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Kitchen Designers Tips on Designing Functional Kitchen

Kitchen designers  are the first step for people who are renovating or designing the kitchen. After that the goal is to get a classic, modern, sophisticated, stylish yet functional kitchen. Kitchen design can be costly but with creativity and these expert tips, you can get your dream kitchen at an affordable budget.

Kitchen Designers Think Practicality

According to leading Kitchen Designers, practicality should be your priority while remodeling, renovating or designing your kitchen. Ensure the layout is functional, all the strategic places like the sink, cook top, and fridge are easily accessible, and nothing blocks the exit points. Traffic flow is another important aspect of practicality that your kitchen designers should consider since sometimes you may have several people working in different areas at the same time.


Limited space can make your kitchen seem congested, disorganized and less desirable to work. Leading Kitchen designers recommend the use of drawers, cabinets and more pantry space to maximize storage. Ensure overhead cabinets are up to the ceiling, choose deep drawers for easy access and leave more pantry space. Save space to keep the appliances or build an island containing underneath storage and keep the appliances there rather than leaving them to crowd your kitchen.


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Dim light or insufficient light in your kitchen can cause eye strain, migraines or stress. Unlike other rooms where overhead light is sufficient, the kitchen has unique lighting needs. Work with your Kitchen designers to determine the amount of light, the lighting types and the location of the lighting. Positioning the light in front of you is recommended to avoid casting a shadow on your workplace. Also, under-cabinet light can be used since they shine on the directly on the countertops thus improving your lighting.


You need a kitchen that is safe and friendly for you and your family. Plan for good visibility especially to the backyard or playing areas, plan for ventilation and keep exit points unblocked. Choose safe materials like round countertops, slip-resistant floors, and oven located at adult height. Garbage disposal is another aspect of safety ignored

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