Deck designs and ideas for homeowners on a budget

If you would like to change your current deck, or add a deck to the back of your house, but you don’t have a large budget in mind for the project, there are deck designs that can satisfy your project needs as well as the money you have to spend. Here are a few ways to keep the costs down on that initial deck designs.

Wood Materials

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Wooden decks are great for small or large spaces and they can give you the beauty and functionality you want. They cost less and can be maintained and even changed in color over the years. Wood is a fabulous material for a deck and it costs less than composite options.

Bench Seats

If you want a deck that allows you to entertain guests, don’t expensive furniture to put on the deck. Add bench seats around the outside of the desk design and you can have the seating you want at a lower cost.

String Lighting

You can add all sorts of fancy lights to the deck. Be aware that you might be able to get a lovely effect at a lower cost by completing the deck with no lights and then adding string lighting around the railings. It’s easy to switch out and replace when strings go back and can give you the lighting you need.

Utilize Old Materials

Just because your old deck floors are warped and rotting doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the railings. Or, just because you want to change the deck designs doesn’t mean you can’t use the same wood. Repurposing your old materials into a new deck can give you the design you want at a price you can afford.

Using the Right Company for Deck Designs

There are some deck companies that are luxury designers who will only create designs that are costly and out of your range. But there are also deck designers who are willing to work within your price range, whatever that may be. Let the deck builders know what your budget is and they can offer you ideas and options that fit into those cost parameters.

When you have a deck project in mind, contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building. We are here to help you design the deck of your dreams at a cost you can actually afford. We want you to have the results you will enjoy without breaking your budget.

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