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Deck Design Ideas for Entertaining Family and Friends

If you are considering putting a deck onto your home, or expanding the one you have, it might be for the comfort and enjoyment of your family members first and foremost. When you have deck design on the mind, you may also have entertainment goals for friends and family. As long as you are working on a deck, you may as well get everything you want from it. Here are a few ideas to help you entertain with your deck design.

Consider Built In Seating

Decks are a great place to entertain. It can be a pain to move chairs around or to buy a bunch of outdoor seating items that could not hold up well against the elements. Instead, consider built in seating to take care of at least some of those issues. You can have benches go all the way around the deck, or pop up in certain locations.

Tiered Deck Design

If you already have a deck in place, but you find it too small and confining, perhaps leave it alone and simply add another deck lower. This tiered deck design is very attractive and can add a lot of space and options to your outdoor living space.

Wrap Around Decks

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To expand the deck you have in the back, think about wrapping it around to the side of your house. You’ll have more space and you can enjoy views from two sides of your house. Plus, these desks raise the value of a home and can be simply stunning.

Canopy Options

Deck design isn’t all about space for entertaining. You also have to think about the comfort of those you invite over. You may want a roof or canopy of some kind over the deck to bring shade and comfort to the area. That kind of deck design can be very practical and well worth the extra effort.

Place A Fire Pit Focal Point

Decks are great for gathering and can be stellar outdoor living spaces. Think about putting a fire pit in the center of the deck so people can enjoy the ambiance on a cooler evening.

There are plenty of things you can do with your design plans. A deck that will make entertaining both easier and a lot more fun. Contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building for ideas, options, and the plan of your dreams.

Pro Tips for a Bathroom Remodel Northampton Area

Whether you just bought your home or have been living in it for years, at some point you are going to want to do some remodeling to make minor to major changes. Residents of Massachusetts have some things to think about before choosing what type of remodeling there needs to be done such as family size and possible city ordinance for major changes. Sometimes it could be just a matter of creating more space and adding better lighting or a complete overhaul of everything in the room. For a bathroom remodel Northampton MA there are some things to consider when thinking about the changes to be made.

bathroom remodel northamptonDetermine Budget

Determine how much you have to spend. If the remodeling isn’t within your budget you should either wait or consider an alternative that isn’t as costly. Having a bathroom remodel Northampton MA can cost a pretty penny if you plan to do more than paint and redecorate.bathroom remodel northampton ma

Be Green

Try to stay green. Not only is this beneficial for a tax write off but it’s great for the environment. Many times you will get a discount for green products and they can look good too.

Minor Changes to a Bathroom Remodel Northampton

Make minor changes to your bathroom remodel Northampton MA. From adding a fresh coat of paint to switching out your medicine cabinet or adding additional storage space and switching out the vanity for a larger one are some bathroom remodel Northampton MA to think about. Doing minor changes always helps the bathroom appear to have gone through a remodeling process.

Major Changes to a Bathroom Remodel Northampton

Start on major changes on your bathroom remodel Northampton MA. This will cost more especially if you’re fixing/replacing any plumbing. You can change your tub to only a shower, change out your toilet, add in new light fixtures and/or change the flooring.
Customize the bathroom. This will cost a lot more than minor change, but it will be well-worth having exactly what you want. Maybe the bathroom is too small or doesn’t match your needs are anymore. Adding space by cutting into an adjacent area of your home such as a closet that isn’t used much can be something to think about.

Northampton residents may consider calling upon an expert to do the remodeling rather than trying it yourself. This allows you to sit back and relax without worrying about the remodeling getting done right. Call upon Paradis Remodeling and Building to have your bathroom remodel Northampton are started today.

Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends for Families on an Budget

Kitchen and bathroom renovations can cost thousands. If you are on a budget, but you still want a kitchen and bathroom design that can give you a new look and feel, it’s certainly possible. Here are a few design trends that help you stay on the budget, but still get a new look.


kitchen and bathroom design

Paint can work miracles, even in a small space. If you change the paint color to something lighter, it can make the room look larger and more open. Your family will feel more welcome in the space, which will look airy and inviting. You can also go with a bold color on one or more walls to give the space a sense of style.

Change Hardware

The hardware on the cabinets in your rooms are a small detail, but they can make a big difference in the look of the room. Take off the old hardware and put something ornate in or get something shiny to give the room a finished look that doesn’t cost very much.

