Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends for Families on an Budget

Kitchen and bathroom renovations can cost thousands. If you are on a budget, but you still want a kitchen and bathroom design that can give you a new look and feel, it’s certainly possible. Here are a few design trends that help you stay on the budget, but still get a new look.


kitchen and bathroom design

Paint can work miracles, even in a small space. If you change the paint color to something lighter, it can make the room look larger and more open. Your family will feel more welcome in the space, which will look airy and inviting. You can also go with a bold color on one or more walls to give the space a sense of style.

Change Hardware

The hardware on the cabinets in your rooms are a small detail, but they can make a big difference in the look of the room. Take off the old hardware and put something ornate in or get something shiny to give the room a finished look that doesn’t cost very much.

Paint Cabinets

The kitchen and bathroom design often revolves around the cabinets in the room. In a kitchen, they take up a lot of space. In the bathroom, they reside under the sink and take up room there. White is a huge change if you have something dark, but painting cabinets white give a new, fresh look. Gray is the new white for spaces and gives a sense of depth in a neutral way. Choose another color and you can make a big change in the space on a budget.

Keep Plumbing In Place

Whatever you do, make sure you keep the plumbing in place in the kitchen and bathroom design in order to keep yourself on a budget. Moving plumbing fixtures around will cost a lot of funds that you could spend on other areas. As long as your kitchen or bathroom is functional as is, leave the plumbing in place and stay on budget.

These are just a few small things you can change in your kitchen and bathroom design, even if you have a smaller budget. Figure out how much you can spend on the project and then visit with the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building. We’re here to help you figure out what you can do at a cost you can afford. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

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