Small Bathrooms storage Ideas in Amherst Area

You’ve found the perfect house, but the bathrooms are a tad too small for your liking. It may seem like a disaster, but with a few simple organizational changes, your bathrooms will be transformed into the glorious room you dreamed of. Say goodbye to outdated and low space bathrooms and get ready to welcome in your newly transformed space.

Over the Toilet Storage

Space above the toilet is often unused and wasted. Many people don’t think about the fact that more than just a picture can be placed in this area. Placing a storage container above your toilet can be both stylish and functional. Cabinets, baskets, wooden crates, and floating shelves can create a space in bathrooms to hold extra towels, toilet paper, medications, decorations, and so much more. Use your imagination to create the perfect over the toilet storage.

Jars and Vases in Bathrooms

Jars in BathroomsThings like make up brushes and cotton balls can clutter bathrooms quickly. Vintage jars are an adorable option to switch from clutter to fab in no time at all. They can be found at just about any thrift shop and can be painted to fit your color scheme. These jars can be used to hold things like toothbrushes, hair ties and clips, cotton balls and swabs, makeup brushes, nail polish, and soap. Place them on your counter for a cute look, or even on your new storage place above your toilet.

Plastic Shoe Boxes

There are so many things we store in our bathrooms ranging from extra toothpaste to shaving products. To ensure that everything is organized and can easily be found, shoe boxes are a great way to store your things and can create more room in your bathroom. Have a box for dental items, razors and shaving cream, makeup, travel sized products, oils and lotions, and soap and deodorant.

Decorative Magazine Holder for Heat Tools

Flat irons, blow dryers, and curling irons can create quite a mess of cords in small bathrooms. Use a decorative magazine holder to hold them up right without causing a tangly mess. These can be found even at your local dollar store. With tons of patterns and colors, there is sure to be one that fits your style needs.

Magnetic Strip

Makeup can be a huge hassle when it comes to space saving in bathrooms. Dozens of makeup containers can easily be left on the counter, creating a big mess. Save yourself some clean up time and space by adding a strip of magnet below your sink. Simply cut a small magnet strip and attach it to the back of makeup compacts so that you can easily stick your makeup to the strip for a modern and fun look. Bobby pins will stick to the strip too, so no need to worry about losing those anymore.

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