Home Remodel Contractors Top 5 Finished Basement Extras

Home remodel contractors want to know what you want for your basement? Only your imagination (and probably your budget) limits you as to what you can do. When you speak to home remodel contractors, you can tell them the basics, but also get into your true dreams. Here are a few finished basement extras you might want to consider.

Theater Experience At Home

If you enjoy movies, it’s even more fun to enjoy them at home when you have a theater in your basement. Basements are ideal since they have less light and an out-of-the-way space for comfortable chairs and a big TV or screen.

A Home Contractor Constructed Bar

Finished Basement, home remodel contractors
Finished Basement

The basement often becomes the perfect place to entertain guests. You can do that without running up and down the stairs if you have your home remodel contractors build a bar into your plans. You can stock hard drinks or even just waters and pops for the teenagers in your house. The look and appeal of the space heightens with a bar along one wall.


There are always toys all over the house and there might not be any getting away from that, but what do you do with the kids when you’re stuck at home on a rainy day? Turn the corner of a basement into a playroom. You could put in a little playhouse, complete with a slide or anything else you want to entertain your kids.

Game Room

It’s nice to have something for anyone to enjoy when they come to your home. When your basement is turned into a gameroom, complete with a pool table, ping pong, and other items, your house is always the place to be. Home remodel contractors can help you set the space up right. It will be nice and open and can fit in the games you prefer.

Extra Bedrooms

Whether you have a family member who needs their space, or you have guests that come through. You will want room for them, putting a bedroom in the basement can enhance the whole house.These are just a few of the extras you might want to consider alongside your home remodel contractors. The basement is an extra space that you can use in a number of ways. The professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building can help you achieve your goals.

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