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Bath Design Western MA Trends For 2016

Bath design Western MA these days is far different from different than bath design in the past. Living rooms and kitchens used to get the most attention out of any room in the house, but presently the bath room seems to be catching up. Bath designs Western MA are very popular these days even though it’s probably the room we spend the least amount of time in. No longer is it just the room for cleaning and washing up; bath rooms are now full of luxurious and innovative features.

bath design western ma
Radiant heating, high-end showers, and art are the new-norm of most bath designs and some people has even incorporated electronics such as flat screen televisions and stereo systems for personal enjoyment. Let’s take a look at some of today’s extraordinary bath features.

3 Top Features for Bath Design Western MA

• Jacuzzi Style Tubs are replacing the regular tubs in many homes as they add a since of luxury and relaxation. Going to professional spas isn’t on most people’s to do list so why not have your own. You should first research and determine if your home can handle this feature.
• Radiant Heating seems to be a necessity as most bath room floors are ice cold. Radiant heating brings warmth to not only the floor, but the air temperature also. Even some of the heaters have a modern feel to them and adds flavor to the room.
• High-End Showers are the icing on the cake. These showers include multiple heads and other features like wall toilets, and grab bars. Convenient and efficient with some relaxation in the middle.
Of course having these features means you need a high quality contractor that has the skill and know how. Paradis Remodeling & Building is Western Massachusetts premier home builder and remodeling service. The company is a full service General Contractor and specializes in residential design. Their process of bringing your dream to reality is:

1. Free Consultation
2. Meeting for Beginning the Design Phase
3. Detailed and Intricate Planning
4. Construction

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Paradis Remodeling and Building
Bathroom Contractors in the Northampton Area

If you’re looking for top notch service that can bring your bath design into fruition or any other renovation procedure; we has you covered while working directly with you. For more information click here http://www.paradisremodelingandbuilding.com
Give us a call at (413) 535-7006

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