Why choose a Local kitchen remodeler in Amherst MA

The kitchen is usually the heart and soul of every home – a room where friends and family gather and where you create a lifetime of memories. That’s why choosing a local kitchen remodeler to renovate your kitchen is important. While most remodelers have solid credentials and a history of good work, the bad ones make a favorite room turn into a series of headaches.

Here are some rules to live by when it comes to hiring a local kitchen remodeler.

1. Do your research

Kitchen remodels are the most popular type of home renovations, and you shouldn’t have trouble finding an experienced remodeler in your area. Ask for referrals from friends, family, professional contractors, or even real estate professionals. They’ll help narrow down the local remodelers you’ll want to interview. You can also check with the Better Business Business Bureau to see if there have been complaints against a local kitchen remodeler.

2. Meeting with a prospective local kitchen remodeler

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It’s important to sit down with potential remodelers to discuss your renovation goals, wants, needs, and ideas. You’ll also want to brainstorm ideas. A quality local kitchen remodeler is also looking to see if he is a good fit for you regarding budget and time frame.

3. Check references

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Make sure to check references.

It’s easier to check the references of a local kitchen remodeler than it is for an out-of-town company that is made up of strangers. And those references will be from local people, perhaps some who live in your neighborhood or even know you. Those are the kinds of honest referrals that you need.

4. Have a fixed price

Avoid open-ended contracts that could easily go over your required budget. Your local kitchen remodeler should stick to the terms – and a fixed price – once the work is under way. Also, be wary of a remodeler who quotes a price that’s significantly lower than others. For one, they may be underestimating costs and will try to make up the difference elsewhere.

5. Get it in writing

Make sure you have a contract that includes a complete description of the project, including costs and completion date.

Paradis Remodeling & Building is a local kitchen remodeler you can trust. Their remodel process includes a free consultation, conceptual design, detailed planning, and the actual construction.

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