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Choosing kitchen countertops when you are renovating that space can make the whole room look and feel different. There’s no such thing as one size fits all and what you like for your room might be different than what someone else chooses. You want to think about your lifestyle, your budget, and your personal style. Here are some material options for kitchen countertops.


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Granite is a natural stone that gives your kitchen a classy look. Most granite kitchen countertops look unique because the look depends on what the individual stone is derived from in the beginning. There are lots of color options and honed as well as polished styles. Granite is durable and can support any cooking need.

Cermic Tile

If you want a customized look, ceramic tile is a great option because there are more choices than you could ever see in your lifetime. You can even mix and match different tiles or cut them in different ways to give your kitchen a fully one of a kind look. The price range varies and you can find something on the low end all the way up to higher end options. Cermic tiles are usually a glossy finish, which helps to brighten up smaller rooms.


Soapstone has a more limited color palate and more slabs have a gray understone, but it can come in blue or green as well. No two slabs are alike and the stone is stain and bacteria resistant as well as tolerant to meat.


Concrete may not seem like something you would place on your countertops in the kitchen, but it’s very popular today. There are looks that are very polished and it can even come with a certain shade or tone to it. It can also be mixed with ceramic stones to create a mosaic look on the countertop.


Marble is a luxurious option that is highly popular today. It has an elegant finish to it and no two slabs are alike. It’s easy to clean and even increases the resale value of your home. While it costs more than other options, it’s often easier to meet goals.

When you are looking into materials for your kitchen countertops, contact the professionals at Paradis Remodeling & Building and we will help you go over the options alongside your budget and your overall kitchen wants and needs. We’re here to help with the process.

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