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Custom Kitchen Trends in Northampton

Custom kitchens are becoming a “must have” for many homeowners in the Northampton area. The increased popularity of websites such as Houzz and Porch have given homeowners the opportunity to play a greater role in the design of their custom kitchen. On these websites homeowner can browse thousands of projects to stay updated on the latest and greatest custom kitchen trends.  It also provides customers with an opportunity to have a plan before sitting down with a remodeling contractor. That plan can then be put into action by a design/build company, such as the professionals at Paradis Remodeling and Building.  Trying to stay up to date on all the latest trends can seem overwhelming, so listed below are 5 custom kitchen trends that are popular right now.

Custom Kitchen CountertopsCustom Countertops

Creating the look you desire in your custom kitchen is simple with all of the countertop choices available today. Solid stone countertops such as granite, marble and soapstone are still number one for homeowners. Other materials such as stainless steel, poured concrete, and man-made quartz are gaining in popularity. Mixing materials is not out of the question either, some custom kitchens use butcher block and stainless steel in certain areas.

Double oven for custom kitchenCutting-edge Appliances

With many homeowners trying their hand at gourmet cooking at home, cutting-edge appliances are a must for many custom kitchen remodels. Technology is getting better and the results are great for homeowners. From steam ovens that allow you to steam food in minutes and two fuel ranges, to designer dishwashers and refrigerators different temperature zones. All of this technology can help transform anyone into a gourmet home chef.

Custom Moldings

Hardwood moldings come in all types of wood and will provide intricate detail and richness to your custom kitchen. Details such as valances, cornices, grooved columns, and open shelves will add function and splendor. Moldings can also turn stock cabinets into custom cabinets by adding a few simple features such as crown moldings, and installation around corners and the face of the cabinet.

Custom kitchen pot rackStorage Options

Cabinets are not the only place to store dishes in today’s custom kitchens. There are countless unique storage options that add functionality and end up becoming your favorite aspect of the kitchen. Homeowners can enjoy pullout trash and recycling bins, custom shelves, pullout knife racks, and overhead pot and pan storage.

Mix and Match Styles in a Custom Kitchen

Today’s custom kitchen blend many different aspects from country, modern, rustic, and traditional style kitchens.  An example is a kitchen with an exposed brick wall (rustic) with stainless steel countertops (modern). There are countless other combinations of materials and styles that can make your custom kitchen uniquely your own.

Kitchen Remodel Costs- Real Facts

There are many misconceptions when it comes to kitchen remodel costs in Western MA. Consumers today are bombarded with advertisements that claim kitchen remodel costs that are unrealistic and usually those low cost offers don’t measure up to the customers’ expectations. In fact some price quotes for the same kitchen can differ by thousands of dollars depending on the remodeling contractor. So what are the facts? How much should a kitchen remodel cost? What would two quotes differ so much? If every kitchen is different how can a company have a set cost for a remodel? Those questions will be answered below with some real facts about kitchen remodel costs.

Cost vs. Value Report

One way to look at the average kitchen remodel costs is to check out Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report. With this free report consumers can look at the average cost of many remodeling projects in the country, region or even city. Unfortunately, with the popularity of remodeling reality TV shows, many contractors are running into customers with unrealistic expectations of what a professional remodel should cost.  But this report is compiled by the data of local remodelers and actual jobs they have performed. It can be used as a great starting point for homeowners looking to remodel and let them know if they are in the ball park before contacting a local remodeler.

The “$8000” Kitchen

There are companies out there that have “kitchen remodel deals” that claim a very low set price for a kitchen remodel. The initial price sounds great but beware of upgrades and change orders. Most of these low cost kitchens include low quality cabinets and laminate countertops, if you want granite counters expect to pay the upgraded price. Another important factor when comparing price is the scope of work, the low cost kitchen might not include everything you want done.