Paint Cabinets

The kitchen and bathroom design often revolves around the cabinets in the room. In a kitchen, they take up a lot of space. In the bathroom, they reside under the sink and take up room there. White is a huge change if you have something dark, but painting cabinets white give a new, fresh look. Gray is the new white for spaces and gives a sense of depth in a neutral way. Choose another color and you can make a big change in the space on a budget.

Keep Plumbing In Place

Whatever you do, make sure you keep the plumbing in place in the kitchen and bathroom design in order to keep yourself on a budget. Moving plumbing fixtures around will cost a lot of funds that you could spend on other areas. As long as your kitchen or bathroom is functional as is, leave the plumbing in place and stay on budget.

These are just a few small things you can change in your kitchen and bathroom design, even if you have a smaller budget. Figure out how much you can spend on the project and then visit with the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building. We’re here to help you figure out what you can do at a cost you can afford. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Master Bathroom Must Haves for 2020 in Western MA

Technically, all you need or a master bath is a toilet, shower or bath, tub, and a sink. If you are renovating the master bath, you want it to be truly worthy of its name. There are a few other things that you really must have. Here are some items to consider:

A Double Sink

If you have two people in the master bathroom getting ready at the same time, it’s nice for each person to have their own sink. Taking turns is nice if you have to, but when you are creating a haven, there’s no need. A double sink gives you more functionality than you had in the past with just one sink.

A Large Soaking Tub

As the master of the house, you should have some sense of luxury and a way to relax in the bathroom. You likely have a lot of stress in your life and even if you don’t use it very often. Having a large tub in the master bathroom to soak in when you need to can be a real treat. Include some jets and you can really enjoy the master portion of the bathroom.

Master Bath Storage

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Since the master bath is a larger space than another bathroom. It should have the proper storage for towels, toiletries, and other items. You want to be able to keep things off the counter and floor so the room looks nice. You may even end up storing things from other bathrooms in there.

Proper Lighting

The master bath can be as nice and luxurious as you want. So if you can’t see well and do your hair and makeup, it’s not going to be everything you need it to be. You’ll want to have the right overhead lighting and perhaps some spot lighting to help you see everything as well as you need to.

Large Shower Enclosure

No one likes feeling cramped in the shower and in the number one bathroom in the house, it’s nice to have a shower that is larger and well enclosed. You could even add a second shower head for added luxury.

If you want home renovations in the largest bathroom of your house, the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building are here to help. We can do everything from help you plan and create a strategy. To implementing the decisions you make and completing the project for you.

New Home Addition Means More Space For Family

A new home addition can make your home, which is your prized possession, the envy of your family and friends. The average size home has enough space for one to three people, but sometimes just doesn’t feel like it’s quite enough. Large families need relatively more space whether it’s an extra bedroom, bath, or family room.

Sometimes the layout of your home doesn’t work as before or the use of certain spaces have changed. Having a cramped cluttered home is uncomfortable so reorganizing the floor plan is a much needed benefit. Creating the desired addition is the goal and some considerations such as:

  • Does the new home addition flow with the rest of the house?
  • Will it address your space issues?
  • Is the design in sync with the neighborhood homes?

Choosing the best contractor is a must. One who understands your needs and is capable of delivering functionality, space, and layout. The addition should give you a consistent look that’s constructed in a way that it appears to have been there all along. That’s where Paradis Remodeling & Building comes in. The company specializes in home renovation services such as:

  • Master Suite Additions
  • Full and Half Basement Additions
  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Siding and Roofing
  • Second Story Addition
  • Decks/Porches

new home addition

Check out the Company’s photo gallery here:

The company has been around since 2003 and serves the areas such as Southampton, Amherst, Northampton, Westfield, Belchertown and more. The highly skilled contractors will work with and guide you through the process. (PR&B) offers innovative 3D renderings of before construction and after. You’ll never have to go at it alone. The team uses a design/scope and develop/build process which will help your new addition blend in with the perfect fit.

