Deck Design Ideas for Entertaining Family and Friends

If you are considering putting a deck onto your home, or expanding the one you have, it might be for the comfort and enjoyment of your family members first and foremost. When you have deck design on the mind, you may also have entertainment goals for friends and family. As long as you are working on a deck, you may as well get everything you want from it. Here are a few ideas to help you entertain with your deck design.

Consider Built In Seating

Decks are a great place to entertain. It can be a pain to move chairs around or to buy a bunch of outdoor seating items that could not hold up well against the elements. Instead, consider built in seating to take care of at least some of those issues. You can have benches go all the way around the deck, or pop up in certain locations.

Tiered Deck Design

If you already have a deck in place, but you find it too small and confining, perhaps leave it alone and simply add another deck lower. This tiered deck design is very attractive and can add a lot of space and options to your outdoor living space.

Wrap Around Decks

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To expand the deck you have in the back, think about wrapping it around to the side of your house. You’ll have more space and you can enjoy views from two sides of your house. Plus, these desks raise the value of a home and can be simply stunning.

Canopy Options

Deck design isn’t all about space for entertaining. You also have to think about the comfort of those you invite over. You may want a roof or canopy of some kind over the deck to bring shade and comfort to the area. That kind of deck design can be very practical and well worth the extra effort.

Place A Fire Pit Focal Point

Decks are great for gathering and can be stellar outdoor living spaces. Think about putting a fire pit in the center of the deck so people can enjoy the ambiance on a cooler evening.

There are plenty of things you can do with your design plans. A deck that will make entertaining both easier and a lot more fun. Contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building for ideas, options, and the plan of your dreams.

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