Design/Build Kitchen Remodel Costs

The difference in two quotes for the same kitchen can be drastic especially if one quote is from the “$8000 Kitchen guy” and one is from a design/build remodeling contractor.  A design/build quote will contain a detailed scope of work that will include selections made by the customer. It will be the exact cabinets, countertops, backsplash, sink, and fixtures that the homeowner wants in their kitchen remodel. This means every kitchen remodel is completely unique and the cost depends on the selections the homeowner makes.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Western MA Homes

Good kitchen design ideas are crucial because the kitchen is the epicenter of your home. Though the living room is the social hub everyone will eventually end up in the kitchen. With this in mind, the ideal option is to seek kitchen design ideas and layout that works best for you. This may require either a remodeling or a complete reconstruction. This should, however, be well within your budget. For the kitchen design ideas, one of the key areas to look into is the kitchen zoning. It provides an easy way to design and layout your kitchen.

Kitchen Design Ideas in Different Zones

The kitchen has distinct zones though all work in harmony for full functionality and aesthetics. For great kitchen design ideas, include the following chief zones:

• Preparation: the storage and setup for this area should accommodate small kitchen appliances, as well as the utensils regularly used for food preparation.

• Cooking: this is perhaps the central kitchen point: a huge percentage of kitchen activities occur in this zone. The typical appliances include the cooker, oven, and microwave. For this area, should consider deep pullouts, closed sides, and back walls for bulk storage, and accommodating the appliances and utensils.

• Cleaning and waste disposal includes the sink, waste bin, and dishwasher and cleaning materials. The trending and most ergonomic location is a pullout drawer under the sink. If this is not possible, consider an area nearby (but aptly isolated for hygiene purposes) to the food preparation area.

• Storage: for the frequently used items, endeavor to have them at between hip and knee level through easy to reach drawers underneath the working top. Less frequently used items can occupy either higher levels or lower levels than the frequently used items. Storage includes everything from cabinets to the refrigerator and chilling cabinets.

When planning the kitchen, figure out the final kitchen look and the functionality. Both create a result that is the highlight of a great kitchen. This includes easy access to the primary sections such as food preparation, cooking area, storage, and waste disposal. The ideal option is to collaborate with a professional remodeling company for the best results. Do not hesitate to contact us at Paradis Remodeling and Building. We are well capable of turning the kitchen design ideas in your head, and sketches, into reality.

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Kitchen Countertops: Trending Material Options In Western MA

Kitchen countertops are the central part to the look and feel of your new kitchen. Whether you are building from scratch or remodeling an outdated kitchen the number of countertop surface options can be overwhelming.  While there are dozens types of countertops to choose from, we’ve chosen the 7 that are most popular for today’s kitchen remodels.

Granite countertopsGranite

Granite is a durable natural stone that can be polished, sandblasted or brushed. It comes in a variety of colors that are found in nature which makes each piece unique. It is easy to maintain and resists chemicals, bacteria, knife nicks, and heat.  Like most natural stone, granite need to be sealed to avoid staining. Installation is labor intensive which makes granite a more expensive option.  

Poured concrete countertopsPoured Concrete

A strong, versatile, and stylish countertop option. It can be cast and colored to your own specifications and texture can be fully customized (you can add recycled glass, shells, or stone pieces). Concrete is porous but if sealed properly it is stain resistant. The sealer is not heat resistant, which means hot pots and pans should not be placed directly on the concrete.  

buther block countertopsButcher Block

A warm and natural, yet sophisticated and environmentally friendly surface. Minimal maintenance required and low cost compared to some stone surface options. Although knives can scratch the surface, many consumers like the worn look and the scratches can be easily sanded out. You can also seal the butcher block and oil it about once a month. The disadvantage is that this surface can dry, crack, or swell with moisture if not maintained properly.

Soapstone countertopsSoapstone

A natural stone that is extracted similarly to granite. Although it is a softer surface that is composed primarily of mineral talc, but the soapstone used for kitchen remodels is sturdier because it contains more quartz. Which makes it a suitable option for kitchen countertops. Soapstone is naturally gray in color that darkens with time, it is resistant to etching from acids, and scratches can be oiled away. It is however not as heat resistant as granite, and not resistant to dents and scratches.

Quartz countertopsQuartz

Engineered quartz is a man-made stone, made from combining 90% natural ground quartz and 10% other materials (polymers, pigments, and resins). It is a perfect harmony of the beauty of stone and the easy care of solid surfaces. Quartz has a long lifetime, is scratch resistant, available in multiple colors, and does not need to be sealed. The only perceived downfall could be the cost, it is expensive but its durability makes it a sensible investment. 

