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Bathroom remodels: Turn Your Bathroom into an Oasis

Skillfully executed bathroom remodels offer you years of comfort and pleasure. Planning ahead and setting a budget are two approaches to keep bathroom remodels on track. You should also be keen on choosing the best toilet, countertop and sink for your space. When you decide to invest in a remodeling project, you have to make sure that you don’t only add value to your home, but please yourself and save more expenses on water and energy as well. The steps below will help you take advantage of the latest products, technologies and design trends in bathroom remodels.

Budgeting for the unexpected in your bathroom remodels

Unseen water damages are very common problems in bathrooms, whether from running toilet or leaky shower pans. If the flooring feels squishy, that is an indication of a serious water impairment. Some issues can be truly hidden, for instance, a vent that stack inside the wall and you also thought of knocking it down.
Before any bathroom remodels, look for experienced contractors who will carry out early exploratory work before commencing with the project so as to sniff out as many emergencies as possible. In the case of a vent stack, carry out investigation above the bathroom to see the pipe coming up through the building. But many contractors don’t see through the walls so, you do not expect them to notice very possible issue. That’s why it’s essential to build a 10 to 15% buffer into the budget.

Hiding the toilet in your bathroom remodels.

Toilet for Bathroom Remodels
Kohler Tresham High Efficiency Toilet

A bathroom that is functional and stylish can also be circumspect. That is why it’s good to hide this fixture away, either behind a wall or its own “room-in-the-room”. A furniture set up-dresser or an armoire, say- creates the required barrier without spending on a framed wall.
Choosing appropriate surfaces in your bathroom remodels.
The surface of your bathroom serves more than contributing to the overall aesthetic. They as well carry lots of mistreatment. Many designers prefer porcelain for the walls and floor alike. You can find versions going for $5 per square foot similar to natural stone. Porcelain is also common for bathroom sinks though it’s prone to chipping. It is recommended to use larger tile sizes in order to minimize grout lines, to ease the upkeep.

Considering water efficacy when conducting bathroom remodels

Faucets, toilets and shower heads have all become water-efficient in the past years. There are lowly-flowing shower-heads that bear satisfying pulse whilst meeting a rate of flow of 2.5 gallons for every minute. As for the toilets, there are models that use just 1.28 gallons for each flush making the recommended list for the latest toilet evaluation. Also, choosing an aerator reduces the flow of water in the bathroom sink by almost 30% or even more.

Providing adequate light and ventilation when carrying out bathroom remodels

Moisture not only breeds mildew and mold, it too takes toll on the painted surfaces and finishes. A ducted system of at least 50 cubic feet for every minute is recommended, though you may require twice as much ventilation as the previous space for a 100 square feet for a steam shower.

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