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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Contractor

Choosing a contractor that is reputable, capable and trustworthy is the most important factor in any remodel.  The right contractor is the one that will provide quality craftsmanship and reduces or eliminates unexpected costs or emotional anxiety. Before you make this critical decision take a look at these 5 questions to ask to ensure you will choose the best contractor for your remodeling project.

How long has the contractor been in business in this area?

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Supporting a local remodeling company is great for your local economy and essential when choosing a contractor. A business that has been crafting their trade locally for more than 5 years should have a network of reputable suppliers and subcontractors, and a list of previous clients that could provide vital information.

Can you provide references?

Any reputable contractor should have an extensive list of references. They should provide you with a list that not only includes previous customers, but also subcontractors and suppliers. Getting information from previous customers will give you an idea of how the contractor treats clients. The information you acquire from subcontractors and suppliers will reveal the contractor’s professional reputation. 

Who will be running the project?

Many times the person you sit down with to discuss and eventually bid your project is not the person who will be doing the construction work. There will most likely be a lead carpenter who will oversee everyone that will be working in your home, including the subcontractors. Design/Build contractors will do a handoff meeting where you and the salesperson will do a sit down with the lead carpenter so you can get better acquainted.

Can you provide a timeline?

Any good contractor should be able to provide you with a detailed timeline for your project, more than just a start and completion date. It will give you an idea of the steps for the entire project, and let you know if things are slowing down by a couple of days. Although, the timeline will is not always exact, sometimes there are bumps in the road that may slow down a project that are of no fault of the contractor.

Do you itemize your bid?

Many contractors provide a written bid that is very vague, with only a bottom line price for your project. This can be very confusing and leave you in the dark about the specifics of the job. A detailed, itemized bid will provide you with the cost of every aspect of the project so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Doing a major or even a minor remodel can be a very taxing ordeal. Choosing the right contractor for you is the first, and most important, step in the process. Sit down with a few different contractors, ask them these important questions and consider carefully which one is right for you. If you are located in Western, MA contact Paradis Remodeling and Building, we will be glad to meet for a free consultation and answer any question you may have about your project. 

Deck design ideas for homeowners on a budget

If you would like to change your current deck, or add a deck to the back of your house, but you don’t have a large budget in mind for the project, there are deck design ideas that can satisfy your project needs as well as the money you have to spend. Here are a few ways to keep the costs down on that initial deck design.

Wood Materials

deck design ideas, agawam, westfield

Wooden decks are great for small or large spaces and they can give you the beauty and functionality you want. They cost less and can be maintained and even changed in color over the years. Wood is a fabulous material for a deck and it costs less than composite options.

Bench Seats

If you want a deck that allows you to entertain guests, instead of buying expensive furniture to put on the deck, add bench seats around the outside of the desk design and you can have the seating you want at a lower cost.

String Lighting

You can add all sorts of fancy lights to the deck, but you might be able to get a lovely effect at a lower cost by completing the deck with no lights and then adding string lighting around the railings. It’s easy to switch out and replace when strings go back and can give you the lighting you need.

Utilize Old Materials in New Deck Design Ideas

Just because your old deck floors are warped and rotting doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the railings. Or, just because you want to change the deck design doesn’t mean you can’t use the same wood. Repurposing your old materials into a new deck can give you the design you want at a price you can afford.

Using the Right Company

There are some deck companies that are luxury designers who will only create designs that are costly and out of your range. But there are also deck designers who are willing to work within your price range, whatever that may be. Let the deck builders know what your budget is and they can offer you ideas and options that fit into those cost parameters.

When you have a deck project in mind, contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building. We are here to help you with deck design ideas of your dreams at a cost you can actually afford. We want you to have the results you will enjoy without breaking your budget.

Kitchen Contractors Advice on Choosing the Perfect Cabinets in Western MA

If you’re looking to hire kitchen contractors to remodel your kitchen, a great place to start the design process is with your cabinets. Cabinets will definitely help improve look of your kitchen and can be configured to different layouts to make the most of the room’s size and floor plan.

Cabinet tips from kitchen contractors

Choosing the right lookkitchen contractors, cabinets, northampton ma

Everyone’s taste is different and kitchen contractors can help you find the look that fits your personality and home. As a rule, light-colored woods such as oak and maple add brightness to your kitchen and make it seem larger. Darker woods, such as cherry and mahogany, create a more visual effect (almost like furniture). But solid wood and plywood cabinets will provide better durability and sharper details than pressed wood.

You can also go with more ‘exotic’ woods, such as mahogany and bamboo that can be stained to provide a sleek finish.

