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Small Kitchen Design to Spice up Your Kitchen

Small kitchen design is important because the kitchen remains the central hub for the family life and not just an ideal place for the preparation of meals. However, this does not mean that the kitchen should remain the way it is and not benefit from some spicing up. The industry is full of several small kitchen designs that you can apply in your own kitchen to spice it up as shown below.


Downsizing means making the kitchen more oriented towards fulfilling its main function, preparing meals. Therefore, fill it with the appliances and work areas that you need to prepare meals. Fill the kitchen with single sinks, two-burner stoves, pint-sized microwaves, freezer drawers and refrigerators.

Opening it

small kitchen desing, kitchen remodel
Small Kitchen Design and Remodel by Paradis Remodeling and Building.

Opening the small kitchen up is all about removing all overhead cabinets. The best small kitchen design is one that helps you to get rid of the feeling of being in a box or claustrophobic.

Mixing materials in a Small Kitchen Design

Mix wood with metal and other types of surface materials as a way of spicing up the small kitchen. The color, lighting, floor, cabinets, fixtures and countertop surfaces should be of diverse materials.

Incorporating glass

Incorporating glass makes the small and tight space appear larger and freer. Find a way of incorporating glass on countertops, tabletops or cabinetry doors.

Small Kitchen Design Lighting

Pendant lighting, kitchen remodel, kitchen remodeler, small kitchen design
Pendant Lighting from

Find a way of combining atmospheric and task lighting beautifully in the small kitchen. Hang some pendant lights around the kitchen to spice it all up.

Flooring solutions

The flooring is one of the most important aspects of any small kitchen design. It is great to install linoleum, cork, and tumbled marble or go retro with the flooring solution.


A small kitchen design should feature strong colors that hide its tiny size. Light colors or bold colorations can be effective in petite kitchens.

Adding Comfort

You can still make the small kitchen seem larger by focusing on improving its comfort levels. A country cozy small kitchen design would produce a stunning look.
Therefore, do not be afraid to try any of these guides if you are interested in small kitchen design. For more assistance, seek the assistance of small kitchen experts to help you spice it all up.

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