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6 Deck Remodeling Projects Just in Time for Summer

When you think of remodeling projects, you might consider the interior of your home, but deck remodeling is a great idea as well. If you want your deck to be in shape for the summer, consider one of these six deck remodeling projects.

1. Add On

If you have a small deck in the back of your house, deck remodeling can help you add onto the deck to make a bigger space. It’s always nice to have enough room for your grill and a table and chairs, among other things.

2. Built In Seatingdeck remodeling, deck seating, TREX, deck company

Standard decks have floors and railings and that’s it, but you could add built in seating around the railings in some areas or all the way around the deck. This gives the deck an intriguing look and allows for lots of guests to have places to sit.

3. Tiers

If you have a deck on one level now, consider deck remodeling that drops a few steps and then adds another deck. The project gives the deck a dimensional look and can really add to the aesthetics in your yard.

4. Decorative Railings

Deck railings are usually wood on top and bottom. Sometimes, the middle is wood as well or perhaps you have normal metal. If you take those middle parts out and add something more decorative, like wrought iron bars with shapes, you can give your deck a whole new look.

5. New Flooring

After a while, decks get old and wear out. Deck remodeling is the perfect time to replace the flooring of your deck with new wood or even plastic decking that will last longer. Consider putting the new floor in at with an angled design for added flair.

6. Enclosure

If your deck receives a lot of hot sun, you might want to enclose all or part of it so you have shade. Add a roof over the top and screen it in to keep bugs and other pests away so you can enjoy your deck more often.

Whatever your deck remodeling project goals are, Paradis Remodeling And Building can help. We are remodeling experts that can help you with the design all the way through the project’s completion. We have lots of ideas and we want to put your goals and dreams into action for your deck remodeling project. Contact us today and let’s make your home into the paradise you want!

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