Current cabinet styles and trends

Kitchen contractors will talk with you about what’s popular in kitchen cabinets today.  Including wall cabinets that extend to the ceiling and can be used for storage for serving- and cooking-ware that’s infrequently used. Or, floor-to-ceiling cabinets can create an accent wall that’s used to store a wide variety of things.

Hardware is always important

Hardware can be considered the ‘jewelry’ of your kitchen and working with kitchen contractors will help you pick what best suits your needs. Some things to keep in mind include fully-adjustable door hardware that keeps the gap between doors uniform. Some cabinets offer many organization solutions, like pull-out pantries. An old-fashioned Lazy Susan is another option.

Pick a style

Kitchen contractors will offer you the option of framed or frameless cabinets. Frameless tend to have a more contemporary look and easier interior access. The drawers and doors attach to the cabinet box of a frameless cabinet, which doesn’t have a face frame as frame cabinets do.

The kitchen contractors at Paradis Remodeling & Building will work with you to find kitchen cabinets that are right for you. Their Design/Scope Develop/Build process is a one-stop shopping solution for all of your remodeling needs.

Kitchen Design Experts Top 5 Kitchen Styles

Kitchen design is important to any home since that space often becomes the heart of the home. Trends come and go but these five kitchen styles have staying power. If you are building a home or renovating the one you have, consider these styles.

1-U-Shaped Kitchen Design

If you have a large space and want a lot of storage and perhaps a place to eat, you get three walls of workspace and the option of adding an island in the middle for more or for a place to eat. This type of kitchen design still connects the kitchen to other spaces of the house as well.

2-L-Shaped Kitchen Design

You lose one wall of counters and storoage with L-shaped over U-shaped, btu if you have a corner space, you can maximize it. It can also help you to cook in peace without having too much activity nearby.


This kitchen design isn’t as popular right now since open concept homes are all the rage, but the two-walled approach gives storage and facilities in a space that is on the small side. It’s easy to move from working space to workign space and have everything you need within reach.

4-Island Kitchen

kitchen bump out, south hadley

You can do a ton with island kitchens and give a great deal of depth and more working space to the kitchen. The island gives the family a stopping point and a place to fit as well as a focal point in a larger kitchen. It’s a nice alternate dining area and can allow you to get more storage at the same time.

5-Peninsula Style

When you add a peninsula to the kitchen, you are adding an island that sticks out of the middle of the room. It can enhance a U or L-shaped kitchen. Homes that really want to have an island, but don’t have space in the middle can build one onto the outside.

There are other kitchen design options to consider if you are building or renovating a home. Think about the space you have to work with and what would fit into it well. You’ll also want to think about what functions you need for your family life. The professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building are here to help you decide. We can walk through the design process with you and then, help you with the building portion so you get everything you need in your kitchen–and then some. 

Modern Bathroom Ideas Filled with Luxury Designs

If you want to renovate your bathroom in a modern style, there are plenty of things you can do. Luxury is the key to making any modern bathroom stand out and for that, you will need a few ideas. Here are some options:

Go with Marble

Marble is one of the upgrades you can use for countertop materials to make the modern bathroom everything you want in the luxury department. One of the nice things about marble is that every piece is unique so no matter what color or style you get, it’s the only one like it. Marble is high in value and gives you that elegant appeal.

Upgrade the Lighting

Light fixtures give you the light you need, but they can also help you to get the look and feel you want in that room. Look for something that has intricate details that brings the luxury into the space. You want to get the right light, but you want it to come to the space with a modern feel.

Contrast the Colors

Contrastinc colors can really stand out in a modern bathroom and make the space look that much more special. Modern rooms often have black and white colors to give a sharp contrast. If you don’t want that look, you can contrast with two colors in the same shade, but in different tones. Or, you can play with some bright colors and contrast them with white to give the space an elegant, shocking appeal.

Modern Bathroom Tile Work

Beautful tile work around the tub or shower or even on the floor or wall can really enhance the look of a modern bathroom. There are so many tiles from which to choose today that it can be hard to make a decision. You can have intricate patterns placed to make the room stand out as something unique and elegant–unlike any other bathroom.

modern bathroom

When you are ready for a bathroom remodeling project, the professionals as Paradis Remodeling & Building are here to help. You can call us to come over for a free consultation and estimate. We can take your old bathroom and make it into something new, fresh, and modern. We’ll brainstorm with you and figure out the details together in order to get the bathroom of your dreams set up and ready to go. We’d like to help through the design process all the way to implentation.