Stainless steel countertopsStainless Steel

Sheets of metal that are retrofitted to fit your contemporary/industrial kitchen remodel. A great surface because it is nearly indestructible, easy to clean, resistant to heat and bacteria.  It has a feeling of an up to date, contemporary, ahead of the curve, trend-setting surface. Stainless steel does however show every fingerprint and it dents and scratches easily.  Still this surface is easily maintained with washing and polishing.

Ceramic Tile CountertopsCeramic Tile

Tile is a modular and less expensive surface option that can be tailored to size and shape of your countertop. It is resistant to stains and heat, comes in many different colors, and if a tile is damaged it is easy to replace.  Tile, however is an uneven surface that can crack or chip easily.  The grout can collect particle of food, and if it unsealed it is predisposed to staining and bacterial growth.

The number one home remodeling and renovation project historically is the kitchen. Kitchens add significant value to your home, and with so many countertop options available it can become confusing. Contact your local builder and remodeler to help you understand all of your options.

Kitchen Styles: Which One is Right for You?

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and with so many different kitchen styles how do you know which is right for your home? Here are a few kitchen styles that are popular in the Northampton, MA area.

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Traditional Kitchen Styles

Traditional kitchens are formal, classic and elegant. They have characteristics of European and American houses from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. In a traditional kitchen you find ornamental trim such as crown molding, fluting, and corbels. The cabinets are usually mahogany, cherry, or walnut and finished in darker tones.


Country Kitchen Styles

Country kitchens have a warm, cheery, and welcoming feel. The walls can either be painted with light or bright colors or wallpaper with floral, gingham or plaid patterns. Cabinet in a country kitchen style home are usually painted white, glazed or distressed. Hardwood is the most common choice for flooring and reclaimed wood flooring may even be used.


Rustic Kitchen Styles

Rustic kitchens have a distinctly regional American style, think New England log home.  Worn and distressed looks dominate this kitchen style that includes wood paneling, stone, vintage appliances, brick, reclaimed wood flooring, and even a fireplace. The main color palate for the rustic kitchen are warm and rich earth tones.


Contemporary Kitchen Styles

Contemporary kitchens have a very clean and sleek look and feel that emphasizes functionality without sacrificing luxury. This kitchen style give emphasis to structure with its use of horizontal lines and symmetry. Cabinets are usually frameless with over sized hardware. The materials used in both the cabinets and countertops are man-made such as stainless steel, glass, concrete or bold colored laminate.


Transitional Kitchen Styles

Transitional kitchens blend the styles of traditional and contemporary styles. This style is for the more eclectic homeowner that wants a kitchen that mixes natural and man-made materials, finishes and surfaces.

A kitchen remodel is a big decision for a homeowner and can be a large and costly undertaking, but it will be very gratifying to have the kitchen of your dreams. When considering a kitchen remodel it is imperative to contact your local remodeler to lay out all of the options and costs.

Kitchen Sinks for Kitchen Remodels in Western MA

Choosing the right kitchen sink for kitchen remodels is extremely important. As the hub of the house, the kitchen is the room where all basic actions occur, not just the place where food is prepared. It can also be used for entertaining guests, storing gadgets and eating family meals. The design of your kitchen needs to accommodate the above mentioned aspects, which is why kitchen remodels are more than popular nowadays. Remodeling your kitchen cannot be considered without taking into account the sink. The kitchen sink is one of the most used item in the kitchen and due to its hard-work nature, it should be functional and reflective. Choosing the right kitchen sink, of sufficient size and style is paramount. Nonetheless, in any facet of kitchen remodels, sinks are one of the lowest-priced components.