Reasons for a New Home Addition

  • A Growing Family
  • Separating The Girls/Boys Bedrooms
  • Bringing In An Aging Parent
  • Family Room Addition For Entertainment

Paradis Remodeling & Building does everything by the book will first assess the system and structure. That way you’ll know upfront if there are additional code upgrades and how much the project costs; unlike other contractors. The company prides itself on fine craftsmanship and great customer service. For a free consultation call (413) 535.7006

For a more detailed look on services and company information click here:

Master Bathroom Remodel Average Cost in Western MA

If you have decided that your master bathroom isn’t functioning as well as it should and you want aesthetic changes to upgrade the value of your home, it’s time for a remodeling project. The kitchen and the bathroom are the most popular (and most expensive) rooms in the house to renovate. The variables that go into the project are going to determine the average costs. Here are a few things that can raise or lower those costs:

Moving Fixtures in the Master Bathroom

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If you are leaving your master bathroom setup as is and just changing the flooring, countertops, and other such things, the cost is going to be much less than if you decide you want to move the shower across the room, place the toilet in another location, and convert the sink from a single into a double. Anything you do to move or change the plumbing in the room is going to raise the costs significantly.

Material Options

The materials you choose for the master bathroom will also have a huge impact on the bottom line. If you’re getting linoleum flooring, that’s one thing. Marble tile is another. If you want top of the line countertops made from natural stone, that’s going to cost more than porcelain tiles. The materials you choose will help you figure out the average costs.

Detail Work

Anyone can paint the master bathroom a new color and that can have a large effect on the overall tone of the room. But if you are going into great detail and having tiles put into the entire shower wall, that will cost a lot more than a paint job. The more detail work that is involved, the higher the price tag will go.Before you get hung up on average costs, decide what you really need to change about your master bathroom and what you can live with. Functionality should come first, but aesthetics are important as well.

No matter what your overall goals are, the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building can help you figure out the details. We understand budgets and we can take the money you have available and work out a plan that will suit your needs and your monetary constraints. We work by your side to turn your average bathroom into a dream oasis that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Small Kitchen Design to Spice up Your Kitchen

Small kitchen design is important because the kitchen remains the central hub for the family life and not just an ideal place for the preparation of meals. However, this does not mean that the kitchen should remain the way it is and not benefit from some spicing up. The industry is full of several small kitchen designs that you can apply in your own kitchen to spice it up as shown below.


Downsizing means making the kitchen more oriented towards fulfilling its main function, preparing meals. Therefore, fill it with the appliances and work areas that you need to prepare meals. Fill the kitchen with single sinks, two-burner stoves, pint-sized microwaves, freezer drawers and refrigerators.

Opening it

small kitchen desing, kitchen remodel
Small Kitchen Design and Remodel by Paradis Remodeling and Building.

Opening the small kitchen up is all about removing all overhead cabinets. The best small kitchen design is one that helps you to get rid of the feeling of being in a box or claustrophobic.

Mixing materials in a Small Kitchen Design

Mix wood with metal and other types of surface materials as a way of spicing up the small kitchen. The color, lighting, floor, cabinets, fixtures and countertop surfaces should be of diverse materials.

Incorporating glass

Incorporating glass makes the small and tight space appear larger and freer. Find a way of incorporating glass on countertops, tabletops or cabinetry doors.

Small Kitchen Design Lighting

Pendant lighting, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeler, small kitchen design
Pendant Lighting from

Find a way of combining atmospheric and task lighting beautifully in the small kitchen. Hang some pendant lights around the kitchen to spice it all up.

Flooring solutions

The flooring is one of the most important aspects of any small kitchen design. It is great to install linoleum, cork, and tumbled marble or go retro with the flooring solution.


A small kitchen design should feature strong colors that hide its tiny size. Light colors or bold colorations can be effective in petite kitchens.

Adding Comfort

You can still make the small kitchen seem larger by focusing on improving its comfort levels. A country cozy small kitchen design would produce a stunning look.
Therefore, do not be afraid to try any of these guides if you are interested in small kitchen design. For more assistance, seek the assistance of small kitchen experts to help you spice it all up.

Agawam Home Improvement With Best ROI

If your home is starting to show its age, Agawam Home Improvement projects might be in your future. While you can make a list of projects you want to take on, it may be important to you to put them in a good order. When you place an order on the projects, consider the return on your investment, or ROI. Here are a few projects that have among the best returns.

Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are high in the ROI department. They help you to save energy, which in turn saves you money on your energy bills. You can start to pay yourself back for the investment right away. They also raise the value of your home so if you sell in the future. Add to that further comfort and functionality in the home and new windows are hard to beat.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home. Lots of things happen in that space and if it’s old and shabby, it shows. If you want your kitchen to function better and look nicer at the same time, you can get a huge ROI on remodeling that space. Not only will it look nice for your family, it will function better and more efficiently. Plus, you can ask quite a bit more for your home after your kitchen is brand new.

