is Back Brass for Amherst Home Improvement

Brass is back, but it is not as you consider it. Creative Amherst home improvement designers are integrating this new hammered brass into cooking areas as well as washroom appliances, in addition to illumination, as well as front door appliances. Actually, brass devices are getting buried away, or perhaps blended into the design, to generate a much more refined appearance. The highly polished, brilliant copper alloy fixtures as well as illumination will actually be substituted by a much more classy, as well as old-fashioned, brass.

Modern Kitchens

Smooth and simple is the modern look to today’s Amherst home improvement cooking area restoration. Among all rooms in a home, cooking area remodels scored highest as well as washroom makeovers entered as a close second for most common room restoration.

Vibrant Colorsnorthampton remodeling companies, paint

Based on Pantone, the major global influence on color, vibrant hues are shown as the most common for Amherst home improvement, red-colored will be Amherst home improvement interior designers’ modern coloring scheme for accent partitions, principal colors and floors in a bedroom, as well as principal dwelling spots in the house. For brand names as well as outlets in your home improvement sector, e-commerce was not an alternative in the initial phase of digital commerce, yet bettering technological innovation and going consumer behaviors are changing that. As in virtually every vertical, the route to purchase is more and more an mixture of digital as well as real experiences.

Renewable Materialsglass backsplash

Homeowners can use it all of the around in terms of bold usage of coloring or perhaps ornamentation. Experts agree that property owners will see much more renewable materials like recycled glass counter tops, as well as backsplashes, and energy-efficient appliances being integrated for home improvement.