Composite Decking Products & Materials for Homeowners

A deck is an investment into your home that adds value. The choice between wood or composite decking materials is a big one. You need to understand the difference in order to make the right choice. Here are some such differences:

Low Maintenance Capabilities

Wood decks need to be sealed or painted, like any outdoor wood product. Composite decking, on the other hand, is a synthetic material that won’t split, crack, or rot despite a lack of attention. In fact, it can’t be painted or treated in any way and it doesn’t need it.

Durability for Composite Decking

Wood decks can last 10-15 years, but composite decking lasts, on average 25-30 years. There is minimal upkeep and the materials resist weather and damage in general in comparison to wood, which can be impacted by the climate.


Composite materials are often made from recycled materials, which can keep waste out of landfills and doesn’t use up trees. While you are using sustainable items, you are also helping the environment.


composite decking, deck ideas, western ma, westfield

There’s no doubt about it, wood is beautiful on a deck. But it has to be kept up in order to remain that way. Composite materials have exotic hardwood grain patterns and can look realistic for a long time. With expanded colors, they are in style and are great choices for a fashionable deck.


While wood is the less expensive way to go, composite decking is still cost-effective because it lasts so much longer than wood and you don’t have to buy the materials to maintain it over the years. Plus, there are a variety of price points so most homeowners can find what they need to suit their budgets.


Wood boards have to be nailed and screwed together to create the deck of your dreams, but composite boards often have hidden clip systems that give you a seamless installation that is faster to put together, and more attractive overall.

If you feel like composite materials are the way to go for your deck, there are lots of different products from which to choose. It’s important to consult with professionals, like those at Paradis Remodeling & Building, to get the advice you need for the process. We can help you design and build your deck from start to finish and we will work with you to ensure that you get everything you need from the project. Your home value will raise greatly.

Kitchen CountertopS Options and Materials | Southampton MA

Choosing kitchen countertops when you are renovating that space can make the whole room look and feel different. There’s no such thing as one size fits all and what you like for your room might be different than what someone else chooses. You want to think about your lifestyle, your budget, and your personal style. Here are some material options for kitchen countertops.


kitchen countertops, home renovations

Granite is a natural stone that gives your kitchen a classy look. Most granite kitchen countertops look unique because the look depends on what the individual stone is derived from in the beginning. There are lots of color options and honed as well as polished styles. Granite is durable and can support any cooking need.

Cermic Tile

If you want a customized look, ceramic tile is a great option because there are more choices than you could ever see in your lifetime. You can even mix and match different tiles or cut them in different ways to give your kitchen a fully one of a kind look. The price range varies and you can find something on the low end all the way up to higher end options. Cermic tiles are usually a glossy finish, which helps to brighten up smaller rooms.


Soapstone has a more limited color palate and more slabs have a gray understone, but it can come in blue or green as well. No two slabs are alike and the stone is stain and bacteria resistant as well as tolerant to meat.


Concrete may not seem like something you would place on your countertops in the kitchen, but it’s very popular today. There are looks that are very polished and it can even come with a certain shade or tone to it. It can also be mixed with ceramic stones to create a mosaic look on the countertop.


Marble is a luxurious option that is highly popular today. It has an elegant finish to it and no two slabs are alike. It’s easy to clean and even increases the resale value of your home. While it costs more than other options, it’s often easier to meet goals.

When you are looking into materials for your kitchen countertops, contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building and we will help you go over the options alongside your budget and your overall kitchen wants and needs. We’re here to help with the process.

Why Choose Local Home Remodelers in Western MA

Keeping it local is important for many businesses including local home remodelers. Remodeling a living space is also important, whether the project is large or small. A bath remodel or a kitchen renovation brings dozens of reasons why a person should choose local home remodelers. Here are four important reasons to go with the local choice.

Local Home Remodelers
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Local Laws

Searching licensing procedures is a necessary job and working within your state when checking credentials is a simpler process. Homeowners have the opportunity see the work of neighbors that may be familiar with the work of local home remodelers. This helps homeowners feel comfortable. Adhering to local codes is another problem a local builder may not have. It is important that builders install codes properly in order to prevent costly delays and inspection difficulties.

Multiple Local Home Remodelers

Multiple groups are remodeling bathrooms and other home areas across the country. Choosing local vendors allows owners to interview a variety of builders, getting better options for their money. A builder located in a distant place limits homeowners and adds greater stress to the process. Meeting home remodelers before hiring them is smart. This is possible when home remodelers are local. A buyer has the hometown atmosphere to decide if this person is the right builder and multiple candidates are available for interview. References are easier to track and someone in the local area has done business with the remodeler before. Getting information is done faster, before contracts are signed. Local building requirements are more familiar and necessary paperwork will be easier to verify.

remodeling a bathroomMaterial Cost and Experience

The cost of materials used are cheaper when local home remodelers knows where to get them and they have a relationship with local product providers. A consumer can get a better estimate of the experience of the builder and will be able to look at other remodeling work done by the potential remodeling company. Local contractors offer a lesser chance of being scammed.