Bathroom Remodeling

Agawam Home Improvement done in the bathroom is also very valuable. If you add modern amenities and make the space easier to use, it goes a long way. You can put in efficient fixtures, which save you money, and again, put a higher price on your home when you sell in the future.


More people enjoy outdoor living spaces now than ever before. It’s a hugely popular trend. So when you are looking into Agawam Home Improvement projects, consider adding or expanding a deck or porch on your home. You can add living space to your property for you to enjoy and you will also be able to add a great deal to your home’s value, too.

These are just a few of the Agawam Home Improvement projects that have a good ROI. If you have another project in mind and you want to know about the return on the investment in that area, ask the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building.

Home Design Ideas to Watch in 2020

It’s easy enough to watch renovation TV shows and look through magazines and dream about what you would like to do with your home design. But when you’re ready to take action, you need to look into the design ideas that pop up so you can see what lines up with your preferences. Here are a few home design ideas that are becoming popular this year.

Fixtures as Art

Light fixtures serve a purpose–they provide your home with light. However, this year, they are also being used as pieces of art. Of course, you won’t be able to create art with every fixture and if you did, it would be overdone. Choose a few important fixtures, like the pendants above a kitchen counter or the entryway chandelier, and add fixtures that personalize the home and give it a designer look of artistry.

Natural Home Design Ideas Elements

2018 saw a lot of tech-obsessed decor, but in 2019, home design is much more about being fresh and natural. Use materials like stone, granite, copper, and even concrete. The serene ambiance goes with just about any home style and brings a semblance of nature into any space.

Velvet Furnishings

Believe it or not, velvet is back for home design this year. The luxurious material is multi-dimensional and gaining a lot of attention already this year. Use a velvet sofa as an accent piece to highlight a certain color.

Black and White Decor

home design ideas

Using black and white in your home design ideas is something you can’t go work with. This timeless trend lets you have a visual contrast in your home with a sense of both boldness and balance. You can utilize the colors in the walls and flooring, through the furnishing, or in other ways.

Geometric Patterns

While subway tiles are still all the rage in home design, you can also consider geometric patterns in the tiles you place on the bathroom walls or floors. Colors are generally bold and patterns are oversized to make a dramatic statement. Whether you are thinking about renovating a bathroom, bedroom, your kitchen, or any other room in the house, you’ll want to know what’s popular in home design ideas this year. The experts at Paradis Remodeling & Building can help you go through the options and choose just the right home design elements for your tastes and your home’s space. Choosing classic, timeless items will help your style have lasting power

Local Roofers vs Large National Roofing Companies

Whether a big storm blew through or the years have been unkind to your home, there might come some circumstances that call for roof replacement or repairs. When you are facing these home improvement tasks, do you use a national roofing company or local roofers? When there’s a choice, always go with local roofers. Here are a few reasons why…

The Money Stays Here

Wouldn’t you rather see the money you earn and put into your home go into your own community instead of elsewhere? When you hire a local roofer, that’s just what happens. You are spending your money right here in your area and the local company will buy supplies and other things locally.

The Company Is There Later

National companies sometimes come to regions after big storms so they can help with repairs and replacements. But local companies are here to stay. When you use local roofers, they are there to help you with your roofing job from start to finish. They are also there later if there are any problems, or if you just have more questions. You can find them in their storefront or with a quick phone call to their local number.

Representatives Live Among You

local kitchen contractors
Rick and Steve Paradis Western MA Premiere Design-Build Contractor 413-535-7006

It’s possible that you will know someone who works at the local roofing company. Being local, the people who work there are basically your neighbors. They will want to do what is best for you because they live and work among you. They know word of mouth is powerful and they want you to only have good things to say about their business.

Local Roofers Offer Easy Guarantees

Any roofing company worth its weight should offer guarantees on the work it does on your home. But when you use local roofers, they are easy to reach later if there does happen to be a problem. The guarantees mean nothing if you can’t get anyone to return to your home if something happens.

These are just a few of the reasons to use local roofers when you need repairs or replacements on your roof. As far as local goes, the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building are among the best. We want nothing but the best for your home and we’d love to offer you our expert advice. Once we agree upon what needs to happen, we’ll implement the repairs or replacement for you and we’ll still be around later.