Best Kitchen Sinks for the Best Kitchen Remodels

kitchen sink for kitchen remodels
Although quality kitchen sinks can last up to 15 years or more, they are subject to wear and tear. Sink finishes start to chip or become dull, leaks appear around the rim and drain, and everything becomes annoying. This necessitates the need for replacing your kitchen sink every time you carry out a kitchen remodel. Manufacturers offer kitchen sinks in a wide range of materials and styles, from durable porcelain and gleaming stainless steel, to other newer resources.
Some high-end models can go up to four-digit price tags. Either way, cost, aesthetics and functionality should all weigh in when you are selecting your sink material. For example, you can get an expensive stainless steel sink, but beware of how easily it is prone to scratch. White cast iron or fireclay sinks are appealing to the eye, but may require an amount of elbow grease to stay bright and white. Conversely, integral sinks made of quartz are becoming increasingly common, but they can be expensive and prone to scratches.
You may also consider solid or copper surfaces for your sink during kitchen remodels. The former may come in handy especially when you are on a budget and want to cut on cost. Furthermore, solid surface sinks can be incorporated into the countertop for a streamlined and smooth appearance that is easy to clean. Though quite expensive, the latter offers big charm and is also antimicrobial and rust resistant. This makes sinks made of copper among the best choices in the market. Regardless of what you appreciate installing as your sink material, taking care of them is necessary for continuity of service.

Kitchen Designs That Meet All of Your Needs

If you are looking at kitchen designs you should ensure that those you consider will meet the needs of all. You should think of all the people who are likely to use the kitchen when making your choice. Choosing  kitchen designs is a relatively hard process. You have probably seen so many different kitchen designs that you can’t even think of where to begin. You should spend your time, and don’t feel rushed, when making your decision.

Qualities in Your Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Designs Blueprint

If you are having a hard time choosing your design then you should look at it objectively. What are the qualities of each of the designs you are considering? Which qualities do you think would be most important for you and others likely to use to use the kitchen? For example, if you have a large family then you would need a kitchen design which can accommodate high traffic levels. An island would probably be required as people will be coming in and out of the kitchen frequently. On the other hand, if you are single or with a smaller family you wouldn’t need to plan for high levels of kitchen traffic.
If you have a kitchen design in mind then you could discuss that with your kitchen design professional. Perhaps you are fond of stainless steel appliances. If this is the case, then your kitchen design plan would need to involve colors which go well with stainless steel. On the other hand, if you are more of an old fashioned kind of person, then you would want kitchen designs which are homey and rustic. You wouldn’t want to try to have a modern kitchen like someone else. You would prefer to have kitchen designs to chose from which speak to the nature of your personality. Therefore if you are a fan of rustic kitchen designs then you should try to make sure your kitchen has that look and feel.
One way to do this would be by including a lot of wood in your kitchen design. Wood is timeless classic when it comes to kitchen designs. By using a lot of wood in your kitchen design plan you could make yourself feel like you are living out in the country, even if your home is in the heart of the city. The materials you use in your kitchen design are crucial to developing the kind of kitchen designs you desire.

When you are ready to take that leap and start your kitchen remodel talk to a remodeling professional about kitchen designs. At Paradis Remodeling and Building we can help you design the perfect kitchen and then execute seamless remodel. Call the kitchen remodeling professionals at 413-535-7006 and set up your free consultation.

Winter Kitchen Renovation – 3 Important Benefits

Kitchen renovation may not be the first thing on many homeowner’s minds in the middle of winter, but it is in fact a great time of year to do an interior project. There are many benefits to completing remodeling projects such as kitchen renovations, bath remodels, new flooring, even painting in the winter months. Get these interior project finished now, so when spring rolls around you can focus on outdoor renovations and exterior home renovations. The dark and dreary days of winter can also provide you the opportunity to scour websites such as Houzz to get ideas for your kitchen renovation. Once you have a preliminary plan in place, contact a trusted local remodeling contractor to set up a consultation and get your kitchen renovation underway. But be sure to remember these 3 advantages you have going for you by scheduling a winter project.

Winter Kitchen Renovation Benefits

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 It is a fact that business for remodeling contractors, electricians, plumbers, and even interior designers slows down during the winter months. This means your kitchen renovation can start sooner and be completed quicker. Subcontractors have less work therefore can work on your project ASAP.


Most contractors have a certain margin they need to attain to make money and stay in business. But there may be a little wiggle room for the cost of your kitchen renovation if you schedule a job in the winter. If business is very slow a remodeling contractor may lower the cost a bit to stay busy during that time.

Your Personal Time

 Your schedule might slow down in the winter months, just as the remodeling contractors do. The question then is “Why waste a couple of beautiful weeks in the spring or summer doing a kitchen renovation? “ Complete that project in the dreary time of year and spend the spring and summer enjoying your new kitchen.