Owners of local home remodeling companies have a local address and generally live in the community. Finding the right person to handle a remodeling plan is more than finding someone to use a hammer. It involves working with people you can trust to finish the work, doing a quality job. This is simpler when people are invested in the community where they work.

Bathroom remodeling in Western MA Top 5 Trends

Bathroom remodeling in Western MA can be both fun and confusing. There are so many different ways that you can accessorize your new bathroom that people often don’t know where to start. If you are looking for a little help and inspiration, consider going through some of the top trends below.

5 Trends for Bathroom Remodeling in Western MA

bathroom remodeling in western ma

Add in extra storage space.

One thing that many can always use is extra storage space. Instead of trying to stuff all of your towels into one small compartment, you can add in some cabinets under the sink or along the walls. The key is maximizing your space, while still making it look aesthetically appealing.

Go with a heated floor.

If you are tired of stepping out of the shower onto an ice cold floor, it might be time to go with a heated floor. This is one of the best ways to accentuate your bathroom during your bathroom remodeling western MA project. With heated flooring, you never have to worry about freezing in the morning.

Revamp the shower surround.

There is no time like the present to give your shower surround a fresh new look. When it comes to bathroom remodeling in western MA, this one is definitely at the top of many people’s lists. You can go with an ocean theme by adding in blue, green and white tiles or a neutral theme with tan and white. Either way, you can customize your space according to your needs.

Swap out the shower door.

Instead of the traditional boring shower doors, consider going with a frameless shower door. During your bathroom remodeling western MA project, you might want to look into a few of the different options on the market to determine what one is going to work the best for your specific needs and wants.

Add in a double vanity.

Double vanities are a great way to take advantage of your bathroom remodeling in Western MA project. They not only look amazing, but they prevent you from having to fight over the sink and mirror in the morning. They also add extra storage space underneath for you to put anything you need safely out of sight.

As you prepare for your bathroom remodeling in Western MA, you want to spend some time going through the different options out there and choose the one that is going to work the best for your budget and your lifestyle.

Amherst Home Improvement Trends 2021

Here are what industry professionals predict for the latest Amherst home improvement, home decor, as well as residence upgrade developments. While the warmer, rustic sense of earlier times was once the most popular decor, it really is now only about white-colored carpentry, easy counter-tops, polished surface finishes and ingenuous models. Remaining green: energy-efficiency and the use of renewable as well as lasting elements is anticipated in today’s residence makeovers. However digital purchases also play a major role in purchasing levels of home improvement, wherever your final deal occurs, perhaps, for example, from Paradis Remodeling and Building.

4 Top Amherst Home Improvement Trends

Brass is Back Brass for Amherst Home Improvement

Brass is back, but it is not as you consider it. Creative Amherst home improvement designers are integrating this new hammered brass into cooking areas as well as washroom appliances, in addition to illumination, as well as front door appliances. Actually, brass devices are getting buried away, or perhaps blended into the design, to generate a much more refined appearance. The highly polished, brilliant copper alloy fixtures as well as illumination will actually be substituted by a much more classy, as well as old-fashioned, brass.

Modern Kitchens

Smooth and simple is the modern look to today’s Amherst home improvement cooking area restoration. Among all rooms in a home, cooking area remodels scored highest as well as washroom makeovers entered as a close second for most common room restoration.

Vibrant Colorsnorthampton remodeling companies, paint

Based on Pantone, the major global influence on color, vibrant hues are shown as the most common for Amherst home improvement, red-colored will be Amherst home improvement interior designers’ modern coloring scheme for accent partitions, principal colors and floors in a bedroom, as well as principal dwelling spots in the house. For brand names as well as outlets in your home improvement sector, e-commerce was not an alternative in the initial phase of digital commerce, yet bettering technological innovation and going consumer behaviors are changing that. As in virtually every vertical, the route to purchase is more and more an mixture of digital as well as real experiences.

Renewable Materialsglass backsplash

Homeowners can use it all of the around in terms of bold usage of coloring or perhaps ornamentation. Experts agree that property owners will see much more renewable materials like recycled glass counter tops, as well as backsplashes, and energy-efficient appliances being integrated for home improvement.